meet: Amanda Kloots, Founder of The Rope NYC

Spa it Girl Exclusive Interview with Amanda Kloots, founder of The Rope NYC  a former Rocket, broadway dancer and head trainer at Bodies By Simone, who has developed a new cross training/dance hybrid class called The Rope (taught at Bandier’s studio in NYC) and there is nothing like it out there.

Amanda Kloots, The Rope NYC has been named NYC’s Coolest Studio and her Rope Class is the Fitness Trend of 2017 and Spa it Girl believe it’s one Fitness Trend here to stay because let’s face it what girl doesn’t want to skip, dance, smile and have fun.

Spa it Girl Exclusive Q&A with Amanda Kloots, Founder of The Rope NYC

What Inspired you to create The Rope NYC class? I have always loved jumping rope and when I learned that it burns more calories than running and swimming, I really started getting into doing it more! I was with a private client and as she was jumping thought to myself, “what if we never put this down but worked our whole body?” After the session we were both exhausted and I knew that I had to create a class using the jump rope in ways people never imagined.

What do you love most about being the Founder of The Rope NYC? I love owning my own business! It is something that I created that a class that I keep expanding on! It’s thrilling to see it grow.

You looking amazing can we ask how many classes you teach or for how many hours you work out for a week? Thank you! It ranges each week but a typical day is an 8am start and and 8pm finish. I train usually 6-8 private clients a day and teach at my classes at Studio B 4 times a week.

Do you think it’s ok to listen to your body and when you need to have a rest day have a rest day? YES! I take one day off a week and do nothing.

Do you have any tips on preventing injuries as a Fitness Professional? Oh yes! I get intense sports massages that are very painful! I love acupuncture as well! It is extremely important for me to take care of body.

What can someone expect when turning up to do a The Rope NYC Class? They should expect an interval based class where you will jump and tone your entire body.

Is it ok to turn up to your class even if the last time you used a skipping rope was as a kid? Absolutely!! I created the class so that it can be challenging for beginning or advanced jumpers!!! I LOVE teaching people how to jump, skip, and smile! If you are a beginner just know that you will see yourself grow each time you come. The Rope is a class that you get better at! You learn to use your body to it’s fullest potential.

See you all tomorrow Wonder Women! Classes are SOLD OUT!!! #therope #thedance #akfit #amandak #jumpskipsmile

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We see by looking at your Instagram Page you love Wonder Women can you share why? I love what Wonder Woman stands for; strength, speed, agility, divine wisdom, beauty, and super stamina. She is an example of a strong woman! She also carries a lasso of truth and I carry my rope! Her lasso forces people to tell the truth and in my classes I always encourage my clients to never cheat in a workout so we use the rope as a line of honesty.

As a #GIRLBOSS how do you stay on top of everything ? I never stop working! Between each session I am answering emails on the subway to my next client. When I get home at night I am working until I am asleep. My fiancé can attest to how much time I spend on my phone or computer, haha! I know that I have to work hard because if I don’t my business doesn’t survive!

What’s your Favourite Activewear to wear when teaching The Rope? I am so lucky to work at Studio B and have the best store to by activewear below me, Bandier. I love everything they sell but I am star obsessed so my Ultacor Active star sets are my favourite.

SOLD OUT Sunday Funday @studiob_nyc // You were all Wonder Women today!! #therope #thedance #amandak

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What’s a typical day on a plate look like for you? I eat Sakara, a plant based 100% organic food delivery system. It keeps me eating all the foods I need to keep my energy up. I have been eating Sakara for over 2 years. My go to snack is either a Kind Bar or almond butter and a banana. I also love the energy bites at Liquiteria.

What do you drink first thing in the morning when you wake up? I start every morning with an E-mergency Super Orange packet and water. Then head right to my cup of coffee.

How do you like to stay healthy and well? Exercise and eating well. It’s a balance but I feel my best right after I teach a class and have a healthy meal.

You have Amazing Glowing Skin, what’s your skincare tips? Yes! Thank you! I love Beauty Rx products and their peel bar, skin laundry for laser facials in 15 minutes, and the OLLY vitamins called Vibrant Skin.

When your not working out? What else do you like to do in NYC? I love going out to eat, trying all the fun restaurants in NYC. I also love seeing Broadway shows and anytime ABT is performing at The Met.

Do you have any cool juice bars or NYC Wellness hot spots near your NYC Studio that we should know about or try out? I love Liquiteria and Juice Press right by Bandier. Both are great for smoothies, shots, healthy meals, etc.

Yvette Le Blowitz, Founder of Spa it Girl believes exercise should be fun and make you feel good in a supportive energetic environment do you tend to agree? ABSOLUTELY! I believe that if you find an exercise that makes you smile you will change your life to do it and in return start living a healthier lifestyle.

What is something we wouldn’t know about you by just looking at you? I started my business because I was in my 30s going through a divorce and my Broadway show just closed. I was at a low point needing something for myself that I could count on. So I decided to be brave and start something! It took a little time, a lot of dedication and help but it is becoming more and more rewarding by the day! For any woman going through a major life change and needing something in your life, I hear you! You have to crumble to rebuild! But in rebuilding you become stronger than you ever thought you could be! A true Wonder Woman!

How do you keep the Balance between working hard as a #GIRLBOSS and then taking time out for yourself? I am still trying to find that balance haha. I could use more time for myself, haha!

What’s are a couple of things in you’re (gym) The Rope NYC studio bag you couldn’t live without? Well I always carry my jump rope, my Bose mini speaker, a Kind Bar, my Sakara Beauty Water, and Caudalie grape water mist!

What’s on your play list? I love Spotify and use it to build all my playlists. It is a little bit of everything: Beyonce, Coldplay, Drake, Chance the Rapper, Bruno Mars, Britney, Justin Timberlake…the Top 40!

We hear you have trained some Celebrities are you allowed to say who? Check out my instagram!

Does your Family and friends like to Jump Rope at your NYC Studio also? Yes they do! I have two sisters that live in the city so they come a lot and my fiancé loves to come to class even after his grueling Broadway show schedule!

Will you make time to go on a Holiday this year? Even now that your studio has been named as one of NYC’s Coolest Studios, and your class is the Fitness Trend of 2017 in NYC? I am honored to be hosting retreats this summer at the One & Only resort in the Bahamas so you can find me there once a month through August! Check it out! But, yes my fiancé and I are going to go on vacation in July!

Can you tell us some NYC Spa’s you love? I really love the Caudalie spa and the Sisley spa. I also love Aire Ancient Baths!

What do you want to be doing more of in 2017? I would love to film more fitness videos so people all over the world can jump, skip, and smile with me!

What’s your Go-To Mantra? Think positive!

Do you believe what you put out is what you get back? Yes! Absolutely!

How can we stay in touch with you? Follow me on instagram @amandakloots or @theropenyc and my Facebook page AmandaK