How to EAT in PEACE – Spa it Girl

image: Lorna Jane

It’s Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas, and all of the Parities have started to Kick In.

With all the Food that is on Offer, I thought now was a great time to share my GO-TOEAT in PEACE tips that will have you enjoying your Festive Feast without making yourself feel sick:

1. Chew Your Food
Chewing is the most effective way to eating mindfully. Slow down your eating. Bring your attention to what you are actually doing eating to nourish yourself. This will help you from overeating especially at Dinner Time.

2. Put your food on a plate
It may sound obvious, but eating out of a bag is not a very mindful practice. Get in the habit of placing even small snacks on a plate before you eat them. This will help you to acknowledge exactly what and how much you will be eating.

3. Sit at a table
Once your food is on a plate, you may as well go the extra mile to sit at a table, if you don’t have a table get one. Formalizing your dining experience can help draw your attention to your food and your eating habits as well it will bring a sense of connection back to your inner self along with your family and friends.

4. Eat in Peace
Put away your phone, iPad, turn off the TV, sit down and eat. Any sensation that you experience outside of taste and smell while you’re eating can distract you and make mindful eating more difficult. This can then lead to overeating so it’s important to focus on exactly what you are doing – Eating for Your Wellness and LIFE.

Happy Holidays
Yvette @Spaitgirl xoxo