I had a Spa Nap in my Time Capsule Facial at Yelo Spa, NYC

Yelp Spa is located on 57th street between Madison and 5th Avenue and when you arrive you will know as you are greeted by the bright pink and orange colours which definitely stand out.

Yelp Spa offer massages, skin care including facials, waxing, scrub and their famous version of power napping.

Yelo Spa doesn’t have a typical spa menu either, instead they have replaced with three simple categories: massage, skin care and napping from that you choose what you best need.

When I arrived at Yelo Spa in New York City I checked in and waited in the lounge area where I was offered water and tea.

I was also given an iPad so I could provide them with information about my own health, skin and what kind of music and essential oil scents I would prefer during my treatment it was definitely all about me.

For my spa treatment I opted for the zen music and calming oils, such as lavender.  Choosing my own spa music was actually really cool and a Spa it Girl first.

A few minutes later, I was introduced to my aesthetician Maria who went over all of my personal information.

Maria was trained by BDR the company that created the equipment and developed the products used during the Time Capsule Facial.

During the Time Capsule Facial they also use techniques from medical, dermatological and cosmetic technology.

My Yelo Spa – Time Capsule Facial started with this amazing chair that is adjustable and elevates your legs. It is so incredibly comfortable. The room has a light tint of pink, going along with the whole Yelo Spa theme.

I also loved being under their blanket, which has to be the softest blanket I have ever felt. Before my treatment started Maria thoroughly explained step by step what techniques she was going to use on my face, this to was all new to me since as I have never received such a comprehensive facial like this before.

During my Time Capsule Facial, Maria use techniques such as exfoliation, crystal-free dermabrasion, detox touch massage, micro needle stimulation, hydration marks, blue LED therapy and then the session wrapped up with a 20 minute nap.

Throughout the process, various products were used while Maria explained this German technology which seemed very advanced. She was extremely careful and attentive to my needs while making recommendations for skin care.

I do have to say that the nap was the icing on the cake. I actually fell asleep. After the various treatments, a cooling mask was placed on my face and the lights were turned off. My skin was able to rest and absorb all the amazing love it had just received.

Maria came back into the room, turned on the lights, took the mask off my face and cleaned off any left over products.

My skin looked AMAZING. Truly glowing and so clear. The Time Capsule Facial goes for 1.5 hours and I really did feel like I traveled back in time.

My skin is still feeling lighter, brighter and tighter. I absolutely loved it and I can’t wait to try more of Yelo Spa treatments.

To book an appointment at Yelo Spa visit: www.yelospa.com

Review By: Erica Joy Dunn
Spa it Girl Contributor – NYC

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image credits: Yelo Spa