COMO Cocoa Island – Maldives

“COMO Cocoa Island in the Maldives is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been” Yvette Le Blowitz @Spaitgirl

COMO Cocoa Island is located in the Maldives a 45 minute Jet Boat ride from the Male Airport.  It has personalised service and sophisticated cuisine to its distinctive authentic culture and calming spa, you can go on customised cruises to neighbouring islands and beaches; or go on your own private dinners at secluded locations; practice yoga, go diving or snorkelling; swim in crystal clear water, eat till your hearts content, relax and feel good day and night in absolute Maldivian Style.

COMO Cocoa Island has 33 private suites and villas inspired by the gently curving wooden forms of the local ‘drone’ fishing boats. Each bungalow, connected by a sinuous planked walkway, sits offshore and overhangs the lagoon. Built of New Zealand pine with Kajan thatched roofs.

They have on-site an open air pavilion restaurant that is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner with flexible dining to suit guests’ preferences and also in room service if you don’t feel like leaving your Villa. Cuisine features European dishes in addition to a blend of Indian and Mediterranean traditions with an emphasis on locally caught seafood, fresh produce and COMO Shambhala healthful eating options.

Yvette Le Blowitz founder of SPA IT GIRL stayed at COMO Cocoa Island in the Maldives and shares her personal thoughts:

COMO Cocoa Island in the Maldives it like no other Resort, totally mesmerising, beautiful, feel good and one place I definitely didn’t want to leave and now all I can think about is when is going to be my next trip back.

When I looked around at COMO Cocoa Island all I could see was crystal clear water and it made me feel so good.  I have never felt this feel good ever before. COMO Cocoa Island was just what I imagine the Maldives to be, if not better.

It was so lovely being able to go for a swim straight off the back of my private overwater villain to be able to swim in Crystal Clear water amongst the fish you definitely have to put this on your Spa it Girl bucket list, it seriously was so Beautiful and words can’t even describe how good it made me feel inside.

Another thing I loved about  COMO Cocoa Island was  how it wasn’t a big and overcrowded resort, it truly was luxurious, private and this sense of space and like I was the only person at the Maldives was priceless.

I loved hanging out relaxing on the back of my overwater villa deck and especially reading a book or magazine on the very big oversized daybed.

I couldn’t see any other guests or hear other guests and totally private, as a Busy Spa and Wellness Blogger and Influencer I am also in the Public Eye so I found at COMO Cocoa Island I was totally able to disconnect from my busy go, go, go world and it was so nice just to sit, relax and do absolutely nothing for a change.

Not seeing or hearing another soul while I was relaxing on my back deck over looking the beautiful crystal clear water was the most magical mother earth, spiritual Spa it Girl, Wellness Travel experience.  It truly did do wonders for my Body, Mind and Soul.

Private Overwater Villa Thoughts? The Overwater Private Villa I stayed in was chic, stylish and it felt so spacious because it was open plan and it had the living area downstairs then the main bedroom upstairs in a loft style bedroom which was so cool.

This type of design really separated the living area to the sleeping area but I loved this sense of separation and sleeping in a loft bedroom is always the coolest holiday feeling ever.

I am a lover of High Ceiling, so COMO Cocoa Island did not disappoint me because it has high  peaked raftered ceilings that gives such a feeling of expansive space, combined with the glossy teak floors and foot-to-ceiling windows that opened up to the biggest deck everything seemed to just naturally flow and it had the best energy flow ever.

The decor in the overwater private villa I said in had this soft natural décor calming and it all centred around the local Maldivian sea, sand and sky.

I loved it’s motherly earthy nautical feel and one of my favourite things believe it or not was actually the very cute round windows along the wall of the hallway and especially from the Main bedroom upstairs toilet because every time I looked out of those little cute round windows all I could see was Crystal Clear waters.

I was so in love with this design feature that I even had to share it with my Spa it Girl blog readers through a live facebook feed.

Every time I looked out of any window in my overwater private villa all I could see was Crystal Clear Water and that would instantly make me smile and I had the biggest smile ear to ear. Being immersed in the natural beauty of Maldivian Mother earth at COMO Cocoa Island was so feel good it truly was like no place I have ever visited before.

I had all the modern cons in my private overwater villa, even if I did feel a million miles away – it had things like a Nespessro coffee machine, mini bar and more importantly in-dining room service so whenever I wanted something to eat or drink, I could simply call up for it – which was another added bonus for me because sometimes it’s nice just to chill out in your resort clothes, or bath robes and have room service delivered to your room.  COMO Cocoa Island is so great for Solo Girls and Women Travelling.  You for one minute will not feel like the odd one out.

Having a Shower in their outdoor shower after swimming in crystal clear Maldivian waters was so feel good.  I seriously love having an outdoor shower that to me is the ultimate holiday feeling.

STAFF Thoughts? All of the staff I crossed path’s with were amazing, the best customer service ever, very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. I watched them interact with different guest throughout my stay and they truly did honestly care about making their guests visits the most luxurious and memorable experience. The Customer Service across all of the staffing areas was truly amazing and this  seems to be a continuing theme because whenever I stay at a COMO Hotel or Resort.

FOOD Thoughts? The Food at COMO Cocoa Island that was a unique and authentic experience all to itself.  The Food was amazing, outstanding, so great, I could not fault it.

The Dining experience every single Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner always made my day and night.  It was the best dining experience ever from the staff, setting, the food menu, the freshness, eating at COMO Cocoa Island is like no other, I personally think that COMO Hotel & Resorts and COMO Cocoa Island is leading the way once again when it comes to Healthy, Wholesome, Personalised, Fresh, Food it’s not made for the masses and with only 33 private villas this is the place to visit in the Maldives if you are seriously either a Foodie, or Simply love eating great tasty food that has been prepared with real love and care.

Every morning I loved the choices of fresh juices if I wanted a Green Juice I could have it, or Orange they had quite a fresh selection and just when you think eating at the Restaurant is all Buffet service they also have a al la carte menus to choose from and if you want a dish slightly adapted to suit your needs they will do there best to personalise you meal especially for you.

The Restaurant over looks their Beautiful resort pool and out across the water the staff were absolutely amazing, not just one all of them they all knew so much about the food, the fresh ingredients, how it was made, plus could even tell you about the traditional dishes, and suggest what things to try.

COMO Coco Island has such a selection of food and when you sit down to eat at COMO Coco Island you will never go hungry, it’s very much a place to take your time and savour the flavour and it’s a feast for all sensations, and a real culinary journey, it’s a great place to try and discover new food and to step a little bit outside your comfort zone and I have to say they make the best traditional curry I have ever had.

Be prepared to want to try it all and then not be able to get through your chosen selections I always do this when I stay at a COMO Hotel and Resort I get a little bit excited and want it all and then quickly realise I can’t eat it all once I settle in and generally over eat the first couple of days, I do always get better then at choosing the right amount of food and selections, but be prepared to at first to order lots and to try so many dishes the servings at COMO Cocoa Island are so amazing, so all I can say is when it comes to the Food at COMO Cocoa Island you absolutely get your money’s worth.

I loved my dining, eating experience at COMO Cocoa Island it was like eating Soul Food every single dish and meal each time.

COMO Shambhala Retreat at COMO Cocoa Island thoughts?

I love it’s Healthy Living, Spa, Wellness beliefs. The COMO Shambhala experience combines Asian-based therapies, nutrition, exercise and yoga with managed by experts in holistic health and I loved how even though I was going on a Maldives Holiday I could work on all aspects of my own personal health and wellbeing.

I loved staying at COMO Cocoa Island for the very reason that it offered Spa and Wellness Therapy and through that I was able to personally connect to my breathe and become fully present through practicing Yoga in their dedicated Yoga Pavillion or when receiving spa therapy.

They had this amazing dedicated wellness area on their island and the biggest Hydro Therapy pool which I used every single day, they also have a state of an art gym but I focused more on letting go through Spa Therapy and practicing Yoga not to mention sitting in the Beautiful Swinging outdoor lounge chairs over looking the white sand and crystal clear blue water, feeling the sun gently beaming down on me and the bright blue clear skies was so lovely and I love how their Spa, Yoga Pavillon and Wellness Centre was away from the Main Resort and Guest Room’s it felt like I was on a Seperate Island totally tucked away from everything.

At COMO Cocoa Island they have a dedicated Wellness Area on the Island it is away from the Main Restaurant, Bar and Pool, and even all of the Accommodation I also found out that when they set up also COMO Cocoa Island that a lot of time and effort went into actually choosing the spot for their COMO Shambhala Spa, Yoga Pavillion and dedicated Wellness Spot.

It had the most calming feeling simply just walking into their dedicated COMO Shambhala area and towards the main Spa Reception which is in an open air pavilion that overlooks the Maldivian Water.

They have Spa Villas that are stand alone and when you go into one you feel a million miles away from it all.  My Spa Villa overlooked the outside Bath Tub area and it had french doors that overlooked the beautiful water that had so many different shades of crystal clear blue and turquoise and all I could hear was the soft playing spa music and the ocean.

Taking a Moment to Reflect on How Peaceful and Calm I feel after having my very first Spa Treatment at #comoshambhala Spa at #COMOCocoIsland I had their signature Massage and it was just what I needed after a very late couple of night's + a 6 hour flight from Hong Kong. Thanks to my Highly Skilled & Well trained Spa Therapist & Professional Putin I felt like I was walking on Air after my Treatment, I felt amazing again!! And it helped me unwind & to get into the Maldives way of life just like that. I felt re-balanced & re-connected within and it was such a great feeling after having a couple of really busy weeks. I can't believe how in less than 12 hours of being here it has changed the way I feel. I checked out there really big Hydro Therapy Spa Which is in the Pavilion underneath their Pavillon Gym it was so impressive, this is one of COMO COCO Islands uniqueness. right near the Spa that you can also use, when I was having my Beautiful relaxing massage I could hear the sounds of the ocean along with the beautiful spa music that was a first time experience for me and as a total Spa Junkie I loved it. ❤ Yvette #SPAITGIRL #robelife #beauty #fashion #skincare #travel #spablogger #travelblogger #amazing #wow #beautiful #relax #vacation #holiday #yoga #health #healthy #spiritual #blogger #smile #photooftheday #Maldives #YvetteLeBlowitz

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I had a signature COMO Shambhala Massage and after my long haul flight it definitely helped with my Jet Lag and it helped me disconnect from my busy schedule, I totally feel into a deep relaxation and I felt that my massage at the COMO Cocoa Island was a truly spiritual experience and I felt it renewed my body mind and soul.

When my massage was finished I felt so relaxed and of course I didn’t want to get off the massage table because it was that good, I totally recommend booking in for a Spa Treatment here and if you can try and get one within the first day when you arrived as it really helps with releasing any built up tension and stress that you might be holding onto, plus being a Spa it Girl as you know is all about receiving Spa Therapy so you can feel your Happiest, Healthiest, Spiritual Self from within.

I loved my Spa it Girl experience at COMO Cocoa Island it was the most nurturing experience and I was able to disconnect in order to re-connect with my true inner self.

Visiting a COMO Shambhala spa is like no other it focussed around Spa and Wellness, it’s a very personal body, mind, spiritual Spa Therapy experience.  A very big thanks to the COMO Cocoa Island – Spa Manager and Team, you pour your heart and soul into making Spa Therapy into what it should be a very personalised, Spa and Wellness experience so that people get to surrender and let go, relax, unwind and then immerse from your Spa feeling like a whole new and fresh healthy, happy, spiritual versions of themselves.

I found the Spa Treatments at COMO Cocoa Island to work on all levels of my Health and Wellness and to me that is the most important thing that the Spa Therapy that it truly does make a difference to the way you feel, Body, Mind and Spirit.  Well done to the COMO Shambhala Team you are all outstanding each and everyone of you in your own authentic and unique way.

Being a Spa it Girl at your Spa was that most beautiful soulful experience and I now can’t wait for other Spa it Girls and even Boys to experience COMO Cocoa Island and visiting your COMO Shambhala spa also.

SPA IT GIRL Getaway List 2017: I loved COMO Cocoa Island in the Maldives so much they have made it onto the Spa it Girl Getaway List 2017 after personally experiencing COMO Coca Island and carefully reviewing every single aspect that they have to offer, I can confidently put my Hand on my Heart and say it has to be one of the Most Beautiful places I have ever been.

It’s so beautiful the crystal clear water and the privacy is like no other, the food and staff are simply outstanding the Spa Treatments and Spa Team are just so talented, and immersing myself in the COMO Shambhala way of life from having spa treatments, plunging in their Hydro Therapy pool which is one of the largest in the Maldives, along with practicing Yoga, having a beautiful green smoothie, eating healthy wholesome food, plus so much more was truly the best luxury Spa and Wellness Travel experience ever.

If you have always wanted to visit the Maldives but unsure where to go definitely put COMO Cocoa Island at the Top of your list it’s absolutely stunning and perfect in every single way.

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