meet: Taline Gabrielian, Founder of Hippie Lane

Image Credit: The Hippie Lane Cookbook, Murdoch Books

Taline Gabrielian, Founder of Hippie Lane is one of the World’s Top Instagram Food Bloggers who makes plant based food look so dreamy it’s out of this world.

You only have to take one look at her Instagram Account @talinegabriel and you will become totally hooked because it’s so feel good.

Taline Gabrielian is an Aussie Mum who runs her own on-line food blog called: Hippie Lane and she even has a Hippie Lane app.

This year she has gone from Food Blogger to Published Author with the release of her very first cook book called:  Hippie Lane: The Cookbook by Taline Gabrielian thanks to Murdoch Books.

Spa it Girl Loves Taline Gabrielian Founder of Hippie Lane became she of her:

Creative, Authentic Food Blogging Instagram work and her Hippie Lane Planted Based Happy Vibes, not to mention her dreamy holiday destination and her cute kids, plus she is beautiful inside and out without a doubt.

Spa it Girl believes she deserves all of the Food Blogging Recognition in the World and every bit of success that comes her way as she has word so hard and everything she does comes from the heart.

Now that you know how much Spa it Girl heart’s Taline Gabrielian – Founder of Hippie Lane.

Here is our Exclusive Spa it Girl Q&A Interview with this Amazing Aussie #GIRLBOSS Inspiration .

Hippie Lane: The Cookbook by Taline Gabrielian (Murdoch Books)

Meet Taline Gabrielian – Founder of Hippie Lane:

What’s your favourite fruit? Mango!

What Inspired you to become an Food Blogger? It sort of happened naturally. After being diagnosed with food intolerances, I began creating food using alternative ingredients and fell in love. I began to share my creations on social media and found a strong interest in my recipes. It developed from there!

Why did you choose to call your Food Blog – Hippie Lane? When I established my business 7 years ago, alternative foods were not mainstream.

People often associated it with Hippie culture – natural, from the earth, organic. The word ‘Hippie’ kept coming to mind when deciding on business names, and ‘Lane’ was like the road or path back to the nature, choosing to embrace real wholefoods in an unpretentious and approachable way.

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Do you have a Favourite Go-To Recipe from your Brand New Book or it’s to hard to choose? Hard to choose as they are all my favourites, but right now I’m craving the eggplant parmigiana. Simple delicious flavours.

Where do you like to pick up all of your fresh fruit and vegetables, the Supermarket or Local Farmers Market? Local markets for sure. The produce is so fresh and vibrant. I love buying seasonal produce and find so much inspiration after a trip to the markets.

Fruit stops with my girl 🍈🍍🍌 distracting me from all the IG drama 😿 #Bali

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You share some of the most beautiful travel destinations on your instagram page can you share with us your favourite plus tell us of any amazing Spa’s? Five elements in Bali is amazing for plant based food and a fabulous therapies. The massage is amazing and the spa treatments divine.

Holiday mode 🍹💕 #bali

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As a Busy Mum Running an on-line food blog site and with social media being 24/7, do you have to work 7 day’s a week? how do you find the balance? It’s pretty busy, there’s no denying it. It often feels like it’s a 7 day job and some weeks it is.

I try to manage my load with efficient to-do lists which really are essential to keep things flowing neatly. I’m also under management now and have a PR also – this has helped free me up to concentrate on recipes and creations as they deal with the day to day collaboration and partnership communications.

Having a support network is crucial to when you’re a working mum. My husband is really helpful and steps in when in need him, particularly with the kids duties. My mum is also really handy with pick ups and drop offs when I’ve got a shoot or event.

Now that your first Hippie Lane Cookbook is launched can we expect another one? Hopefully! I’d love to do a kids cookbook, with easy and delicious healthy recipes for children including lunchbox inspiration.

You are always wearing amazing fashion on your Instagram Page do you have a favourite go-to brand? that we should know about? I love Tigerlily and Zimmermann. I can always rely on them.

What Makes You Happy? Food, family and travel.

Weekend vibes ⚡️ Have a great one x #hippielane

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So Many Aussies Leave Australia to Live in the States, will you be doing the same now that Hippie Lane is so big? I’ll be staying in Australia. My husbands business is based here. Having children at school, i’d like to maintain stability for them.

I also want to stay close to my family. Besides, it’s a pretty amazing place to live, I’m happy to call Sydney home.

How can we stay in contact with you?
Instagram: @talinegabriel

Breakfast is served 🍍⭐️🍈 #hippielaneshapes

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“Taline Gabrielian is such an Inspiration when it comes to being your own authentic self and like no one else”. Yvette Le Blowitz, Founder of Spa it Girl 

A beautiful reminder that every girl should follow their dream and live their own passion and create the life they truly want”  Yvette Le Blowitz, Founder of Spa it Girl 

“I love her work to bits, it makes me feel good every single time” Yvette Le Blowitz, Founder of Spa it Girl 

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Images from Hippie Lane: The Cookbook by Taline Gabrielian (Murdoch Books)