The Mira Hong Kong – Hong Kong’s Best Urban Spa in 2017

The Mira Hong Kong is Hong Kong’s Best Urban Spa Hotel Retreat in 2017.

The Mira Hong Kong has found the perfect balance between being a modern design spa hotel but still with a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Yvette Le Blowitz, founder of and IT Girl of the Global Spa and Wellness Industry personally tried, tested and reviewed The Mira Hong Kong and she now shares with us and the rest of the world that The Mira Hong Kong ticked all the boxes when it came to being the perfect Hong Kong Urban Spa Hotel and Retreat.

Yvette Le Blowitz the World’s Leading Spa and Wellness Bloggers shares her own personal Spa it Girl experience and what she loved most about The Mira Hong Kong:

Location….Location – The Mira Hong Kong is centrally located in Tsim Sha Tsui the city’s shopping mecca and entertainment district it is a close walk to the local MTR and the Star Ferry and it right across the road is Kowloon Park a vey popular part among the Hong Kong locals.

From the Hotel you also have direct access to the Miramar Shopping Centre and Mira Mall complex so it makes it super easy for shopping if that is what you want to do whilst visiting Hong Kong.

You can also be a Spa it Girl at the Mira Spa and retreat to one of their nine treatment rooms including two VIP spa suites for a Spa Treatment or two.  They have a dedicated Wet Zone that includes a hydro pool, sauna, steam room and showers.

You can lay down in the relaxation area on one of thewarm floating waterbeds, before your Spa Treatment (or after) and use their heated hydro pool whilst looking upwards to the pretty beautiful twinkling ceiling, or you can close your eyes sit back and relax with the jets massaging your lower back while you listen to the sounds of the spa bubbles you get to choose.

At the Mira Spa, I had the MiraTouch Journey Spa Treatment: it started with a warming Foot Ritual followed by a specialised massage drawn from the traditions of both East and West, mix of Meridian and Lymphatic drainage techniques. Combining the power of pure essential oils with deep TOUCH to release all of the built up tension.

It also featured a Signature Abdomen Massage and warm compress with nest pure essential oils and plant extracts acts to enhance the metabolism while a pressure point scalp and shoulder massage is the finishing TOUCH of this balancing holistic journey.

I found it to be super relaxing, therapeutic and it was just what I needed after a very long international flight from Australia to Hong Kong. I totally switched off from my busy to do list and it was the best feeling ever and my Spa Therapist did a great job release my tight spots.

After my Mira Spa Treatment – I enjoyed a nice cup of tea whilst reading my favourite spa magazine – Asia Spa Magazine (I am one Asia Spa Awards Judges for Asia Spa Magazine and recognised as now one of the Top Spa and Wellness Luxury Spa Reviewers and Bloggers in the World) and I even took time out to float up and down on their heated floating waterbed.

I went for a swim in the Heated Indoor Swimming Pool and I also got to personally meet a really Beautiful and Friendly Hong Kong Local who shared with me that she had looked all around Hong Kong for a Hotel that had a really nice Heated Indoor Swimming Pool she found that the Mira Hotel was one of the best places when it came to having an indoor swimming pool, fitness centre and spa all in one urban location.

I must admit swimming in their heated indoor pool was lovely and they did have the temperature down pat it was so delightful to get into and to stay in.

I really liked being a Spa it Girl in their hotel spa right beside their indoor swimming pool and looking up to the ceiling and seeing the Twinkling led lights was very cool, but there is nothing better than closing your eyes when spending time in a heated spa and feeling the jets on your shoulders and back and listening to the spa bubble away is so therapeutic and a must do when you stay at The Mira Hotel in Hong Kong.

I walked back to my Hotel Room in my Mira Spa Bath Robe as it’s totally acceptable and even encouraged by the Mira Spa staff to do so.  There is nothing better than getting changed in your own private hotel room and walking around in your Bath Robe just added to their Urban Spa Hotel Retreat feel.

When it came to my Hotel Room everything was perfect, and I was totally obsessed with sitting in the comfy Red Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair or as I called it the Big Red Chair. I was taken back by seeing the beautiful park views considering I was in Hong Kong and normally when you think about Hong Kong all you can picture is tall buildings and bright city lights. I spent time chilling out in my room after lots of shopping and of course made the most out of relaxing in the bath tub. I love that they had a Pillow Menu and I had the best night sleep all thanks to the cosy warm room and the Pillow I slept on from their Pillow Menu.

In terms of finding my way from the The Mira Hotel lift to my Hotel Room I have to confess, even as a worldwide traveller I got a little lost because the hallways decor and lighting is quite dark in tone and the hallway has rather low ceilings that features this reflect mirror imaging.

After walking around the high end shopping malls which is full of big bright white shopping mall lights, it took a little bit of time for my eyes to adjust, but after a couple of goes of coming in and going from my Hotel room I got the hang of finding my way to and from my room and I actually ended up really liking their Hallway which was a real experience in itself.

One of the things I also loved was how for Guests they give you unlimited on-the-go free Wi-Fi solutions – the portable 4G speed Wi-Fi buddy which you can carry around the city staying connected at all times. It’s such a perfect way to stay connected without being slapped with a massive big international roaming bill.

I did a LIVE SPA IT GIRL FaceBook V-Blog at The Mira Hong Kong, if you want to have a Sneak Peek into my room and my live conversation with our Spa it Girl Blog readers just click the play button below to watch.


When it comes to Food at The Mira Hotel – I tried out their Cantonese Restaurant, Cuisine Cuisine, the first thing I noticed and felt when I walked in was the Warm Inviting Energy.

When I sat down in one of their comfy booth chairs the first thing I saw was the beautiful park views and I instantly felt connected to the outside world and Hong Kong environment even though I was inside and it overlooking the Beautiful Green Leafy park gave me this real sense of openness and space even though I was in Hong Kong City.

The Energy and Vibe of Cuisine Cuisine was great, so warm and inviting because everyone was smiling, laughing, eating, taking photos, selfies, sharing their food and talking non stop it had this really vibrant Hong Kong Happy and even a Relaxed Feel which was such a contrast to the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong when walking around the busy streets.

The Restaurant decor I adored as they had emerald jade interior and chairs instead of the traditional red chairs I had pretty much been seeing at some of Hong Kong’s Chinese restaurants.

I tried out their best dim sum’s and everything I had from their Menu tasted delicious, fresh and even yes I am going to say it Light and Healthy, Think Winter melon stuffed with vegetable and coin seed served in pumpkin bisque as an entrée.

They had lots of healthy plant based food options and I loved trying lots of different things such as delicate Steamed dumplings with wild mushroom and black truffle, as well as the newly added Steamed purple sweet potato and veggie dumplings with gingko nuts. I found their ingredients to be fresh and of high quality.


In short – the Food was amazing at The Mira Hong Kong Cantonese Restaurant along with the staff that looked after me, it was such a great Hong Kong dining experience and if you can’t use Chop Sticks don’t worry all you have to do is ask for a Fork and no one will judge you for it, it has a very relaxed buzz, vibe and Restaurant feel.


I love to keep active so when I stayed at The Mira Hong Kong I had lots of choice from swimming in their indoor swimming pool, or working out in their hotel gym, or a walk straight across the road in road and Kwooloon Park as I love being outdoors and walking in mother nature, I chose a morning walk in Kwooloon Park so I could also take in the local Active Living Culture of Hong Kong also.

If you have ever wondered how Hong Kong people find their inner peace in one of the busiest cities click on the below LIVE Spa it Girl V-Blog from Kwooloon Park to get a real insight into how important practicing Tai Chi and stretching is for them when it comes to keeping Healthy, Well and Fit – Body, Mind and Spirit.

I was so fascinated watching the sure grace of Hong Kong Locals practicing Tai Chi whilst they listened to the soothing relaxation music coming from their little portable stereos it was so great to see.

I really enjoyed walking around Kwooloon Park and this was the first time I actually heard the sounds of Birds Chirping whilst visiting Hong Kong.

But one of the Most Unbelievable things I saw whilst in walking around the Kwooloon Park was Mumma a 100 year old Hong Kong Lady who working out at 100 years of age alongside her daughter.

I have never met anyone 100 years old, let alone ever seen a 100 year old Hong Kong lady who was doing her absolute best to be active by pulling down the handles of a lat pull down machine it totally blew me away.

I got to personally meet Mumma after her workout and I was so happy to be able to capture this unique heartfelt inspirational moment and to share Mumma across our Global Spa it Girl Network and Community.

Here is a Picture of Mumma and I after her Morning Workout in Kowloon Park – Mumma was my absolute Active Living + Wellness Hong Kong Inspiration.  I am so blessed to have met Mumma while staying at The Mira Hotel in Hong Kong and she is someone I will never forget about throughout my life time.

It is the moment’s like this that I get to personally experience and capture that reminds me of why I love Spa & Wellness Blogging and living a Healthy, Happy, Active Wellness – Spa it Girl way of life.

I think after you watch Mumma at the age of 100 years old trying her absolute best to pull down the handles of a lat pulldown machine in the Kwooloon Park you too will be really inspired by here and no doubt want to stay at The Mira Hong Kong just in hope to meet such an Amazing Inspirational Hong Kong Lady.

Now that I have shared with you some of my personal thoughts on what it was like to stay at The Mira Hong Kong – I am happy to be able to officially announce that
The Mira Hong Kong has made it onto our Spa it Girl Getaway List for 2017.

The Mira Hong Kong  is officially Hong Kong’s Best Urban Spa Hotel Retreat in 2017.

A very Big Congratulations to the whole team at The Mira Hong Kong for being absolutely Hospitality Stars!  The Mira Hong Kong was tried, tested and ticked all the Spa it girl boxes.

Full Credit to The Mira Hotel team, because it really takes each and everyone of them in order to receive such a global recognition, plus now after 10+ years of Luxury Spa Travel Reviewing there are more boxes than ever that you have to Spa it Girl tick and not every place I stay at get’s Spa it Girl tried, tested and Spa it Girl approved.

On that positive note – Besure to hashtag #iamaspaitgirl and tag @Spaitgirl to share your Mira Hong Kong – Spa it Girl moments.

The Mira Hong Kong
Address: The Mira Hong Kong, 118 Nathan Road,Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong