AVAILABLE TO ORDER: It Starts with Me by Yvette Le Blowitz

All of us deserve to be happy, healthy, and to live our authentic dreams. The good news is that we have the power to feel good within–a key component in realizing a fulfilled life.

Yvette Le Blowitz, a wellness blogger and founder of Spa it Girl, takes happiness seekers on a twenty-one-day journey that encourages an inward focus, allows a connection with the true self, and provides a gentle reminder about the importance of self-care in attaining a balanced and healthy life.

Through her personal stories and proven tips, Le Blowitz guides others through a simple roadmap that teaches how to meditate, set clear daily intentions, exercise, eat mindfully, live a life of kindness, sleep restfully, and make time to just be. Included is a self-assessment with introspective questions that invite a look within to assess feelings.

It Starts with Me shares succinct guidance that will motivate anyone interested in transforming their thinking and lifestyle to realize a healthy, fulfilled, and authentic existence.

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It Starts with Me Author: Yvette Le Blowitz shares this:

“I wrote this book especially for you, I had always wanted to write a book to help others to feel good from within”

“And I also wanted Spa it Girl’s and everyone around the World to have a paperback book that they could read on the plane, train, bus, on their couch, on holidays, in the bath that would make them feel good from within”

“I wanted to write a feel good book and that is what I have created and done”

“I truly hope by opening up like never before that it helps you to become your Happiest, Healthiest Self and that it inspires you to connect with your true authentic self and to live your own dreams”

“I truly believe everything starts from within”  “I share my own personal story of my own ups and downs along with the things I personally did to transform the way I felt from inside”

“I hope that talking about real girl, women issues like overcoming Body Image, Emotional Eating, Weight Gain, being Stuck in a Career Rut, Fear plus so much more helps you also”

“I can’t wait for you to order your very own copy of my first book: It Starts with Me from Amazon.com and to see you reading it and to hear how reading this book makes you feel”

“I would also love for you to leave your book review on my Amazon.com It Starts with Me by Yvette Le Blowitz book page after you have read it, so I can personally read it ”

“I would also love for your to re-share this Spa it Girl Blog post with your Family, Friends and Social Media Groups so they too have the opportunity just like you to Feel Good Within and Become Their Happiest, Healthiest Self as I truly believe we all deserve this”

“I can’t wait to see your creative instagram photos with my book (now your book): It Starts with Me – you can use our Spa it Girl Community Hashtag’s of #SPAITGIRL #iamaspaitgirl and newly created: #yvetteleblowitz #itstartswith and I would love for you to also tag @spaitgirl and my newly created authors page too @yvetteleblowitz

“Thanks again for being part of our (my) (your) amazing Spa it Girl Global Community it is thanks to you that I want to even after 8+ years keep creating content that inspires you to become your Happiest, Healthiest Self and to Feel Good Within”

“Thanks to everyone who helped make my very first book: It Starts with Me happen”

“As a writer, blogger turn Author I truly can say if you have a dream that comes from deep within a childhood dream, it’s never to late to make it happen”

“To think my journey all started by connecting to my true inner self and what made feel good from within is truly remarkable”

“Honour your own Truth and Live Your own Happy, Healthy Dreams”

Love Always
Yvette xoxo

a.k.a Spa it Girl