11 things I am doing before New Year’s Eve – Spa it Girl

Hi Spa it Girls {& Boys}

I hope you are all well and loving your Christmas and New Year Holiday.  I wanted to take this time to wish you a very Happy New Year.

I can’t wait for you to Live Your Happiest and Healthiest Dreams in 2017, from a little help from your friends & Spa it girl.

Before I jet set off to Hong Kong and kick off our: Live BloggingSpa it girl in Hong Kong Edition (then the Maldives). 

I wanted to share with you some of the things I have been doing before the New Year Count Down Begins.

11 Things I am doing before New Year’s Eve.

Reflecting on the Year it’s Been: Sometimes it’s nice to take time out to simply reflect on the year it has been when I look over the year it has been absolutely amazing, I have been on 2 of the World’s Best Wellness Retreats on offer, travelled to more luxury Spa’s that I can count on my fingers and toes, I connected with so many amazing Spa it Girl readers and been inspired by so many other Wellness people. In 2016 I got to live my absolute Spa it Girl lifestyle dreams.


Goal Setting: Yes, I have already set my goals and intentions for 2017.  I do this every single year, because I believe when you make your goals clear and know what you want to achieve that you can Manifest anything.


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Being Grateful & Saying Thank You: This is such an important part of my daily spiritual life, every day I always make time to be grateful and to say thanks it’s so uplifting and I receive so much positive energy by doing this.

I wanted to say a Special thanks to each and everyone one of you for doing your very best each and every day to live a Healthy, Happy, Spiritual – Spa it Girl way of life, watching the Spa it Girl Community Grow Globally and seeing you using the hash tag of #IAMASPAITGIRL to share your own adventures and inspiration has been so amazing it truly has inspired me and I have learnt so much from you sharing your own Spa it Girl experiences so I wanted to personally say a Big Thank You.  You are Amazing and I can’t wait to see what you get up to in 2017 and to be part of your Spa it Girl way of life.



Packing for Hong Kong & the Maldives:
I can’t wait for you to be part of my live blogging Editions of: Spa it Girl in Hong Kong and Maldives taking you behind the scenes to some of the most luxurious places on earth is going to be super exciting.

Hong Kong is going to be cold and Maldives is going to be warm and I think I may have over packed :-) I can’t wait to catch up with our Spa it Girl’s in Hong Kong and to check out some of Hong Kong’s most amazing Wellness, Active Living, Spa IT GIRL spots and to share my real life blogging journey and adventure with you LIVE.


Getting Ready for my Book Launch in 2017: Oh my goodness can you believe it – seriously pinch me in 2017 I am going to be going from a Blogger to Published Author all thanks to my life long dream of wanting to write a book and never giving up on my dream.

Self-Belief will always help you achieve whatever you want.  It’s going to be a very busy time for me behind the scenes as there is quite a lot involved in publishing a book but thanks to my US Publishing House this has been made a whole lot easier for me and it’s going at a nice steady pace so I am feeling really excited about how things are progressing.

I can’t wait of you to be able to buy my very first Self Help Wellness Book in 2017 and to write your own review on Amazon.com of what you personally think. To think in 2017 I am going to have a Novel like Eat, Pray, Love that is going to make you Feel Good and others is truly beyond my wildest dreams.  I really am so excited and can’t wait to connect to even more of my readers globally through the launch of my very first self help book.


Practicing Yoga, Meditating and Walking:  Even though it’s a Heat Wave in Australia were I live and the temperatures are 32+ degrees, I have still been making the time to go for a walk late in the afternoon on sunset so I can feel good.

I walked up a Hill yesterday off the beaten track and did over 1400 stairs it was a constant incline but a really great challenge when my body and mind wanted to give in my inner spirit would kick in and over turn the negative thoughts with, Come On, You Can Do this and that would power me on till I made it to the top and then practiced my Gratitude for being able to get up a mighty big hill all by myself plus with the little help of my playlist music.

It’s always the best feeling when I make it to the top of this Hill that is over 298 meters above sea level.  I’ve still be tuning in to practice my Yoga, I love it and the way it makes me feel.  I have loved being able to make time to Meditate daily but for longer periods of time, this it the one perk being on Christmas Holidays.

I did this amazing Monks chanting meditation the other day and totally loved it.  I have been choosing different types of Meditations daily and one’s that I normally wouldn’t get to do with my busy work schedule and I have been loving having the freedom to explore and to meditate like never before this truly has been the greatest gift to myself and health this Christmas and New Year.



Picking 2017 Wellness & Activewear Trends: Let’s face it I am a Wellness Blogger who get’s to see all the trends and then I love picking out Activewear Trends based on who is the best at that point in time. I seeing others follow my Active It Girl hand picked trends especially those who are already working in the Health & Wellness Industry, it really is exciting (thank you).

I can’t wait to share with you more of my ACTIVE IT GIRL Activewear Trends in 2017 as I am totally obsessed with wearing Activewear everywhere and have been ever since I was 18 and become a Professional Aerobics Teacher in the Health and Fitness Industry.


Getting Ready for the Spa it Girl 21 Day Wellness Challenge:  Yes there is a Brand New#SPAITGIRL Wellness Challenge that Kicks off on the 1st Day of 2017 (or when you get back from Holidays. This Challenge isn’t being conducted via the Spa it Girl Facebook page like my previous ones. It is being held as a private group on Facebook click here to join in.

You will be able to check in daily to this Group 21 Day Wellness Challenge and be guided and invited to try new things to help you feel more Healthier, Happier and Spiritual in 2017. I would love for you to Join Me in on this Free #SPAITGIRL 21 Day Wellness Challenge.


Finding time to do nothing in amongst my Spa it Girl Blog being on-line worldwide 24/7: Your probably wondering after reading all of that how do I find the time to rest – when I sleep, no only kidding, I have been making time to have down time by reading a beautiful book, laying on the couch in the Air-conditioner as it’s 32+ degrees here today, watching a great Chick Flick, sitting down mobile phone free enjoying a cup of coffee at my favourite coffee shop, plus I am building in pure present moments of doing absolutely nothing not thinking of my future do list.

I’ve just been observing the present moment and enjoying the music that is playing in the shop, or the smile of the little dog I see on my walk, being present is totally liberating and gives me the absolute sense of inner freedom. I love the feeling that being present gives.



Catching up with Family & Friends: At this time of year I have been doing my best.  I have learnt no amount of time with my very sick mother who is sadly in aged care hi-care is never enough in my lifetime but I have been really cherishing these very special Holiday moments and love how at this time of year it’s a given that what is most important is spending time with those you love and most work places get that so they are open to giving people time off to spend it with their family.

I have an understanding that nothing lasts forever so this always helps me to cherish my time with my Family and Friends and it helps me never to get upset about things you can’t change as every day we awake is a true blessing.  And the moment we are faced with losing our loved ones we perhaps will always wish we either spent more time with them, or didn’t get upset with them over the little irrelevant things.

As for catching up with my Friends no amount of time on this earth will ever get me to see each and everyone of them, but I love them all and I’ve been making an extra effort to see them in person, or to call instead of just seeing their updates on Facebook and thinking that is nice and giving them just a thumbs up. But with so many Family & Friends I can’t see them all but love them all and I am sure they all know why because I always try to tell them why.


Self Love: It just hasn’t been happening on Sunday my Self Care has been happening daily really whilst on Holidays, I have been doing the simple things like getting a Hair Cut, Color, Massage, Pedicure and Manicure, reading a great book, flicking through a magazine, going out for coffees, listening to beautiful music, having a longer bath than normal. Nourishing myself through as much healthy foods (yes) even on Christmas Day, exercise you name it, I’ve being trying to Self Love and doing it.

Happy New Year Beauties
Love, Light & Happy Vibes
Yvette xoxo