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BRITTA BEAUTY in the Heart of Soho at Space by Mama Medicine and it’s the Ultimate Place to Get a Facial at and Be a Spa it Girl. 

I visited the queen of holistic skincare this past weekend and it was the best facial of my life. Hands down, no comparison. It’s a few days now and my skin still feels and looks amazing.

Ok, let me start from the beginning, Britta Beauty is located in the heart of Soho at Spa By Mama Medicine.

Space By Mama Medicine is a collective is designed to support nourishment of spiritual development in a clean, safe and inspiring environment. When you walk in, the space is stunning. It’s sun filled with lots of white, pinks and soft colors.

The shelves are packed with best plant based products you can imagine. I took a seat and anxiously waited to meet founder/owner, Britta Plug.

Britta’s approach to skincare focuses on natural methods like targeted face lifting massage, lymphatic drainage and facial gua sha. Britta works the internal systems through pressure point massage and detoxifying drainage work.

Britta is incredibly warm, down to earth and honest about skincare. We chatted before I laid down on the table just to chat about what was going on with my skin. Britta is a wealth of knowledge and addressed all of my skincare concerns so we were ready to begin.

During the beginning of my facial, Britta talked me through all the incredible work she was doing on my face and explaining each step and product she was using. She used pressure point stimulation to release heat, congestions and stimulate the flow of qi in the skin.

She also used a jade gua sha (basically a giant piece of jade) to massage and break down internal tissue.

Another technique that Britta used was an Ayurvedic face lifting massage which was so incredibly relaxing. I actually at some point during my facial fell asleep. I was so completed chilled out not to mention I was laying on a heated bio mat which felt awesome.

The bio mat has infrared light as well as other healing powers as well. From start to finish, my facial felt like a total healing experience and much more than just a facial. This is definitely not your average spa facial – no steam and no extractions.

Instead the focus is on optimal functioning – circulation of blood, lymph and skin which is especially necessarily for my stressed out New York City skin.

What I especially loved during my facial is all of the amazing products that Britta used. I loved listening to her talk about all the incredible plant based ingredients and the various herbalists that she works with to make these blends specifically for her practice.

Britta works with Laurel Whole Plant Organics which is a flower and herb based facial care line. Laurel sources from bio-dynamic farms and each of the products used during my session smelled amazing.

Britta offered guidance on how I can incorporate these practices and products in my daily life which was extremely helpful. There is a reason why everyone is calling the Britta the best facialist in NYC and it’s absolutely true and well deserved.

Not only does my skin, look and feel fantastic a few days later, I loved my whole experience visiting Britta Beauty, will absolutely be back and have already recommended her to a number of friends.

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Review By: Erica Joy Dunn
Spa it Girl Contributor – NYC

images: Britta Beauty + Spa it Girl
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