I did the 6 Week Natural Skincare Challenge by Natural Instinct

photographer:  Kyle Barney Photography

I have just completed the 6 Week Natural Skincare Challenge by Natural Instinct and here is the low down especially for you:

Natural Instinct products are formulated with the finest plant-derived ingredients, certified organic extracts and pure essential oils and free from over 400 chemical nasties.

Natural Instinct face care, body care and hair care products are free from sulphates (SLS and SLES), propylene glycol, paragons or PEGs. There are no artificial colours or fragrances, harsh detergents, silicones and mineral oils.

Natural Instinct products are all vegan friendly with the exception of their sunscreen and haircare range as they contain beeswax for water resistancy, and honey for ultra-moisturizing locks.

Natural Instinct also loves to make products that don’t cost the earth. Now that I have completed the 6 Week Natural Skincare Challenge by Natural Instinct this is what I have to share:

Thanks to Natural Instinct, I had the opportunity to be part of their 6 Week Natural Skincare Challenge in Australia, which I am totally grateful for because I had never used the products before and I had never been part of a Skincare Challenge before.

To take part in The 6 Week Natural Skincare Challenge by Natural Instinct it meant I actually had to step out of my own comfort zone, by swapping over to using only the Natural Instinct 4 Step Skincare products which is:

  • Skin Refining Cleansing Oil
  • Plump & Renew Serum
  • Rejuvenating Rosehip Oil
  • Nourishing Facial Moisturiser

After trying so many different natural skincare products over the years, I already knew one thing I could expect was some breakout especially round my chin but to be honest it wasn’t that bad and once my skin adapted it’s been good ever since.

The first step of The 6 Week Challenge is a Cleansing Oil. Cleansing Oils are super popular at the moment on the skincare scene, however in saying that I was still not using a Cleansing Oil myself as normally I tend to use a cream cleanser as I do have sensitive skin.

When I first tried the Natural Instincts Cleansing Oil, I thought to myself ok WOW this is something different, but I was really open to giving it a go and after two weeks of now using it, I actually love it as I do feel it does get all of my dirt grime, even some of my left over make up off and my skin feels really clean after using it.

When it comes to their next 3 Steps – I love all of the products and think they all work in hand in hand.

It’s so cold in Australia at the moment as it’s Winter and normally one of my skin concerns is always having dry skin, but I have not once felt like my skin is at all dry since using the Natural Instinct – which is a very big skincare discovery and win for my own skin.

Having dry skin can become really uncomfortable but this Winter I am not experiencing that. It’s quite tempting because it’s winter to have a warm shower at night and then hop straight into bed, because I took part in the 6 Week Natural Skincare Challenge I actually felt really motivated to do my skin because I knew all of the other challengers were doing it too. It was so great to have that extra support as I was taking part in a private Facebook group too.

Another thing I have personally noticed when it comes to my own skin is that my uneven skin tone is not as visible as it used to be which is so amazing for me to see. This is another area that I really wanted to work at and I was really hopeful after reading the Natural Instinct marketing of their products that I too, like other people had experienced would notice a difference in my own uneven skin tone.

Even though it’s only been a couple of weeks I already have a much more even skin tone, so I am super excited, after completing the 6 week natural skincare challenge to share my before and after photo.  The photo on the left was taken on Day 1 of the 6 week Natural Skincare Challenge by Natural Instinct and the photo on the right was taken at the first day of Week 6.

I definitely feel like my skin on the right hand side is glowing and a lot clearer. As I know that Natural Instinct products had a really positive effect on my skin, especially when it came to helping with my main skin concern uneven skin tone, I am now confident if I continue to use it well beyond the 6 Week Natural Skincare Challenge by Natural Instinct my uneven skin tone which was one of my main skin concerns will no longer be a concern for me.

Having clearer flawless skin for me is such a feel good feeling especially when I am the face of my every growing Spa it Girl Global Brand.

I have had some of my Spa it Girl blog readers in Australia also reach out to me personally, to tell me the exciting news that they too got selected to take part in the Natural Instinct 6 week natural skincare challenge and just like me, they are loving using their products too and have noticed a difference also after using them. One of my Spa it Girl Blog Readers also told me too that she is now a Natural Instinct user for life.

She said that it was the first time that her skin didn’t feel dry and flakey and now that she too has healthy, glowing and clean skin and it now makes her feel good inside and so much more confident when stepping out. I was even told by another Spa it Girl Blog Reader that she is now a Natural Instinct user for life.

To hear all of these positive comments made me so happy inside and I am really glad that I choose to Collaborate and share The 6 Week Natural Instinct Skincare Challenge by Natural Instinct with my Spa it Girl blog readers so they too like me had the opportunity to try Natural Instinct on their own skin.

To Find out More About The Natural Instinct 6 Week Skincare Challenge that I just took part in you can visit https://www.naturalinstinct.com.au/6weekchallenge/

Love from Australia
Yvette xoxo