Urban Yoga a Must Visit in 2017

Forget turning to LA for COOL YOGA SH*T.

Urban Yoga in Surry Hills, Australia is the COOLEST YOGA Studio to be practicing Downward Dogs at and a Must Visit in 2017.

It’s a stylish yoga space, that plays DJ mixed tunes while practicing yoga. It has high definition imaging and when you set your gaze towards the front of the class it makes you instantly feel good.

They choose to guide you through a yoga practice with ease and use simple and effective straight to the point english cueing rather than traditional sankrist that can sometimes leave students feeling confused and not knowing what yoga pose is coming up next.

Urban Yoga create their own unique class experiences and recently had a Live Violinist Franciois Mathias to accompany their 90 Minutes of YIN Yoga Urban Stretch Class.

Plus each time you step onto your mat Urban Yoga donates a share of your class fee to making this world a better place through the Human kind of yoga, practice creating change click here to find out more.

Founder of Spa it Girl, Yvette Le Blowitz shared: “Urban Yoga has to be Seriously the Coolest Yoga Studio Ever.  It’s a Must Visit when in Sydney Australia” @Spatgirl

Urban Yoga: Address: Level 1, 401-409 Cleveland St – Sydney, Australia.

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