The Hourglass Treatment at Haven Spa, NYC

Haven Spa is a sanctuary on Mercer Street in lower Manhattan tucked away, right by NYU campus that offers a selection of beauty and spa treatments on their menu.

When I first arrived, I was welcomed by the front desk staff who were lovely. I was asked to fill out a basic form asking a few questions about my skin and health.

After a few short minutes, they asked me to follow them to the locker room and showed me where I could find my locker, towel, robe and slippers. She was extremely helpful and then escorted me to the lounge.

The lounge is absolutely stunning. The lights are dimly so it’s perfect to take a seat and just relax. They had a variety of flavored waters and teas.

I had a cup of coconut water, sat for a few minutes under the dazzling chandelier and Maria, who would be performing my service arrived at the door. She brought me down the long, dark hallway to a treatment room.

We chatted for a moment and she explained that I will be receiving The Hourglass Treatment. I didn’t really know what to expect but thought that this sounds great since I have a black tie wedding in NYC to go to this wedding.

Maria was incredibly warm and made me feel very comfortable. She explained that The Hourglass treatment is great for slimming, toning, tightening and detoxifying. It is a wrap that combines plant extracts, caffeine, essential oils and algae extracts.

I was asked to take off all of my clothes while Maria applied the first layer of the treatment on my body. It was orange in color from the orange essential oils. The room was heated so I was very comfortable during the session since I wasn’t wearing any clothes.

Maria used a variety of hot and cold thermal agents said to stimulate fat burning, improve the appearance of cellulite, veracious veins and reduce stretch marks.

What’s not to like? Maria explained that most people lose a few inches after the treatment. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I went along with the flow. After applying a few of the agents, Maria wrapped me up in plastic wrap and laid under the softest blankets to rest.

I closed my eyes for a few minutes and drifted off… about 30 minutes later, Maria returned and started peeling off the plastic wrap that was stuck to my body.

My body felt tingly and warm for a few minutes. I just laid anxiously on the bed while I waited to see what was next in store for me! At that point, Maria layered another agent on my skin which smelled so delicious of menthol and eucalyptus which definitely cleared up my sinuses. Added bonus. She warned me that this is the part that would get very cold.

She wrapped me back up in blankets and then left the room to grab me a hot cup on tea. By the time she came back, I was freezing!! She was so sweet and just talked me through the whole process.

We had a nice little chat to distract my mind. She told me to hang on for about 10 minutes since this was an important part of the process and then I could head to the steam room. Maria wrapped me up in my robe and escorted me back to the locker room to which I hopped in the steam room immediately!

After I warmed up, I toweled off and put my clothes back on. I was instructed to not take a shower for 4 hours since the products were still working on my skin. My skin is feeling incredibly moisturized and definitely a bit tighter and firmer.

This was such a special treatment and absolutely unique – not your average spa treatment. I would definitely recommend trying The Hourglass before a special event or before a beach vacation.

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Haven Spa: 250 Mercer StreetNew York, NY, 10012

Review By: Erica Joy Dunn
Spa it Girl NYC contributor 

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image credits: Haven Spa