Spa it Girl at BEYORG in Hong Kong


I wanted to start my Brand New Year being an absolute Spa it Girl so I booked in to have a Organic Facial at BEYORG IN Hong Kong located in the Pacific Place Shopping Centre, Shop 161, Pacific Place, Admiralty in Hong Kong.

I was actually recommended to visit BEYORG when I visited Hong Kong by Germany’s Top Spa Blogger and founder of I love spa, Jennifer Ospelt as I am such a Fan of using Organic Products on My Skin of course as the Founder of Spa it Girl I had to check it out.


I was so excited when I arrived to BEYORG as the girls who work there were so Beautiful, I also loved how the store was so well presented and I loved the Organic Skincare Range as well as the little things like seeing the name Spa on their Spa Treatment Rooms and even the super cool funky green waiting chairs.

It was also the knowing that at BEYORG all of the products were organic and safe to put on your skin as they don’t have any nasty chemicals in it and just simply being in the kind, caring space made me feel happy, safe, kind and caring both for myself and the environment and everyone else also

What I loved most about BEYORG is how authentic and unique it was, I honestly don’t believe you could find a better organic retail spa in Hong Kong were the Founder is so Passionate about Organic Skincare and Cosmetic Products, Spa, her Team, her Customers the Passion, Heart and Soul that come out of BEYORG was Amazing.

The Presentation of the Store was immaculate, it was picture perfect and the window displays was simply beautiful.  I was so lucky today to also meet the Founder of BEYORG Brenda Lee, she was so inspiring her passion for BEYORG, Organic Products, Her Team, Her Customers, Spa Therapy and the careful, considerate, attention to detail that goes into everything when it comes to BEYORG is beyond words.

The name BEYØRG comes from the first three letters of BEYOND and the first three letters of ORGANIC – BEYORG, Beyond Organic – I of course fell in love this with this concept also.

I got to sit down today with Cindy from BEYORG to do a Spa it Girl Live FaceBook Interview. Cindy was kind enough to explain the Facial that I was just about to have a BEYORG which was a Amala 90 minute  Rejuvenating Facial. Click on the Play Button Below to Watch (it only goes for a couple of minutes):

Press on the Play Button Below to See What I thought of My BEYORG Facial in Hong Kong Today:


If you get a chance to visit Hong Kong, or live in Hong Kong then I totally recommend being a Spa it Girl at BEYORG in Hong Kong besure to hashtag #IAMASPAITGIRL on your Social Media photos to share your Spa it Girl at BEYORG in Hong Kong experiences and tag @Spaitgirl.

After being a Spa it Girl at BEYORG I spent the Rest of New Years Day Shopping.

It really was a Beautiful way to spend My New Years Day and for me meeting other Girls who love Organic Skincare and Spa Therapy as much as me was so cool.

Love, Light and Happy Vibes
Yvette @Spaitgirl