NYC’s Sensory Deprivation Pods At Lift Next Level Floats

Lift / Next Level Floats is a Brooklyn Spa that you can float all you cares away.

Free your Mind in a roomy float pod that resemble’s a giant egg with a clamshell lid, filled with warm water and epsom salts or choose to float in a Ocean Float Room that has a sliding door, 7-foot high starlight effect ceilings.

Floating can help to calm your nervous system, relieve stress, depression, anxiety and pains and it gives you a deep sense of relaxation and meditation so with that in mind we had to share this natural healing therapy with you.

Spa it Girl Contributor Erica Joy Dunn shares what it was like to Be a Spa it Girl at Lift / Next Level Floats in Brooklyn:

Lift Next Level Floats in a gem in Brooklyn. I had no idea what to expect since I have never experienced sensory deprivation before. Lift Next Level Floats is in Carroll Gardens, which is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

It’s a great ideas with tons of cute stores, coffee shops and restaurants to check out while you are visiting. It is very easy to find and when you arrive you ring the buzzer and walk up a flight of stairs.

When I first walked in, I checked in with the front desk and watched a video tutorial on how everything works which was incredibly detailed, explaining all the buttons in the room and how to adjust the lights and music.

The video was great because I felt like I knew exactly what I was going into. I arrived a few minutes early and sat in the lounge to relax and have some water. Lift offers different variations of floating from pods to larger suites which each have their own rooms.

I was brought to a suite which is a full room instead of one of the pods. It was extremely spacious and clean. The room had a shower inside which is incredibly convenient. I was instructed to take a shower first before getting into the pod nude.

The suite was absolutely beautiful. There were towels, shampoo, conditioner, body wash… everything I needed. I left the lights on because I loved the color glow above my head. I immediately felt so relaxed. After a quick shower, I stepped into the water. It’s so simple, you just float.

There really isn’t much to do but relax and quiet your mind. At first I was getting used to the floating sensation and getting comfortable. There is a pillow that let my neck relax and I just laid there and floated.

The water is full of epsom salts and rich in magnesium which soak into your skin. It is also at skin temperature so it’s a different experience than getting into a bath.

The epsom salt solution allows you to float so no need to do anything! Every so often I would feel my legs and they felt incredibly smooth. I could feel my muscles relaxing and started to breathe. My body felt like dead weight and at ease. It was a very restorative experience, almost meditative and my mind drifted throughout the session.

This is the perfect experience of a busy New Yorker since it’s truly a place to just quiet the mind and chill out without any disruptions. It’s a place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

After I finished my session, I slowly got out of the water, showered, changed and went to a small area to blow dry my hair and get ready for the rest of the day.

I took my time and hung out in the lounge a bit, drinking water on the couches and chatting with the owner, David and Gina. I felt completely relaxed and my skin felt amazing. It was a very unique and incredible experience.

I definitely plan to visit Lift / Next Level Floats and can’t wait to see other Spa it Girl’s too.

Review By: Erica Joy Dunn
Spa it Girl Contributor – NYC

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Image Credits: Lift / Next Level Floats