Send a Gift with LOVE from The Empathy Gift Co.

Thanks to The Empathy Gift Co at you can now Send a Gift with LOVE like no other.

The Empathy Gift Co. is an on-line store that offers a beautiful selection of heartfelt gift boxes that you can send anywhere in Australia to a loved one who is going through a really hard time to remind them that they are loved and never alone.

Samantha Lehmann, Founder of The Empathy Gift Co. pours her heart and soul into every gift box and it is packed with love and sent with love.

I love how you can choose from pre made gift boxes or customise your own gift box and there is a gift box or gift for every life occasion.

There are so many heartfelt gifts to choose from like a self love book, Artisan Bath Salts by Plain & Simple that is Handmade in Australia or an oh so pretty hands kit that is also handmade in London, a  beautiful range of Kutuu key ring’s that say things like: you are loved and the list goes on and on.

I really love the amazing selection and all of the products are carefully handpicked and choose by Samantha Lehmann, Founder of The Empathy Gift Co. which is great as she truly is a hands on self made Aussie #GIRLBOSS inspiration.

At the moment I have a friend going through a really hard time so I am actually going to be giving her empathy gift box from The Empathy Gift Co. I just know that when I give it to her and she opens up the gift box it will truly make her day – I can’t wait.

If you too would love to send a gift of love visit:​ to check out their full range it truly is AMAZING.

You can also follow: The Empathy Gift Co. on Instagram @theempathygiftco 

Love Yvette xoxo