Spa it Girl put’s SVVET no middle seam tights to the test

I have to be admit when I discovered Activewear Brand: SVVET I was very intrigued, because they make tights with no middle seam (front or back) and this was the first I heard about this activewear design that is now available to buy on-line at 

I have only ever worn tights with a middle seam front and back and that’s been the norm for me, until now as I just wore SVVET activewear for the very first time and put it through it’s Spa it Girl Activewear Test! an I didn’t know what to expect, but the finding was actually really surprising.

From the moment I put my SVVET no middle seam high waisted pants they were really comfy, just like their website and marketing suggests and as you know I don’t just wear Activewear so I can pose for a instagram photo, I wear it so I can workout in it and then tell you what I really think.

I walked, jogged, sprinted, jumped, stretched and practiced yoga in the SVVET no middle seam tights and tops but even on the move SVVET remained comfortable and I not once had to worry about my activewear middle seam on my tights riding up because it had none. Throughout my workout I found the SVVET activewear to stay in place and nothing creeped on up.

I felt that both their activewear top and tights complimented each other nicely and after my workout I went to the coffee shop with my beautiful photographer Emma Rose Butler and that was the moment it dawned on me that I was the only one wearing tights without a seam on my butt, it was a pretty cool activewear feeling!

You can check SVVET full activewear collection at

Love From Australia
Yvette xoxo 

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Photographer: Emma Rose Butler