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Spa it Girl NYC Contributor: 
Erica Joy Dunn
 visits Red Door Spa on 5th Avenue in New York City…..New York’s Most Iconic Spa in Spa History and this is what she had to say:

Red Door Spa on 5th Avenue is a New York classic and a rite of passage for all Spa it Girl’s when in New York City.

You definitely know you have arrived at The Red Door Spa when you see the iconic painted red door.

Elizabeth Arden she opened her first Red Door spa in New York City in 1910 and now there are dozens of locations nationwide.

With a Spa Menu that offers facials, nails, hairs, makeup, wax and it also offers legendary techniques of Elizabeth Arden herself.

The Red Door Spa is a true escape from the city and the staff makes you feel very welcomed upon arrival. I was greeted at the front desk and brought to the relaxation lounge to wait for my esthetician.

The lounge is very comfortable, dimly light and quiet. First up was an eyebrow wax with the incredible Maria who has been working at The Red Door Spa for 22 years!

I knew I was in for a special treat and it absolutely was an incredible experience. This is not your average eyebrow wax. Maria uses such care and precision.

She was also incredibly kind and walking me through the entire process, designing my eyebrows in an artful way. The entire service was very quick, only about 15 minutes and I left feeling like my face had an entirely new shape.

I did not have any redness and puffiness – it was truly incredible from start to finish.

Immediately after my eyebrow wax, I was swept away to get a spa pedicure and manicure. I was brought down the hall and introduced to my nail technician, Iwonna. She made sure that I was extremely comfortable offering me drinks as I sank into the chair.

She first helped me select a color and of course I was very undecided but she patiently showed me a number of beautiful seasonal colors and we selected a coral since it’s beach season!

Iwonna shared with me that I will be getting a spa pedicure and manicure using some amazing products such as the Cabernet and Neroli mineral cream and scrub. The cabernet and neroli creamy scrub is a blend of sugar and salt to exfoliate my skin and Shea butter to condition and leave my skin glowing.

The scrubs main ingredients are magnesium, iron and zinc in addition to the sugar, Shea butter and salt.

The mineral cream is a blend of natural ingredients that deeply hydrates and protects the skin which includes grape seed oil and vitamin E. Some of the ingredients that were included in the scrub and the cream that were so special were red wine grapes, neroli and great salt lake 72 trace minerals (salt). How cool!

The highlight of the spa pedicure was the paraffin treatment which wrapped my feet with a incredibly moisturizing hot blend that felt amazing! Iwonna left the treatment on my feet which she got started on my nails. By the time she was finishing painting my nails, my feet were already feeling amazing.

It was such a pleasure chatting while I was receiving my services. The staff is so warm, experienced and attentive – it was such a joy visiting The Red Door Spa and will absolutely be back.

Red Door Spa NYC:

Spa it Girl Contributor: Erica Joy Dunn
Image Credits: Red Door Spa
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