5 Minute Self Love Meditation with Michelle Chalfant

Happy #SPAITGIRL Self Love Sunday 

I woke up this morning feeling great, partly because I finally made sure I went to bed at the right time the night before so I could get my 8 hours sleep.

One of my daily self love rituals before I get out of bed is to stretch and connect to my own breath. I watched the Sunrise this morning and in that present moment I felt the beaming rays of love, light and beauty and I was in gratitude awe.

I love how together we are waking up on Sunday and practicing our own version of #SPAITGIRL Self Love Sunday

I also love looking at our Spa it Girl Global Community hashtag tags #spaitgirl #iamaspaitgirl on instagram and I love seeing what you are all up to on #SPAITGIRL Self Love Sunday and every other day as it truly inspires ME!

I practiced a Beautiful 5-Minute Self Love Meditation with Michelle Chalfant this morning and it was such a #SPAITGIRL Self Love Sunday Gift so I wanted to share this self love gift with you.

I invite you to today to find a nice easy comfortable place sit up or lay down, pop on your earphones then press the play button on the video below.

This 5-minute meditation promotes relaxation, healing and self- love. It’s a wonderful meditation for emotional healing and/or physical healing or for anyone seeking greater peace in their lives.

We can sometimes put ourselves under so much pressure to be doing that we forget what it is like to simply BE and as Human Being’s we need to make time to BE.

Today I invite you tune in to what you truly need. If you Body, Mind and Soul is calling for Rest – then rest.

You know yourself better than anyone else so tune into your inner self and practice self love and self care today and every other day.

Honour your Soul and always do what is best for you – as you are the only one that lives from within.

Love, Light &
Self Love Sunday vibes

Yvette xoxo