I was a Spa it Girl at AIRE Ancient Baths in NYC

Erica Dunn, Spa it Girl NYC contributor had a Thermal Bath with Aromatherapy at AIRE Ancient Baths in New York City and gives us the low down on what it was really like. 

Spa Treatment I had: Thermal Bath with Aromatherapy at AIRE Ancient Baths in New York.

What was it really like on arrival? Upon my arrival, I had to sign a waiver and then they gave me the keys to my locker shortly after and explained that I had two hours to spend at the bathhouse.

When you go in, there will be a staff to assist you if it’s your first time. The locker room was simple and clean with robes, slippers and every amenity under the sun. I loved all the l’occitane products everywhere.

Walking down the stairs to the baths, I was very excited to see that it was very spacious and I love how dark and private it is. I felt like I was no longer in New York City. It really put me into a relaxing mood.

I was greeted by a staff member to walk me down the candlelit staircase and explain each of the 5 pools (salt, jet, hot, normal, cold), steam room, heated marble lounge area with tea & water, and 2 showers).

What about the Pools? At first, I hopped back and forth between the whirlpool, which was 97 degrees and the float pool. The float pool was definitely one of my favorite pools and they had a big bowl of salt which you can add to the pool and on your skin.

This pool was probably the most crowded. I spent a majority of my time here because I was just in complete serenity and thought it was such a cool experience.

Next up was the 103 degree pool followed by a quick cold plunge. I absolutely loved the hot bath since it was incredibly relaxing and very quiet. I only stayed in for about 5-10 minutes then would jump in the small cold plunge pool and then jump right back into the hot bath.

After I went into the steam room, which was amazing. Little eucalyptus drops of hot water would fall from the ceiling and it was just so soothing. I also loved that it’s located in middle of the bath house with glass doors.

How did your Spa it Girl time at AIRE Ancient Baths make you feel? I felt incredible, very well rested and refreshed. After two hours of the baths and a shower, I felt like my muscles were so relaxed and my skin was so soft from exfoliating in the salt in the float pool. I can’t believe it took me so long to discover this place.

What makes this bathhouse different to others in NYC? The variety of pools is what makes the Aire Ancient Baths unique to other bathhouses in the city. It was such a lovely and quiet experience. The other thing that makes this place so special is the customer service. Someone was able to assist and answer any questions along the way. The two hours flew by and I enjoyed every minute if it.

What was the vibe really like inside? The vibe is totally serenity. When you walk into the lobby, you realize how spacious it is. It’s very light, bright and airy in the lobby and then when you walk through the locker rooms and down to the spa, it’s dimly light and very tranquil.

Where is AIRE Ancient Baths located? In Tribeca, my favourite neighborhood in Manhattan and extremely convenient. It’s on a fairly quiet block that feels secluded. It’s exact location is: 88, Franklin Street, TriBeCa, New York – NY 10013

Would you recommend AIRE Ancient Baths in New York to other Spa it Girls? I would absolutely recommend for anyone who is looking to restore and get away from their busy New York life for a few hours. It just a short time, I felt like I was transported.

Will you be back? Definitely! It was such a lovely and easy afternoon. This will absolutely become part of my self care routine. I definitely plan on taking my husband back with me next time I visit! This place is a real gem in Tribeca.

*Spa it Girl Review by: Erica Dunn, Spa it Girl NYC contributor

AIRE Ancient Baths:  www.ancientbathsny.com