Spa it Girl Q&A with Aimee Marks, Founder of TOM Organic

image credit: Bianca Virtue Photography

Spa it Girl loves TOM Organic an Australian, female-owned business, started in 2009 by our Founder Aimee Marks that offers a range of certified organic tampons and pads developed by women, for women and are available Australia-wide.

TOM Organic an Australian owned business who exists because of the local community we exist in. There is a passionate team of women behind the brand who care about the good work that we do. TOM is a no-compromise brand for the betterment of women’s health.

TOM Organic is a product that is always in Yvette Le Blowitz’s, founder of Spa it Girl handbag and it’s one product she never leaves home without so with that in mind it is only natural that anything Yvette Le Blowitz personally loves she wants you to know about.

image credit: Bianca Virtue Photography

Here is our Exclusive Spa it Girl Q&A with Aimee Markets, Founder of TOM Organic especially for you:

What inspired TOM to start? I actually came up with the idea when I was at high school, I’ve always been interested in design and it started out as a purely functional design project – how do I solve the problem of tampons falling out in my handbag?

But it quickly evolved into something far deeper as I discovered the synthetic ingredients used in traditional tampons; I realised there was a direct correlation between the ingredients in tampons and their effect on our bodies and environment.

Health, environment and design became the epicentre of the TOM Organic vision I was horrified by what was in my tampons (polypropylene, viscose rayon, bleach, dye) and I knew I had to find an alternative as a responsibility for the women in my community!

What does “TOM” stand for? “Time Of Month”. But we are so much more than that now! We launched our maternity range in 2014 and more products are in the pipeline (we also just launched a baby range, Tooshies by TOM which we are very excited about!). So the name TOM stayed because we are still very connected to it and it reflects the loyalty our customers have given, to get us to where we are today.

image credit: Bianca Virtue Photography

How important is community to TOM organic? It is the community of women who helped to build TOM organic with us (every single unit sale in stores is a building block in a business and truly helps to sustain our mission).

When women bring TOM into their homes it’s a reminder of the collective impact we can ALL have as a result of shopping more consciously especially via the incrementally purchases we make each week.

I’m proud to be part of collective of certified B Corporations in the world who are committed to measuring success against non-financial metrics (those that positively influence health, community, environment). This unique group of companies competes to be the best for the world, not the best in the world.

Tell us about your work/life balance/juggle? I don’t believe the word balance exists in my universe, I have always been an extremist at whatever I have committed myself to and have had to re-navigate what that means since having twins two years ago.

One learning for me is that the first things to go when you get really busy are the last that should go; for me, that is exercise Pilates at Universal Practice, time with friends / family, creative inspiration for business (podcasts, pinterest, mentors, networking with other business leaders).

Can you share some favourite moments from your business journey so far? Getting the call from Woolworths to say our range had finally been accepted was a pretty exciting day.

The impact that sat on the other side of those 800 stores was exciting, I felt like I had reached a goal that seemed a long way away for a long time – women in Australia could now access TOM Organic everywhere.

They knocked me back multiple times before finally saying yes, and everyone told me I wouldn’t get a second chance to meet with them. Together with Coles, it is now one of our strongest and proudest retailer relationships. Even though we are a small business, they have provided us with lots of support to provide accessibility to Australian women.

image credit: Bianca Virtue Photography

What is your Favourite Spa? Little Company in Cremorne is the best. The most beautiful little sanctuary only using organic and natural ingredients.

What about your Favourite Holiday Destination? Puglia in Italy. Byron Bay for an interstate getaway with my little tribe.

How you keep Healthy & Happy? Chasing my twin girls around our family farm down in the coast. Surrounded by beautiful proteas and Australian natives.

Any words of advice for keeping the Balance when starting up brand or business & becoming a #GIRLBOSS? Have a support network, so that when you question what you’re doing or have used up every little bit of courage and think that maybe theres nothing left, you have that support network to fall back on.

A few things you always love to carry in her handbag? An Ilia lip cheek colour. A TOM Organic tampon for emergencies. A pack of Tooshies by TOM baby wipes for my girls. A roll on essential Clary Calm oil.

What’s on the cards for the rest of 2017? Continuing to build on our work team culture. An exciting rebrand launch in July for our TOM Organic range.

How can we stay in touch with TOM Organic?
instagram: @tomorganic
facebook: tomorganic


Images Credit: Bianca Virtue Photography
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