Crown Spa at Crown Towers Melbourne

CROWN SPA is Melbourne’s Best Luxury Day Spa located on Level 3 of the CROWN TOWERS MELBOURNE in Australia.

Be a Spa it Girl at the CROWN SPA and let the whole world pass you by while you immerse yourself in their beautiful and very private spa facilities.

Before your spa treatment commences the Crown Spa staff invite you to arrive a little bit earlier so you can relax an unwind in their vitality spa, steam room, swiss shower, relaxation area or luxury hotel swimming pool.

All of the Spa Suites are Magnificent, fit for a King or Queen an their spa menu uses La Prairie and Sublte Energies products to make you feel good and beautiful in every possible way.

Yvette Le Blowitz, founder of Spa it Girl visited the CROWN SPA while staying at the Crown Towers Melbourne a Luxury Five Star Spa Hotel and this is what she had to say:

CROWN SPA without a doubt is one of Melbourne’s Best Luxury Day Spa’s an it is one luxury spa you will truly want to spend the whole day at.

Visiting the CROWN SPA is like going on your own personal Spa it Girl – Self Love Retreat – I walked in off the noisy busy streets of Melbourne with the biggest to-do list and the feeling of oh my goodness how am I going to fit all of this in.

As soon as I stepped into the CROWN SPA my stress levels lowered instantly an my to-do list and that overwhelming feeling of having to much on my plate subsided, my work projects,my to-do lists no longer exisited and now all I could think about was all I could think oh was how beautiful the CROWN SPA how grateful I was to be stepping into such a beautiful peaceful calming luxurious Spa it Girl place.

Crown Spa Relaxation Room

Letting go of my Mobile Phone and everything else from the outside world was the best thing I could have ever done.  I am connected all the time to technology but even I need to take time out from it all to give my Body, Mind and Soul a much needed break.

Practicing the art of simply being and not doing can be challenging to do at home on your own, but when you come to such a self nurturing luxury spa like the CROWN SPA disconnecting from your mobile phone, social media, emails, day to day life (or) grind is so much easier because it has that instant presence and invites you to slow down and to relax in pure utter peace and quite.

Being still and simply being allows you to fully relax and to surrender to everything and making time for yourself is such a beautiful self love practice that I think we all need in our busy lives.

The Crown Spa staff actually encourage you and invite you to take as much time as you need in their luxury day spa using all of the spa facilities before your spa treatment and after your spa treatment from there all you need to do is what is best for you and you can leave when you feel fully re-charged and re-energised and ready to go.

Here are a few things I loved about the CROWN SPA:

My First Impressions: Started with Louise on the front reception of the shared level 3 Crown Spa & Crown Towers Melbourne main Hotel Swimming Pool entrance. Louise was so friendly and I was greeted with the happiest smile ever that she instantly made me feel so happy to be there.  Louise’s one on one Crown Spa service was amazing, she went through everything so I could make the most out of my luxury day spa experience at Crown Spa, I loved Louise’s positive energy and feel good vibe and it really made me super excited to visiting Crown Spa and to meet someone else just as passionate about Spa’s was electric.

Spa Facilities: I loved how they had a women’s only private spa inside their actual luxury day spa it was so nice being a Spa it Girl in the bubbling warm water with the jets on my back while I closed my eyes and let the whole world pass me by.  I loved walking around in my Fluffy Spa Robe with my Slippers on and relaxing drinking a nice cup of tea in their relaxation lounge area.

Spa Treatment: I had the Blissful Marma Massage which was for relaxation and it helps to relieve stress and tension. It is a combination of therapeutic techniques and different levels of  pressure are used, whilst mama therapy and chakra balance align vital energy centres. The 90 minute spa treatment also includes a Subtle Energies signature facial mama massage with potent aromatic actives designed to balance the emotions, release stress and reduce anxiety.  It left me feeling so relaxed that at the end of this spa treatment I didn’t want to get off the spa bed I loved it.

Spa Therapist: Sally was totally SPA IT GIRL AMAZING. I loved her bubbly, friendly personality it actually made me feel so happy to be back in Australia. Sally was on the ball and she went through everything I needed to know before my spa treatment commenced which I was actually really grateful for.  I loved how my spa treatment at Crown Spa was a really personal one on one experience. Sally made me feel so comfortable and at ease so by the time I hopped onto the spa bed I was ready to let go and surrender to whatever tension I was holding on to.

Sally was a highly skilled and trained spa therapist her years of experience and natural ability was felt and everything she did flowed effortlessly, spa treatment was so relaxing I loved it.  At the end of my spa treatment I felt so relaxed, re-energised, when I checked in with how I felt on arrival to now it was worlds apart and I felt like a million bucks.

At the end of CROWN SPA treatment all I could say was, WOW Sally that was Amazing, you are Amazing you have the magic touch, you are so experienced and everything was perfect, thank you. I seriously couldn’t thank her enough for making me feel so great and relaxed from within.   After my spa treatment I felt totally reconnected and whole again.

Hotel Accommodation: I loved the luxury interior design, my room was so spacious and it had so much warmth and it was cosy.  I loved the Melbourne City and the Yarra River views from my room.  The location of the hotel is amazing because it’s right on the doorsteps of Melbourne’s Best Dining, Entertainment, Casino, Shopping Crown Precinct. The hotel also has a lovely Waiting List lobby bar, along with fine dining choices and in my hotel room I had a bath with a TV. The Crown Spa is also located on Level 3 plus they have a lovely hotel swimming pool and gym.  Anything you want to do whilst in Melbourne can be made possible simply by asking one of the Crown Towers Melbourne Team. I got to spend some time in their Private Crystal Club and that was absolutely wonderful a luxury spa hotel must. I have to say the Crown Towers Melbourne it’s one very impressive Luxury Australian Spa Hotel, one of the best in Melbourne and I would go back again and stay there in a heartbeat because I loved it so much.

Spa it Girl Getaway List 2017:  It’s official Crown Spa at Crown Towers Melbourne ticked all the Spa it Girl Boxes and have now made it onto the Spa it Girl Getaway List 2017.  A very big congratulations to the Crown Spa Team because it takes each and everyone of them to make such a Spa Industry Recognition and Award happen.

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