Kita Yoga – Spa it Girl Hong Kong

Be a SPA IT GIRL in Hong Kong at Kita Yoga 

Kita Yoga is Hong Kong’s newest an cutest hands on Yoga Studio located at 1, U Lam Terrace, right next to Lof10 Coffee Shop in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.

Kita Yoga is founded by Nikita Ramchandani who wanted to create a community, where people can get a holistic view of the practice of yoga from restorative yoga to introducing people to yoga’s sister science, ayurveda.

Kita Yoga has some of Hong Kong’s Best Yoga Teachers like Steffi Gonzalez, Natalie Soderstrom, Greta Lai plus so many more.

Kita Yoga classes consist of Kita Flow a vinyasa based sequence of the asana (physical) practice with a strong emphasis on creativity and alignment, incorporating a blend of other lineages, together with pranayama (breath work) and meditation.

They also have a more advanced rigorous vinyasa flow exploring the subtleties of fundamental poses with intelligent sequencing, allowing students to move into deeper variations and arm balances and inversions.

A true Foundations beginners class with a workshop like structure where students are guided through the practice with detailed and targeted alignment cues and the style and rigour of class will varies depending on the teacher.

A more Mellow slower paced vinyasa class with a sprinkling of restorative postures. Plus a grounding yet energising meditation class, allowing you to bring awareness to your breath, and to be present and mindful.

Along with Hatha yoga classes suitable for all levels of experience. In each class they cover a range of postures (asanas), sun salutations (surya namaskar), breathing exercises (pranayama) and guided relaxation techniques and then they have a more dynamic and rigorous practice that synchronise’s the breath with the movements and allow for a greater flow of sequences.

On Friday’s think restorative and yin yoga it’s a combined one hour class of deep and contemplative body work.  You get the Bolsters, blocks, sandbags and straps out to assist the body and it helps with letting go and expansion, it’s the perfect class to assist with releasing any tension that you might be carrying within your body from your busy Hong Kong working week. Hashtag

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