6 Meditation Apps – To Find Your Inner Peace

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Wish you were laying on a beach listening to the waves of the ocean and relaxing?

Listening to the sounds of the ocean is one of the most popular on-line guided meditation sounds and there is a very good reason why because research now shows that meditating regularly is even more effective than going on a holiday.

When you go on a holiday it lowers your stress, makes you feel more at ease and relaxed, happy and healthy within but unfortunately when you get back to your normal routine and work again all of those holiday benefits are quickly gone and it feels like you never had a holiday again.

However when you meditate regularly you experience the same wellness benefits of going on a holiday but daily instead of once or a couple of times a year and it helps to lower your stress and makes you feel more relaxed and at peace within and it makes you feel happy healthy and more calm within.

If you want to feel like you are going on a relaxing holiday every single day then here are six apps to help get your Meditation practice started:

Hold the caffeine ☕️ Nothing is more energizing than a few deep breaths.

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Headspace will teach you the basics of mediations be open to setting aside 10 minutes for yourself and choose to go on a mini Headspace break.  It is “gym for your mind,” a place you can go to get your fix of meditation fitness. The app itself is free to download and features a 10-day program that reportedly teaches you the basics of meditation. But if you subscribe you have to pay so keep that in mind.

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Calm will help you relax and learn the life-changing skill of mindfulness meditation you can do full body scans and choose your settings from listening to the ocean, to a crackling open fire, to the thundering rain, or beautiful tranquil rainforest.  If you want more than the free offerings like all good apps there is a cost.

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Omvana is meditation app available through i-tunes it offers so many different kinds of guided meditations that the chances are if you think of something you want to meditate for or on it will have a guided meditation for it.

Insight Timer
Insight Timer shares some of the World’s most awakened souls and spiritual teachers like Eckhart Tolle who is well know for his self help book of: The Power of Now and The New Earth.  If it’s been a long time since you sat in silence then this meditation app is perfect for you because you can set your timer and sit in complete silence and then when your time is up you will hear the sound of an authentic Tibetan singing bowl.

You may not always like your choices, but there is a choice. @deepakchopra

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Deepak Chopra one of the World’s Top Spiritual Teachers brings a sense of well being through this downloadable app and site which shares guided meditations and advice from other experts.

The Mindfulness App
The Mindfulness App, lets you create your own guided meditations—customising how long and what type you want to do that day.  Busy day don’t sweat it even if you only meditate for one whole minute is better than not meditating at all.  Start small and go for it.