5 Beauty Treatments You Can Make In Your Kitchen

We believe if it’s good enough to eat then it’s good enough to pop on your skin.

Thanks to our Spa it Girl Contributor Kate Horodyski we have 5 Beauty Treatments You Can Make In Your Kitchen so here goes:

I have been a lover of natural beauty treatments since I was 11 years old. The fact that simple, natural items in my kitchen could replace the chemical filled products on my shelves has always fascinated me, and today the majority of my beauty and body treatments are DIY.

When it comes to natural beauty, my philosophy is always “the simpler the better.” Natural products are so beautifying and effective on their own that you don’t need to mix a whole list of things together.

The following treatments use just one or two ingredients and will leave you refreshed and glowing.


Pineapple Exfoliator

Normally when we think of exfoliation, we think of a product that is abrahsive, like my sugar scrub below. But another great way to remove dead skin cells and build up is to use naturally occurring enzymes, which smooth out your skin by breaking down build up, rather than scrubbing it away. All fruits contain enzymes that can brighten dull skin, but pineapplyeis my favourite option because it contains an enzyme called bromelain, which is especially effective.

All you have to do is rub a piece of fresh (not canned!) pineapple over your skin and letting sit for 10 minutes. Rinse off and you are good to go!

Honey Face (and Hair) Masque

Honey is full of nutrients and enzymes that are amazing for your skin and hair.- just make sure to use raw honey, which still has these beneficial properties intact (nutrients and enzymes are killed when the honey is heated/pasteurized).

For a face masque, apply to your skin and let sit for 20 minutes. For an added boost, mix in 1-2 teaspoons of a superfood powder like cacao, spirulina, or acai.

For a hair masque, dampen hair slightly and then apply the honey and let sit for at least an hour. When used over time, this can lighten your hair slightly, so if you have darker hair, swap honey for blackstrap molasses. Just like honey, it’s full of nutrients and hair beautifying properties, but i will add a richness to your colour rather than lightening it.

Lemon Hand Rejuvenator

This is my favourite hand treatment- it makes your skin incredibly soft! After juicing a lemon, take the inside of the peel and spend a few minutes rubbing it all over your hands, concentrating on tougher areas like your wrist and knuckles and around your cuticles. Rinse off and marvel at how amazing your hands feel!

Note: I don’t recommend this on very dry or chapped hands because the lemon will sting.

Sugar Body Scrub

Mix together 3 parts sugar of your choice (white, brown, coconut, etc.) with 1 part oil of your choice (coconut, olive, etc.) to make a simple and effective body, face, and lip scrub.

For your body, you can amp up the exfoliation by applying this scrub with an exfoliating mitt. For your face and lips, apply gently with your fingertips. The skin on your face and lips is much more delicate than on your body, so you don’t want to scrub too hard.

Cucumber Eye Soother

With all of the screen time we clock these days, it’s not wonder that so many of us deal with dry, tired eyes. I find instant relief by applying cold cucumber slices over my eyes and lying back for 10 minutes. This is the classic spa look, but it’s a classic for a reason! My eyes feel soo refreshed after doing this.

If you have with dry tired eyes, I also recommend looking up eye exercises, which are amazing for helping to relieve and protect your eyes from any damage caused by spending too much time looking at a screen.

These are just a few of my favourite DIY treatments! I hope you enjoy them and have fun researching and creating your own.

Words By: Spa it Girl Contributor Kate Horodyski


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Photo Credit: Kate Horodyski & Pinterest