Grand Hyatt Hong Kong a Luxury 5* Spa Hotel Retreat

Thanks to the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong you can now live the Ultimate 5* Luxury – Spa it Girl Dream by having Spa Treatments at their Plateau Spa and then staying overnight (or more) to sleep in one of their appointed hotel rooms on the same floor or their one and only Plateau Suite.  The Grand Hyatt Hong Kong has made it so much easier for those Spa it Girl’s who never want to leave the Spa ever again.

Yvette Le Blowitz, founder of Spa it Girl had the pleasure of staying at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong in their one and only Plateau Suite in the Plateau Spa on Level 11 of the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong to see what being a Spa it Girl there was really like and this is what she has to share:

Sleeping in a Spa – Every Girl has to put this on their Bucket List, there is something so feel good and magical about this.  It’s like a girl’s grown up Spa Fairy tale that you can now live in this crazy busy world we all live in. Sleeping in an Actual Luxury Spa I found was the most uplifting positive experience being in such a beautiful, calm, peaceful environment was like I was on my own Spa it Girl – Wellness & Spa Retreat even though I was visiting one of the World’s Busiest Cities Hong Kong.

I personally loved being able to walk to and from my Plateau Suite in my Bath Robe and Slippers to my Plateau Spa appointment and then after that walking back again and I was only literally a couple of metres away from The Plateau Spa Treatment rooms.

I stayed in the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong one and only Plateau Suite which was luxurious, stylish and beautiful from the moment I opened up the door.  The decor was really lovely, earthy, luxurious, open, spacious and it had 180 degrees views of Victoria Harbour and the Hong Kong City Skyline, I loved the stylish lounge area, plus how I had my very own private steam room, overhead shower and a spa that was so big in size I didn’t have to worry about if I was going to be able to fit in there, from the spa bath and at night it was really pretty as I could see all of the Hong Kong lights. The Plateau Suite was like an extension of the Plateau Spa it had that same calming spa relaxation feel and it was truly the Ultimate 5* Spa Hotel Hong Kong Spa it Girl Retreat.

Being a Spa it Girl at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong looked liked this:
* Rise and shine coffee time overlooking the amazing Hong Kong Skyline and Victoria Harbour.
* A Private one on one Yoga class with Christine Ritter by the Swimming Pool first thing in the morning which is on the same floor that I was staying.
* Breakfast at the Grand Club, I loved the food but more importantly the staff were all amazing and the coffee was great.
* Plateau Spa for Spa Treatments which was the most relaxing wellness spa experience.

* Room Service for Lunch which I always love to do in between my Spa appointments.
* Afternoon High Tea at the Tiffin which is a cosy lounge at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong whilst listening to the beautiful relaxation live piano music playing in the background.

* A spa in my own private spa bath in the Plateau suite I was staying in – it was complete utter bliss.
* Champagne and Canapés in the evening at the Grand Club whilst looking at the Hong Kong City Skyline lights.

At the end of each day – I felt absolutely amazing it was like I was on my own Spa it Girl – Luxury 5* Spa Retreat. 

Plateau Spa: Everything was perfect. I truly felt like I was in my own little Spa it Girl world because it was so peaceful and quite (even if they had some of the usual Hong Kong Construction going on across from y Spa Treatment room, it didn’t interfere with my Spa it Girl luxury experience.

They have a great spa menu with lots to choose from and considering I was in Hong Kong and it is so busy on the City Streets when I was at the Plateau Spa  in the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong it was the complete opposite quite, so quite, calm and peaceful, I didn’t actually see another soul well apart from my Spa Therapist’s, or Spa Staff who are all calm collected, happy, smiling and friendly.

The Spa Treatment rooms had either a ensuite or a spa bath depending on what type of spa treatment you were having and all earthy it was such a nice place to retreat to and I loved relaxing in their beautiful Spa space and drinking a nice relaxing cup of tea.

I had two different Spa Therapist’s Penny and Suiki and both were great, highly skilled, super talented and so passionate. I had the Plateau Spa’s signature massage which I loved, it was so relaxing and after a very long haul flight it was just what I needed to feel good from within.  I also had a specialised spa treatment which was so I could prepare for my next long haul flight it was a combination of a relaxing massage and then hydrating my facial skin and both combined it was truly amazing. I loved the whole Plateau Spa experience and sitting in their Spa Treatment room after my treatments was so calm and peaceful and then walking back down the hallway to the Plateau Spa in my Spa Robe and Slippers was the Ultimate Spa it Girl 5* Luxury experience it was the nicest feeling ever.

Yvette GrandHyattMassage2

A special thanks to all of the Plateau Spa who were all amazing, plus my wonderful Spa Theaprists and Nicole and Ronnie who personally attended to my every need and they made sure everything was absolutely perfect for me during my stay was when I left the Plateau Spa and said my good byes I actually felt sad to say goodbye in that very short time I was made to feel so welcomed it was like I was saying goodbye to my family that doesn’t happen very often but I think when I connect with girls who are truly as passionate about Luxury Spa’s and Spa Therapy and the Spa Industry as much as I am it personally does.

YOGA: I had a one on one Yoga Class with their Yoga Teacher Christine Ritter it was by the pool out in the open and it was so lovely being amongst the Hong Kong air. I felt so inspired during the class and I learnt so much.  The Yoga Class was tailored to suit my needs and to help work towards my own goals so I got to work on practicing my Headstand Inversions which was really interesting, I loved it so much and I felt so Yoga Happy, Healthy and Spiritually well afterwards.  I also got to sit down and ask my Yoga Teacher Christine Ritter some questions so I could share that with our Spa it Girl readers click on the below video link to watch:

HIGH TEA at Tiffin: It reminded me of when I was a kid playing with tea cup set and getting excited about it being tea time. I loved all the little plates of food with the range of pretty food was any foodies or photographers dream and thanks to Justin Lim one of Hong Kong’s Best Photographers @hurtingbombz he was able to capture the Spa it Girl moment for me so I could share it with you .  The co-founder of Flex Studio Anna Serafinas was actually the one who told me I had to have a High Tea while I was staying at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong so thanks to her recommendations I did and I found it to be the most feel good Spa it Girl experience. From my cosy table I had beautiful views over the garden and in the background all I could hear was the soft relaxation live music coming from the piano that was being played. It really is a lovely spot to have a nice cup of tea and a cup cake or two.

Yvette GrandHyattSmileHighTea

Did the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong tick all the SPA IT GIRL Boxes: Yes absolutely, just like the name says it was GRAND and Flawless in every way. All the staff were great. I loved staying their and visiting their spa and then sleeping in their Plateau Suite being able to Sleep in their Actual Spa was such an Amazing Unique Luxury 5* Spa Hotel experience.  Because the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong ticked all the Spa it Girl Boxes (which is a lot) they have also made it onto the Spa it Girl Getaway List for 2017 as I can confidently and whole heartily say I loved it. I should mention that not every Spa Hotel or Place I personally visit makes it onto this list you have to be outstanding and flawless in every area, so a very big Congratulations to the whole team at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong for now being Spa it Girl Approved and being one of the Very Best Luxury 5* Spa Hotels in Hong Kong.  It was such an amazing Spa it Girl experience that I will never personally forget and I would recommend anyone to stay with you or to visit your Plateau Spa in a heartbeat.

Be sure to hash tag #iamaspaitgirl an tag @Spaitgirl when you are visiting the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong and their Plateau Spa so I can be part of your Spa it Girl Journey also.

Love, Light & Happy Vibes
Yvette xoxo



photographer: Justin Lim