Spa it Girl Approved: Subtle Energies: Pure Rose Hydrosol

Hello Beautiful – Spa it Girl
Happy Friday – I hope all is well in your World?
I wanted to share with you one of the products, I have introduced into my Yoga Practice that made me feel so good: it’s Subtle Energies: Pure Rose Hydrosol a beautiful delicate floral aroma of the Indian Rose Hydrofoil that comfort your senses and energising the heart chakra – it’s so uplifting and refreshing indeed. 
I spritz the Sublte Energies: Pure Rose Hydrosol on my face (eyes closed of course) at the beginning of my Yoga Practice to become totally present and centred, then I spritz it on my face throughout my yoga practice when I need to cool off a little bit and hydrate my skin this product is perfect for normal, dry to mature skin.
It’s alcohol-free Pure Indian Rose Hydrosol free from preservatives, the Rose in Ayurveda is a gentle ‘Ramayana’, or rejuvenator.  Subtle Energies creates aromatherapy, natural skincare and wellness solutions founded on authentic Ayurveda principles and all of the products are made in Australia. 
Ayurveda Aromatherapy can assist with your yoga practices, asanas and create balance for body, mind and spirit.  Whilst I am at this stage only personally using the Sublte Energies: Pure Rose Hydrol during my Yoga Practice they do have other Yoga Specific products you can personally introduce.

Ayurveda & Yoga together as they go hand in hand so if you want to enhance your own yoga practice and feel more relaxed, hydrated, uplifted and spiritually present than you have to try this  (depending on your skin type) and tell me what you think.


What I have discovered from practicing Yoga regularly is that everything flows on to my everyday life so naturally I am now using Sublte Energies: Pure Rose Hydrosol to spritz on my face whenever I feel my skin needs a little bit more hydration especially because I work in an Air-Conditioned environment, but I love it because it’s Beautiful Instant pick up.

I am so happy to also share that this product: Sublte Energies: Pure Rose Hydrosol is now tried, tested and Spa it Girl Approved.

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Have a Beautiful Day – Namaste.
Love From Australia
Yvette xoxo