Total Zen in NYC – Great Jones Spa

Erica Dunn, 
Spa it Girl NYC contributor gives us the low down on Great Jones Spa:

What Spa Treatment did you have? I spent an afternoon at the water lounge at the Great Jones Spa.

After you walk off the busy streets of Manhattan what’s it really like? Total zen. You can absolutely turn off and enjoy the quiet atmosphere.

Upon my arrival, I checked in at the front desk and headed down the stairs. I had my bathing suit in hand and was ready to go. You walk straight into the locker rooms where you are greeted by staff to direct you to a locker where you find a robe, towel and sandals. The locker room is very nice with showers, blow dryers and any amenities you may need.

On the other side of the locker room, there’s a door that leads you through to the water lounge. It’s all on one floor and very easy to access. The vibe is extremely relaxing and there is a big open space with lounge chairs and magazines.

It was so nice and quiet – great spot to hang out, chill out, read a magazine and have a cup of tea. They offer tea, water and snacks as well.

What was the Sauna like? It was the highlight of my visit! I always love a good sauna but this one in particular is awesome because it is so large. It’s about 150 degrees and so incredibly relaxing. It feels great to go between the sauna and the cold plunge.

Even if there is another person in the sauna with you, you can find a little corner and spread out. It’s also the most beautiful sauna I have visited in New York City. It makes you feel like you are in a cave.

Directly across from the sauna is the steam room which smells like eucalyptus oil which is very calming. The steam room has cool color changing LCD lights which makes it definitely a unique experience.

What are the Pools like? There are two pools – the larger of the two is more like a giant hot tub. There is is also a cooling/cold plunge pool. I spent most of my time hopping between the two and then relaxing and drying off in a lounge chair.

How did spending time at Great Jones Spa make you feel? I felt very relaxed and restored after spending a few short hours there, I really was able to recharge.

What about booking in? You don’t have to book an appointment or schedule a service. You can simply show up and use the water lounge for the day.

What’s it located near? Great Jones Spa is located on Great Jones Street which is a great little block in Nolita close to tons of shopping, great restaurants and cafes.

Would you recommend it? I would absolutely recommend for anyone who want to just have a last minute spa day and unwind from a busy day or work week.

Will you be back? Absolutely! It was so easy to visit and required no planning whats so ever which is such a treat!

Review by: Erica Joy Dunn
Spa it Girl Contributor – NYC
Great Jones Spa 

photo credits: Great Jones Spa