Self Love Sunday YOGA – Spa it Girl


I LOVE waking up to Self Love Sunday it’s the Best Sunday Feeling ever.

Thanks for choosing to Join Me Every Single Sunday (&) every other Spa it Girl day – to Love Yourself Unconditionally.

Every Sunday I practice Yoga it’s part of my Self Love Sunday Ritual.

It’s wasn’t until I personally started to practice Yoga that I made with Peace with myself.  Practicing Yoga has taught me to accept who I am, as I am.

That is why I now love encouraging everyone else to take up practicing yoga, especially if you are struggling with low self esteem, and not feeling self love from within.

Here is a really Inspirational Video from Yoga Teacher, Jessamyn Stanley who Talks About Self Love and Self Acceptance, through cultivating her own Yoga Practice, I love how she say’s it how it is. It is so refreshing I love it.

Click on the below video play button to watch it.

Here are also some Self Love Sunday Yoga Classes you can do at home whenever you want to FEEL SELF LOVE FROM WITHIN.



Happy Self Love Sunday 
Yvette @Spaitgirl