meet: Yen & Ruth co-founders of Jewels in Harmony

Spa it Girl caught up exclusively with Yen & Ruth two Aussie Sisters and co-founders of Jewels in Harmony that offers a collection of Beautiful Crystal Jewellery on-line worldwide. 

Spa it Girl got the low down on what Crystals are, how to pick them, how to cleanse them, how to use them, how to wear them.

As well as their GIRLBOSS tips on how they stay healthy and well and spiritually connected when running a fast pace on-line global business. 

Here is our exclusive Spa it Girl Interview with Yen & Ruth, co-founders of Jewels in Harmony:

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? We are absolutely in love with the wonderful world of crystals and their healing benefits.

Jewels in Harmony was created to provide beautiful pieces of crystal jewellery that remind us of our strength, to make clear the cloudiness of our minds, and to make us shine when at times we may feel a little dim. Jewels in harmony was created to add that touch of ‘sparkle for your soul’.

We are two sisters who through life and life’s magical journies (maybe moreso challenging at the time but magical when you look back) discovered how much these crystals can help re-centre, re-balance and re-ignite the way we look and feel about life.

Call it a divorce, call it a difficult negotiation, call it a bad life choice or event – life challenges are bound to happen. They happen because they are meant for us to learn, to challenge us in order for us to grow. Life happened to us, and is still happening each day (thankfully), but how we choose to feel, to act, and to behave can be supported through these amazingly spiritual healing benefits.

Crystals have helped us so much in our life, and they continue to do so each and every day. They calm us and keep us grounded, they inspire and push us to challenge our perceived limitations,  they provide a strength and help build our confidence when we feel there is no way out. We want to share this with the world, we want to share this with you – to inspire you to step outside your comfort zone and be your truest and best version of you.

Wake up every morning feeling hopeful for a better day – a wonderful life. Be who you want to be.

We love crystals and want to share it with the world.

So in love with amethyst right now. The perfect aid to a good nights sleep #calm #lucid #jewelsinharmony#amethyst

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What Inspired you to start up Jewels in Harmony? Jewels in Harmony was created after one very stressful day for Yen. A day that would determine the fate of her marriage to her high school sweetheart, but also a day that would give her the first glimpse and insight into crystals. Life as we know it would never be the same again for her.

With two young girls aged 4 and 1 at the time, she managed to juggle a career as a Tax Manager, run the house from the bills, finances and chores and being a Mum when she came home. Very long days but all worth it when you come home to your family. The tipping point for her was when there were major problems at work, and finding out that her unemployed husband at the time was on the x-box all day instead of being useful. The realization that everything was actually on her shoulders and if she were to fall there would be no one to catch her. This made her feel uneasy and anxious, her hand started to shake uncontrollably.

Being unable to focus on work or anything else she felt useless and called her sister Ruth for help. Ruth who has been learning about crystals suggested Yen to buy an Amethyst, knowing that it is a great crystal for stress. As skeptical as Yen was about crystals she felt that she had nothing to lose. She bought an Amethyst bracelet and within an hour of wearing the bracelet her had literally stopped shaking. She was able to focus on the tasks at hand but also it allowed her to see her relationship in a different light. Somewhat clearer.

Through this experience Yen realised how imbalanced her life truly was, constantly doing everything for everyone else and not for herself. This realisation allowed her to refocus her energy, working on herself and making sure she was happy first, because if she was happy this would radiate into her life and into the world.

At Jewels in Harmony we believe that self love is such an important part of life. Because if we believe it is possible, it is possible, we are the ones that put conditions and restrictions on what we can do. Imagine if these restrictions were lifted, what kind of life would we live?

In awe by her own experiences and the empowerment she obtained Yen and Ruth believed that it was important to share this with the world – Love, Hope & Harmony what we could all have a bit more of.

Have you always been into Crystals?

Ruth – I have always had an eye for crystals, I loved the colours and admired how something so beautiful came from deep inside the earth. I never really understood or started to explore more about them until my early 20’s. I used to carry one in my pocket everywhere I went, and especially when I had to do a speech, run a seminar or do something that was a little outside my natural comfort zone. It kept me calm and grounded.

I used to think crystals were just for the “hippie” people, and I never identified myself as a typical hippie (not correct by any means, but in my mind i envisioned a hippie to be a 1970’s love not war, peacemaker.) So i created a new group of hippies – the Urban Hippie!

You could call us a “urban hippie” We love the finer things in life, strive for success but also understand that we need a balance within oursleves and always be authenitic enough to tap into our inner voices/ our inner goddess.

We enjoy a cafe late in the morning, a green smoothie at lunch and quick yoga session on a sunday afternoon to feel the balance in this very masculine society.

We engage in motivational affirmations, social networks and admire the league of extraordinary women.

We believe there is a greater purpose in the world and somehow each person has a defining purpose.

How do you pick a Crystal? So how do you know which crystal is right for you. is it Citrine, the stone of abundance, or is it amethyst the stone of balance and calm. Crystals come into your life when you need them. In fact – it isn’t you that finds the crystal, but rather the crystal chooses you. Take a few breaths, follow your intuition and if you feel a connection then congratulations – you have found your perfect match.

All crystals and gemstones vibrate on their own frequency, the same way as a human’s energy fields. You will be attracted in different ways to different stones, but above all, go with your natural instincts. Your body knows which stone to choose instinctively.

How do you cleanse a Crystals? There are many ways to energetically cleanse a crystal. My go to method would be to place them on my window sill underneath the light of a full moon. Its amazing when you look at them the next morning, they seem to just sparkle that little bit more. Now, of course the full moon can’t always be found, and that’s when I use a quartz singing bowl. I would normally place my crystals inside the bowl and then tap the bowl to allow the sound vibrations whisk away any stagnant energy.

Every piece of our jewelry we send out to our customers is first cleansed in our singing bowl and then carefully packed away with an amethyst point inside our signature gift box. This is to ensure positive and safe travels to its new home and our way of knowing that the first person to touch the piece is the new owner.

Walking through a field of #rosequartz such a calming feeling thanks for sharing the love today @crystalworldaustralia

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What’s a Great Crystal for Self Love? There are just so many crystals, and once you discover one, you start to connect to them all.

If I had to choose….there are two key crystals I turn to when it comes to Self-Love – Rose Quartz and Kunzite.

Love is an essential part of human life and Rose Quartz’s calm, nurturing energy purifies the heart of all impurities and induces a deep feeling of self-love which acts as the foundation for giving love to others. This is why we gave this lovely stone the affirmation – ‘I Love and am Loved’.  (this might be because I am typing this on a cold winters night..but…)

Surrounding yourself with rose quartz is like surrounding yourself in a room filled with 10000 count Egyptian cotton sheets, your favourite pair of warm slippers and a couple of uber cute puppies to give you unconditional kisses. It’s soft, its fun, its warm, its happy, its freeing.

People often associate to love in the romantic sense, but rose quartz looks at love holistically- relationships between lovers, family, business and most importantly relationship with self.

Too often, we are our own worst enemy – instilling self-doubt and limiting our own self-worth. This limited belief system holds many of us back from attaining what we truly deserve. Rose quartz allows us to recognize this by opening our hearts and raising our vibrations. It allows us to see and appreciate our own beauty and our own self-worth.

Now, Kunzite is also a heart stone – but I call it the heart healer.

Ever been heartbroken before? That one person you thought would be the answer to your happily ever after who then ended up being the reason you can’t trust people ever again – ever? Well this lilac beauty helps you connect your heart with your mind and heal old wounds that hold you back from trusting again.

It is a very subtle energy but helps you to recognize those things that are holding you back and allow you to move forward.

Kunzite teaches us the beauty of life and the value of joy and celebration. It brings back an openness to trust, innocence and divine love. It promotes optimism and trust, encouraging us to experience the full spectrum of life. Kunzite helps helps us to release resistance to life and allows us to push through our own fears of isolation

Key affirmation for Kunzite: My Heart is open to heal and is ready to love!

Out of your Collection do you have a Favourite Crystal or Jewellery Piece? If we had to choose one, I would have to say our bullet proof pendants. Made for the Urban Warrior, these bullet shaped pendants were designed to be gentle reminders that you are indeed bulletproof. Don’t ever let anyone or anything stand in the way of what you love and your passion and to never let anyone tear you down. There is confidence and strength built in a powerful temple – and that is you.

These currently come in 4 key crystals that resonate with us, Onyx for strength, Tiger Eye for Clarity, Rose Quartz or Love and Amethyst for Confidence.

Can you share some of the things you personally do when it comes to living a Spiritual Life? Living a Spiritual life can mean different things to different people. And sometimes its not about being a typical ‘hippie’. We would classify ourselves as the ‘urban hippie’.

To us it is finding a connection within that keeps us grounded. We have very busy lives with work, active children and schedules that can easily run our lives. But we always make time for ourselves. ‘me time’. That’s time to reflect on what has been, reset to the now and decide on the what’s next.

Our homes are filled with crystals, so it becomes our natural sanctuary as a place to meditate, create and relax.

Do you Meditate? We love our meditation, it keeps us grounded and allows us to think clearly. ☺ It’s a great way to start the day or even to finish depending on when you can squeeze it in. We don’t meditate for hours on end just 15-20 minutes at a time just enough to clear our thoughts.

Yen – I like to meditate with my girls in the mornings, we sit in a circle on a rug in the same peaceful place, we start by gonging the singing bowl to clear our thoughts and mind and I say a few positive affirmations and ask that my girls repeat it. Having two girls in primary school I feel like it’s a good time to create good habits, but also for them to realise that they are beautiful, that they are strong and that they can do anything they put their mind on.

Ruth – my version of meditation is to go for a run or a long walk and let my mind just wander off . It is amazing the inspiring visions I get when i do this. I also love sitting at home with some relaxing music and surrounding myself with Crystals. My home really is a sanctuary where i really feel most relaxed and calm.

How do you like to stay Healthy and Well? We love our fitness and love our F45 training which is a circuit style fitness training. Its fun, high impact and only takes 45 minutes of our day – but the happy endorphins you get afterwards is amazing.

Ruth – I try to eat well, and keep a balanced diet. Living in Melbourne means we get access to some of the best tasting and uber healthy brunch places (and we all love our brunches)

Yen – With a child who is anaphylactic my focus is on eating more natural, organic foods (where possible), focusing on good gut health because if you shine on the inside we shine on the outside. I’ve started to use toxin free makeup, and skincare as well as cleaning products so I am quite excited about the change.

What does Self Love mean to you? 
Self Love means accepting who you are, where you have been and where you are now. Acceptance without judgement. Self love is about making yourself number one in your life, and believing that you deserve more. Self love is having the courage to say no and will to say yes more often.

Let go of things that dont serve you. Be confident in your own skin. #amethyst #crystalhealing

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What’s one thing anyone could do to feel more love from within when it comes to using Crystals? What I love about crystal energy, is that when you are surrounded by it, you just feel it. You don’t need to tell it anything, it just does what it does best. Otherwise, just simply hold onto it, take deep breathes and on every exhale, imagine yourself letting go of all the bad energy that has been holding you back.

If you are feeling anxious, hold onto an amethyst crystal, and imagine that anxious energy travel through your body and disappearing into the crystal.

Do you believe the energy you put out is what you attract back? I am a true believer in manifesting your reality. Believe, act and create.

As the founders of Jewels in Harmony a Global on-line brand and business are there things you like to do to keep the Life, Brand, Work Balance?

  • appreciate and celebrate the achievements
  • spend quality time and enjoy the moments with our loved ones and tell the ones we love how much we love them
  • meditate to stay grounded and spark new ideas
  • exercise because you are important enough to look after
  • plan and action

What is one thing you love doing every single day?

Yen – being able to take my girls to school everyday and tell them I love them

Ruth – walking Pixie my little Maltese Shitzu every morning. She is my furbaby.

Do have any words of wisdom for other girls wanting to live their dreams and who want to start up an on-line global brand and shop? If you do what you love, you are never working a single day in your life, but rather embracing a passion.

Do what you love, let your passion shine. It will take effort, determination and maybe a few sweat and tears, but they create the moments you look back on and retell stories about.

 Enjoy the journey and never give up.

Celebrate your wins no matter how big or small knowing that each win is taking you closer to your ultimate goal!

Surround yourself with like-minded people who will lift you and you in turn them when things may not seem like they are going quite exactly to plan.

Prioritise your life, know what’s most important to you and ensure you fit time in your day for them.

Do you have any tips on when working with your family and in your case your sister how to keep the harmony?

Yen and I are like ying and yang, creative and methodical in our own individual ways. When one stresses, the other is calm and vice versa. We allocate tasks based on what we do well in. For example, Yen would work on the detail and I would work on the overall concept. Yen would source products and I would create them. What we can’t do ourselves, we agree to delegate to our teams.

I think the key to our working relationship or when we are in disagreement with a decision is to always go back to why we started Jewels in Harmony and assess whether it is in line with our true purpose. We can get overwhelmed by what everyone else is doing, but it is in identifying the why in what we do that keeps us centred and drives us to sometimes go against the grain.

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