SELF LOVE Sunday – Positive Affirmations – Spa it Girl

Do you find yourself saying more negative things about yourself instead of positive things?

Today I invite you to replace each negative thought towards yourself with a positive one so you can truly LOVE YOURSELF from within.

A Positive affirmation is something you say or think and it can be used to change the way you feel it can be used to overturn a negative thought and mood towards yourself anytime that you need to.

Quite often we can say or think negative things about ourselves and this act of Self Hate can actually bring us down into a Negative Mood, attract negative energy and make us feel hatred and unloved towards ourselves.

It’s really important each day when you wake up to LOVE YOURSELF (no matter what) and to take the time each day to Affirm your love towards yourself through Daily Positive Affirmations because what you say and think is how you will feel and become.

You can create your own Positive Affirmations by using a statement like: I AM Beautiful, I AM Love, I AM Healthy say or write all the things you are plus all of the things you be and feel.

Here is a list of Positive Affirmations to Help Get You Started:

I am a kind
I am Beautiful inside and out
I am love
I am safe
I am enough
I am my own best friend
I am happy and healthy
I am excited about today
I am happy calm and peaceful within
I am talented
I am the perfect age right now
I am in the process of positive change
I am grateful for each waking day
I am patient
I am vibrant and healthy
I am love and light
I am radiating with positive energy
I am fine just the way I am
I am open to receiving positive things and energy
I am strong
I am surrounded by love and light everywhere
I am flexible
I am worthy of love
I am willing to change to live my healthiest, happiest life
I am powerful
I am brave
I am Inspiring
I am Amazing
I am Pretty
I am doing my best everyday that I wake up
I am getting fit, healthy and happy and loving it
I am Abundant
I am bursting with Radiant Positive Energy
I am a Loving Soul
I am living my Passion and Dreams
I am in Love with myself and my life
I am surrounded by loving, helpful people
I am willing to learn new things

I personally love using Positive Affirmations and I think it is one of the Most Powerful, Kind, Loving, Spiritual practices that anyone can use to change the way they feel.

Love, Light, and Happy
Spa it Girl SELF LOVE SUNDAY vibes
Yvette xoxo