How to Become Grounded – Spa it girl

image credit: Free People

Feeling Stressed and Overwhelmed? Then it is time to Get Grounded.

Roll out your yoga mat and place it on the solid ground, walk to the top of your mat bare foot, plant your feet firmly on the ground and connect all your toes and soles of your feet on your mat in a standing posture with your feet slight apart  or hip distance apart, choose what feels right for you.

Imagine your feet are being rooted down to mother earth like the roots of a big old tree then focus your attention inwards and onto to your breath close your eyes and repeat the Mantra: I am Grounded. I am Strong. I am Safe.

When feel grounded you can open up your eyes and take up foot up to the inside of your leg or thigh and practice a balancing tree pose, you might find that you start to sway a little side to side so just move with your breath and sway like the branches of a big old tree keep you standing foot firmly on the ground then take your hands out to the side with your palms up and then you can put your fingers into a mudra position, or you take your hands into a pray position and bring it then into your heart centre (heart chakra) so you can feel your heart beating for you.  Take a Moment to Check in with yourself and feel grounded if you fall out of the tree pose that’s ok come back to your breath and start over again.

Another way to feel grounded is by kicking off your shoes, going bare foot and touching the ground (grass, sand or soil)  it will change the bodies’ charge, essentially by conducting these ions and it will help with releasing any stress and re-energising your weary soul.

Have you wondered why you feel so good sitting when your sitting on the ground with your feet in the grass or on the beach in the sand it’s simply because you are tapping into the energy of mother earth and yes of course the universe.

Others ways to become grounded is by sitting at the base of a tree, which will allow you to connect to the roots of the tree and mother earth it will bring a sense of stability, strength and make you feel grounded again.

What do you do though if you stuck in the office and in need of a mini re-charge and grounding break? simply kick off your shoes and go bare foot, plant your feet on the ground and make time to connect to your breath and feel grounded again it’s amazing how connecting to the floor beneath you it can bring a sense of calm and stability and even without your yoga mat if you imagine being rooted down into Mother Earth, no matter what life throws at you (or your boss) you will be able to stay grounded and work your way through anything.

Love from Australia
Yvette xoxo