Yogis Collective a Organic, Eco-Friendly Swedish Lifestyle Brand

Spa it girl is alway on the hunt for Activewear Brands that you might have heard before and that are also using Organic, Eco-Friendly Sustainable Materials.

Yvette Le Blowitz, founder of Spa it Girl believes that: “The Emerging Global Activewear Trend is that consumers are going to be wearing Activewear that not only makes them feel good and looks good but that is also eco-friendly and great for Mother Earth and our Environment Too”.  

Yogish Collective it’s a Swedish lifestyle brand that creates stylish pieces for yoga, pilates, dance and other studio practices.

Inspired by the modern yogi, they are designing essential high performance and durability pieces. The love for perfect cuts and soft fabrics is reflected in our collections, consisting of classic lines to embrace your body and make you feel confident in your practice.  

They only work with Organic, eco-friendly and sustainable materials in small-scale productions to ensure quality and sustainability and Spa it Girl loves how they are choosing to do this so we of course had to unearth Yogish Collective and feature them on Spa it Girl.

To find out more visit: www.yogishcollective.com