Collagen the No.1 Skincare & Wellness Trend in 2017

credit: elle

First it was kale juice. Then it was bone marrow broth and now in 2017 it will be COLLAGEN.

You are going see and hear a lot about Collagen in 2017.  People will be drinking it and popping it on their skin all in the quest of having younger looking skin.

Drinking Collagen was first spotted in Korea when they started adding it in a powder form to their green tea in the morning and it seems Collagen powders are starting to pop up around selected Health Food Stores.

With 30% of the human body made up of collagen, the anti-aging benefits of this formula are plentiful: on our skin, hair, muscles, ligaments, cartilage, blood cells, as well as on our mood and energy.

By nature we lose the ability to efficiently make collagen in our bodies, so the trend toward collagen supplements will continue to grow also because let’s face it everyone want’s youthful looking skin.

I am using at the moment endota spa New Age elements brand new product: Collagen Power Boost Serum on my face and loving it.

In 2017 Collagen is going to be the IT skincare and wellness ingredient.  As the Founder of Spa it Girl I get to see all of the latest Wellness Trends and out of all of those predicted for 2017, I truly believe that Collagen will be the No.1 Skincare & Wellness Trend & I am so glad you heard it here.

Love, Light & Happy Vibes
Yvette @Spaitgirl