The Day Spa by Chuan – Sydney’s Ultimate Winter Escape

What do you do when it’s Winter in Sydney?

You Be a Spa it Girl at The Day Spa by Chuan at The Langham Sydney – Sydney’s Ultimate Winter Escape 

The Day Spa by Chuan is the only Sydney City Spa that offers invites you to use their beautiful Luxury Spa Hotel facilities which is a Lavish 20 meter indoor heated swimming pool that has an roof that resembles the night sky of twinkling stars, a heated Jacuzzi, separate ladies steam room and showering bathroom.

If you want to get the most out of your Spa Treatment then I always recommend arriving early so you can make use of the Spa Facilities which in return helps you to really relax and unwind it’s such a great way to prepare for your Spa Treatment so by the time you have to lay on the Spa Table for your treatment you will be ready in the mood to surrender to what no longer serves you and you will get the full benefits of the Spa Therapy Mind, Body Spirit.

The Day Spa by Chuan has a extensive Spa Menu to choose from and for my Spa Treatment I tried out their Dr Babor Cosmeceutical Facial which was a one hour Anti-ageing Facial that targets fine lines and wrinkles, loss of elasticity, dryness and pigment changes and as I am turning 40 this year it’s definitely an area I really felt I needed to work on.

My Spa Therapist was Amelie and from the moment she welcomed me I loved her kind, caring positive beautiful feel good vibe.

Amelie made it a really personal one on one experience and my facial was tailored to my own skin concerns and as she explained everything that was going to happen so I felt at total ease.

From the moment I felt her hands on my face I knew it was going to be great as she had highly skilled and a natural ability to make everything flow effortlessly and it turns out I later found out that she is well know for her Amazing hands and after feeling them during my Spa Treatment I can now see why.

The mask that is used for the Dr Babor Cosmeceutical Facial is a detox peel off mask and unlike other masks this particular mask can actually be used over your eyelids and even over your lips but of course only if you feel comfortable with it.

As soon as the calming detox facemask went onto my skin instantly it felt amazing, I loved it. I chose to step outside my comfort zone and even though I have really sensitive eyes I tried the detox mask over my eye lids and it felt so nice and cool and way better than having damp cotton balls on there which is normally what can tend to happen during a facial.

I also had the option of having the detox mask over my lips too as it’s really good for plumping your lips, but with it being winter in Australia I later discovered it’s best if you have a bit of a wintery blocked nose that breathing both in and out of your mouth and nose is best.

Amelie really was only focused on making sure that I felt comfortable throughout my detox peel off mask and she checked in with me to make sure also so I loved her kind and caring Spa Therapist nature.

The Detox Peel off mask is great for drawing out any toxins and purifying your skin without dehydrating it.  When it was time for the Detox mask to be peel off WOW my skin felt so clean and yes DETOXED afterwards, I absolutely loved the feel of my skin and I really felt the affects immediately afterwards.

Another product that was used during my Dr Babor Cosmeceutical Facial was a Dual Serum it is used for Re-Contouring of the Face this product is currently only available in Australia for Professional use only which means at Babor Spa’s I should add.

The Dual Serum when put on your skin actually splits in two, with the top half of the serum working on plumping your face, fine line and wrinkles and re-hydrating. Then the bottom half of the serum targets the jaw line and lifting and contouring of your face.  I really loved the feel of this ground breaking Babor Anti-ageing Serum and according to my Spa Therapist Amelie it didn’t take long for my skin to absorb it, but I wasn’t surprised as my skin really needed it especially after working in air-conditioning, plus sleeping in hotel rooms and travelling on planes also.

At the end of my Dr Babor Cosmeceutical Facial I seriously felt the difference both on my skin and my own Body, Mind and Spirit.

I posted a photo on Instagram @Spaitgirl which is below, and I think the picture say’s it all.

I had a Dr Babor Cosmeceutical Facial at The Day Spa by Chuna, The Langham Sydney @langhamsydney My #Spa Therapist was Amelie as soon as I felt her hands I knew my Facial was going to be great as she was so kind & caring & so Beautiful & friendly! During my Facial I experienced a calming Detox Peel off Mask which is suitable to be put over your eyes & even your lips if you can handle both areas having the peel off mask over it, the Detox mask felt so nice on my skin and didn't at all irate my eyes when on it. The Spa #Facial I had also used @baborofficial ground breaking two split serum which has the top half of your face receiving ingredients to help with plumping your skin & the bottom half being all about your jaw line & contouring & lifting! It's pretty amazing. Stay tuned for my full #SPAITGIRL Review on #thedayspabychuan ❤️ Yvette #spaitgirl #iamaspaitgirl #spa #facial #relax #skincare #beauty #fashionblogger #loveit #beautiful #relax #selflove #selfcare #dayspa #instagood #relaxing #spablogger #monday #peace #model #spagirl #facial #facials #spaday #spa #dayspa #spalife

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I have to say a very big thank you to my Beautiful Spa Therapist Ameile who was so kind and caring and my whole spa treatment was tailored to my own needs it was a really personal experienced and I loved it.

Amelie is such a Spa Industry Professional and her passion for Spa Therapy radiated the whole time I was with her.   A very big thanks to all of the Spa Staff to at The Day Spa by Chuan who made not only myself but every other girl, women and yes even men that I saw turn up feel truly welcomed and extra special.  I got to see a lot of glowing skin, really relaxed and dreamy happy inspired feel good faces what a transformation.

I loved being a Spa it Girl at The Day Spa by Chaun at The Langham Sydney and after personally visiting there and having a Spa Treatment and yes spending hours using their Luxury Spa Indoor Facilities it really did tick all the Spa it Girl boxes and yes there is a lot!

So I am super happy to say now officially that: The Day Spa by Chuan at The Langham Sydney is now officially Spa it Girl Approved.  

A Very Big Congratulations to the whole spa team because it takes each and everyone of them and their smiling happy faces for everything to run seamlessly their passion for making others feel good from within made it an unforgettable Spa it Girl experience.

If you are in need of some Me Time and a Feel Good Winter Pick Me Up. Visiting The Day Spa by Chuan at The Langham Sydney is a real mood changer. Be sure to pack your swimmers and a good feel good book and make sure you spend time before and even after your spa treatment to relax in the pool, jacuzzi, on the poolside lounge bed, or in the steam room whatever takes your fancy.

You can also order a coffee or something to eat, or even a glass of champagne so I suggest that you live it up and make the most of being waited on hand and foot.

I left feeling so good inside, totally re-connected Body, Mind and Spirit, re-energised and so happy and inspired it was just what I needed a break from my hectic to do list and months and months of working on my book which is yes coming now very soon.

I also got to meet some other beautiful Spa it Girl’s during my visit who all had glowing skin and felt so good within all thanks to their Spa Therapist too and to meet and re-connect with other like minded girls and women made it even extra special.  As I love seeing other’s feel good within all through visiting the Spa and through Spa Therapy.

To Book an Appointment: The Day Spa by Chuan at The Langham Sydney – phone: 61 2 8248 5250 or visit

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