FAUNA COUTURE – the perfect beach robes

Spa it Girl chatted exclusively with the Taryn Christoffersen Founder of Fauna Couture to find out more about the girl who founded and designed the beautiful Beach Robe that our founder Yvette Le Blowitz, wore whilst being a Spa it Girl in the Maldives.

Meet: Taryn Christoffersen

What is Fauna Couture? Fauna Couture is an indie fashion brand devoted to creating one-of-a-kind garments that seamlessly transition from the bedroom to daywear. Night to day threads.

What inspired you to start Fauna? My life and fashion have been inextricably linked since I can remember. When I was growing-up my mom worked as a costume designer for our local theatre. I had access to the most fantastic wardrobe. At the age of twelve I started modeling. Drawn to the arts and a desire to generate emotion through clothing, I decided to pursue a career in luxury retail. Modeling afforded me the opportunity to travel, and retail equipped me with a deep understanding of fit and function. It was during a family vacation in Bali that I felt something was missing in my travel wardrobe. I spent the remainder of the trip shopping for textiles and working with small artisan shops to fabricate the perfect beach robe.

Why did you call your brand Fauna Couture? Does the name have special meaning? The word “fauna” describes animals or living creatures found in a particular region. My designs are meant to be like a second skin when worn. Adaptable and complimentary to both the wearer and their environment.

Where do you like to wear your own Fauna Couture? I love wearing the robes to the beach. It was the richly textured beaches of Bali that inspired many of the unique prints. For example, the Birds of a Feather robe in Abalone. The abalone shell print is divine and one of my best-sellers! I love coming home to find sand in my pockets (every robe and blouse is constructed with pockets). Some of my personal Fauna robes have gathered specs of sand from a dozen different beaches. When I’m not chasing waves, I enjoy lounging in the Sunday FunDay blouse with a cozy pair of socks.

How do you find a balance between running your business and life in general? The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to remain honest with myself and the lifestyle I project through social media. As the founder and designer of a fashion brand I have to be one of two minds: creative and business. It’s easy to hide behind social media when business is slow. However, without sales my ability to hop in the car or jump on a plane in pursuit of inspiration and adventure is limited. Travel fills my heart and allows my creative juices to flow. Business and life has become a very cyclical relationship.

How do you like to keep active? Exercise is my therapy and I’m a real sucker for routine. I love being apart of the community gym whether I’m home or abroad. A big part of my workout is the steam room. I seek out athletic clubs with fabulous steam rooms. There’s nothing like squeezing in a final sweat after a great workout. It also provides a moment of peace and quiet. The steam room is the closest thing in my life to meditation. It’s a time to give thanks to my body and commitment to good health.

What are some of your favourite Healthy Foods to eat? Breakfast is by far my favorite meal. I’m a morning person so I tend to savor the beginning of each day by wallowing in simple rituals. Freshly brewed coffee followed by a smoothie bowl is a MUST! My closest friends have deemed me the Smoothie Queen. I take great pride in creating visually appealing and delicious smoothie bowls. It’s all about a frothy, frozen fruit base and playful toppings. Some of my favorite toppings include coconut flakes, cacao nibs, pomegranate seeds, and a variety of nuts.

Do you have a favourite day spa you’ve visited so far? My favorite spa is Goldust beauty lounge in Canggu, Bali. Any of their 24K GOLD treatments are total bliss. The best part is you may purchase their eye and face masks to enjoy at home. I often visit the spa for a massage and leave with an eye mask.

What things make you happy? I love to celebrate everything. Throwing birthday parties for friends makes me happy. Celebrating holidays with my family makes me happy. I like to mail cards to friends whether they’ve received a job promotion or have been dumped by their boyfriend. Sometimes you have to celebrate the hard stuff in a new light.

What are some of your travel essentials? I’m very attached to my wardrobe and simple objects. I wish I could be more like Gandhi who was the ultimate minimalist, but I have conditioned myself to start packing for my travels weeks in advance. It’s all about appearing like I don’t care about fashion even though I secretly do.

Jet-set essentials include:
Tinted lip balm
Trail mix
White t-shirt
Cozy sweater
Black Nike sneakers
Coconut oil
Fauna kimono: Birds of a Feather // Dark Side

How Can We Stay in Touch?
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