Personalise your own Wellness Journey with Caravan

Thanks to Caravan you can personalize your own Wellness Journey with the help of their Wellness Team.

You decide where and how often you meet with your teachers and your personal Wellness Team who will hold you accountable to your plan by suggesting new practices and teachers for you.

Grounded in science, the Caravan practice is physical, mental and spiritual. They have built practices and methods with the understanding of the positive impacts that they will have on your brain and on your body — incorporating all 5 senses, plus the 6th sense — human connection.

Spa it Girl caught up exclusively with Caravan to find out more about their wellness services and how to personalise your own wellness journey with them too:

Can you tell us what Caravan really is? Caravan is a private, personalized health and wellness company that offers all of the different services that you need to create complete physical, mental, and spiritual well-being in your life.

How was Caravan created? Caravan started as a tribe of teachers and healers. Sharing their skills with each other and the celebrities and influential New Yorkers who sought them out. As demand grew through word-of-mouth recounts of transformational sessions, they knew it was time to bring their work to the greater population; to expand their caravan and bring more wellness to the world.

How do you use Caravan? It’s easy! You can either pick the practice that you’d like to begin with, or you can speak with someone on our Wellness Team, who can help you figure out where to start. From there, you purchase credits and get matched with a teacher or healer. You set the session times, the frequency, and decide if you want to add other practices. That’s it!

What can you find on it? Caravan has 6 different practices: massage, personal training, yoga, meditation, alternative healing, and nutrition coaching. Some of these break down further — for example, personal training encompases pilates, personal training, and stretching & recovery. We offer something for everyone, every goal, and every level of experience.

What makes Caravan different? There are so many different reasons to use a personal session — getting individualized attention that you can’t get in a bigger group class, reducing your risk of injury, achieving your goals faster, and experiencing the benefits that come from developing a personal relationship. Another benefit? Because we offer 6 practices, when you’re ready to expand your personal practice, it’s easy to add in something else or try something new, knowing that you’re in good hands.

What do you love most about Caravan? We give you access to really interesting sessions and different types of wellness modalities that maybe you have heard of and never tried before — like reiki or crystal healing. Each Caravan session includes a spiritual aspect to it, even personal training. The sessions are fun and personalized to you. So you achieve better results faster.

How can we stay connected with you? You can find us at or via our social media: Instagram @caravanwellness, Facebook, and Twitter.

@caravanwellness, Facebook, and Twitter.

images credit: Caravan