Spa it Girl #GIRLBOSS Tips: How To Stay On Top of Things

Ok I must confess there are times when I need to learn to say NO more often but by nature I want to help everyone out and be part of so many amazing things this world has to offer.

But what do you do when you feel like you have to much on your plate and you are unsure how you are going to fit it all in?

You create space within and you take your inner thoughts and you put pen to paper the good old fashion way and literally spell it out – what you need to do, when, why and how.

Here are some handy Spa it Girl #GIRLBOSS tips on How to Stay on Top of Things:

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you have an endless to-do list running through your head. Writing everything down from your personal life, work, business, you name it will help to take all of those thoughts from out of your head and when you put your pen to paper and list it all down it helps with clearing your mind off all of those overwhelming thoughts.

Now that you have a To-Do List go through it and work out what is the most important thing from the whole list and focus your attention on doing that. Work out what are your top 3 things that you need to focus your attention on instead of looking at the whole list thinking you have to do it all, this will help create space within so you don’t feel so overwhelmed by how big your to-do list really is.

Now that you know what is priority is from your To-Do List break down the steps of what you need to do in order to make it happen. Create a To-Do action list and make it clear on what you need to do and by when.  Work to this list in order to make things happen and every time you knock off a tasks give your To-Do action list a great big ticket and smile.

If you have tasks that have a deadline set a reminder in your calendar, diary or phone.  Set up a reminder a couple of days to go off prior to your deadline as this will give you enough time to follow up on any last minute things. Also set your reminder for the actual day of the deadline. Life is so busy however by setting your deadline reminders you won’t have to worry about missing any deadlines or having to do things last minute and feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

When you are truly passionate about something it can be easy to want to work your butt off even at night.  Spa it Girl is Global so I can find myself having to catch up with people at all different times of the day and night, along within having to cram lots of work in with Spa it Girl totally going off and growing so fast that with social media being a 24/7 thing even I have to remind myself constantly how important getting 8 hours of sleep is. Your brain functions at is best when it has proper rest.

When you haven’t had enough sleep from working way to late at night you can wake up the next day and feel lethagric which is makes it even harder to get through your to-do list, plus to focus, remember things and be creative.  Sleep is key.

Make time also to exercise no matter what, I find when I exercise first thing in the morning it makes me feel so inspired and energised within and it sets the vibe for the rest of my day. Be Kind to yourself and take a break when you need to and get some fresh air, do your best to eat as much healthy food to nourish you, listen to beautiful soothing music, focus on your breath.  I literally work with a Yoga Mat rolled out and not far from me so when I want to have a break you can find me doing a few yoga energising stretches or a guided meditation, find away to nurture yourself daily even when you are super busy, you will feel better for it.

Don’t ever feel embarrassed or ashamed to ask for help – life is so busy and somedays you can feel like there isn’t enough time for everyone else let alone yourself.  It’s ok when you feel like things are getting on top of you to reach out and to ask someone else for help.

Quite often talking to a friend who isn’t caught up in your own massive to-do list can guide you in the right direction and give you that extra support you might need.   There have been times when I have reached out and spoken to another #GIRLBOSS who has said one simple thing that has made me re-think my to-do list and the way I feel.  Surround yourself with beautiful, positive, feel good people and always ask for help when you need it.

Have a Beautiful Day
Yvette xoxo