Forget Waking Up with a Hangover – Spa it Girl

Forget Waking Up Hungover this Christmas. 

Aussie Wellness Blogger, Yvette Le Blowitz tells us choosing non-alcoholic drinks is totally and her GO-TO Wellness Drink is: Organic Kombucha by Remedy Kombucha.

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Kombucha (pronounced com-boo-cha) is made through a fermentation process involving tea, wild bacteria and healthy yeasts. The result is a sparkling drink full of probiotics and healthy organic acids that are good for your digestive health.

Remedy Kombucha is organic, raw, unpasteurised, and tastes great, it has the lowest sugar content of the kombuchas available on the market and even I quite Sugar Recommends it and so does Spa it Girl.

Drinking Kombucha at this time of year aids digestion and improves gut health by balancing out bad bacteria with lots of all-natural good stuff, thanks to live cultures, acetic acids and digestive enzymes.

Kombucaha also helps to detoxify your body, while the antimicrobial properties stop bad bacteria taking over, it also provides a natural energy boost and it can help with reducing inflammation and giving you glowing skin and with the Organic Kombucaha by Remedy Kombucha coming in what looks like a Beer Bottle you definitely won’t feel left out at your Christmas Part.

Best Part about drinking Remedy Kombucha this Christmas you won’t wake up feeling hungover the next day.

Hashtag: #IAMASPAITGIRL when drinking Kombucha