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Samantha Lippiatt is a entrepreneur, healthy lifestyle advocate and co-founder of Australia’s first dedicated wellness travel company Health and Fitness Travel, founded in the UK in 2010 arriving on Australian shores in 2014.

Samantha spends a lot of time traveling, road testing healthy holidays, researching and visiting new potential retreats and she is based in Melbourne, Australia with her Husband Ben.  She has a passion and love for Health and Fitness Travel and loves to inspire others to take time out for themselves and Travel.

Spa it Girl catches up with Samantha Lippiatt to find out her Health and Wellness #GIRLBOSS Travel Tips and Words of Wisdom

What inspired you to start Health and Fitness Travel? A dream to combine my personal interest of healthy living and travel, initially I planned to run my own retreats but soon realised there was a much larger opportunity to build a platform to assist travellers to find their ideal wellness escape.

With a background in the travel industry I was able to bring together the right skills and experience and through collaborating with the thriving business from the UK, launch Australia’s first dedicated wellness travel business.

How do you keep Healthy and Fit? I love to do high intensity workouts to deliver maximum results in a short period of time, like Tabata and HIIT and I love yoga to help stretch out but I much prefer to be active in everyday life with hiking, SUPing and currently I am learning to kiteboard.

Your Health and Fitness Travel Website has so many Destinations to choose from, what are some of your favourite:

Spa? Amanpuri and Amatara, both in Phuket, Thailand.

Wellness Retreat? COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali and Kamalaya, Koh Samui, Thailand.

Yoga Retreat? Atmantan in India, Santani Wellness Resort & Spa in Sri Lanka and Fusion Maia in Vietnam

Fitness? Aro Ha Retreat, New Zealand or Phuket Cleanse, Thailand.

What do you think is the Hot Wellness Spa Destination in 2017? Sri Lanka is re-gaining popularity, a renowned wellness destination for centuries with a significant Ayurveda influence there are now new wellness retreats and spa opening their doors as they continue to welcome a new wave of wellness focused travellers.

What are your Jet Lag Tips? Be active, get out in sunlight and keep hydrated. If possible, I recommend dropping off your bags, a quick shower and then go out for a walk to explore your surrounds or if you are lucky enough to be on a wellness retreat, see what classes are on next and go and join in. Do your best not to sleep before sunset but then feel free to get an early night.

Learn to follow before you lead #feelgoodfriday

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Do you love flying? Yes, but that wasn’t always the case. I overcome my fear by skydiving and through the use of hypnotherapy and acupuncture. Now it’s my Zen space, an opportunity to disconnect from your day to day responsibilities. Sit back, relax and enjoy the journey!

You are in control over your body's response to stress, all you need is a destination.

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As a #GIRLBOSS how do you find a balance between running a business & your personal life? It’s more of a blend and I am still working on finding the ideal balance but with the opportunity to visit retreats regularly I am reminded of the importance of self-care.

What do you always pack when travelling? In my carry on = Moisturiser, lip balm, scarf, noise cancelling head phones, eye mask and an empty water bottle.

When you travelling do you like to read a book or watch a movie?Neither, I love to indulge in all the movies I haven’t had time for in between or learn something new through documentaries, which I usually download onto my phone from Netflix before – I have just been watching What the Health. I do love to pack a book for enjoying at my destination.

S O O T H I N G 👌Relaxing foot spa at Fivelements, Bali

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Do you have words of wisdom for SOLO Travellers? Solo travel truly gives you perks that outweigh all your anxieties—being in the travel business, I’ve journeyed enough to know. There will always be the option to socialise when you feel like it, whilst discovering a new destination at your own pace. Let an expert help you if you are nervous, and a retreat is the perfect stepping stone as you’ll be surrounded by like-minded travelers with a schedule of activities set and you’ll return home feeling like you’ve had a holiday.

What’s your favourite spa? At home Aurora Spa in Melbourne, I also love COMO spas worldwide.

What’s your favourite spa treatment? I love all types of massage, but for true indulgence book me in for an Indian head massage as well.

Spa holiday is the perfect escape from the stress and fatigue #wellnesswednesday

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Drink of choice? Lemongrass & Ginger tea

Best Words of Wisdom you have ever read? Never take your health for granted.

How can we stay in contact with you? you can follow my adventures on Instagram @fitnesstravels  and connect with our Health and Fitness Travel business via Facebook and our website:

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