MODERE Colour – Make Up That’s Down to Earth

Spa it Girl caught up with Jan Le Blowitz this week who gave us the low down on how Modere have just launched Modere Colour in Australia:

Modere Colour is MAKE UP that is DOWN TO EARTH  Certified Organic Botanicals, Vegan Friendly with no animal products or animal testing, in BPA free packaging with natural mineral pigments and Made in Australia.

Modere Colour is botanically inspired makeup designed to go hand in hand with their existing skincare range – all created to enhance your natural beauty from the inside out and for it to be Safe and Clean without potentially harmful ingredients.

Modere Colour has launched in Australia and will launch in New Zealand this week which is very exciting indeed.

Modere is the LIVE CLEAN Company that offers PREMIUM HIGH PERFORMING products that are SAFE, EFFECTIVE & AFFORDABLE.

Modere’s formulas avoid over 3000 Controversial Ingredients such as Aluminium, Butane, Fluoride, Propylene Glycol, SLS, SLES, Talc and Tallow just to name a few.

From the start to the finish Modere strives for Ethical Sourcing, No Animal Testing, Non-Toxic/BPA Free Containers, Environmentally Friendly Recyclable Packaging, GMO Free Formulation.

Modere has a generous Customer Rewards program which offers a DISCOUNT on your first order, check out “Share the love” for conditions and learn how you can receive further discounts.

Modere is Global to view products available in your country search on-line for your countries Modere website and enter promo code: 801699 for a discount on your first order *click on this link to find out more about Modere and to shop on-line.