Feel Good Within Thanks to McNally Jackson in NYC

McNally Jackson is an independent bookstore in New York City and the owner is Sarah McNally a #GIRLBOSS Inspiration who chooses to support Authors from right around the world including self published authors just like me!

McNally Jackson is at the heart of Manhattan’s literary culture they have two floors of books, host book events and have a dedicated book loving team in place to help with your every book question or need, plus a café so you can read your book whilst having a coffee.

Their store is located on 52 Prince Street, between Lafayette and Mulberry—steps from the from the Spring Street 6 stop, Broadway-Lafayette on the BDFM, Prince Street on the NR, and the Bowery JZ stop.

I am truly grateful for their support and feeling very blessed today as I write this blog – when I heard of the news I was so excited and it even gave me energetic spiritual goosebumps!!

As you know – I am self made girl, writer, blogger turn Self Help Spiritual Author so to receive this kind of support means the world to me! to think now that my Spa it girl New York City Readers, Followers and anyone else who lives in NYC or visits can *order a copy of IT STARTS WITH ME in is very exciting indeed!

Sharing my book is truly a little random act of kindness and something I have always wanted to do.

I have been sharing my own words of wisdom for a very long time on-line now and as you know not for the money but love and also as a dedicated light worker wanting to help others to feel good within.

In my early days when I first started out on-line writing/blogging – I received a very heartfelt and heavy message – it was from a girl who lived in Germany who courageously opened up to me to tell me the way she was truly feeling.

At the time she was going through a really difficult and stressful time in her life and she felt like she was stuck in a big dark whole, numb, lifeless and unable to get out of it.

She didn’t know if she would be able to make it through as the stress was to overwhelming for her and then for some unknown reason! call it divine timing – she was guided and discovered my blog she said when she first saw it – it was like a beaming white ray of light.

That instantly gave her the light and showed her the light she so desperately needed.

She started reading my personal blog posts and did this daily to feel good from within and soon she discovered that she could get through anything by taking better care of herself from within, she started trying the little things I had personally experienced and suggested and in time she want from feeling dark and alone inside to feeling love and light from inside.

As I write this blog post today, it still brings tears to my eye’s because I now know how powerful the words, things and messages I share has the power to inspire, change and even safe a life.

It was truly the greatest spiritual awakening I ever received and I know every time I am on-line or in the community sharing anything that I have the energy the power to either make or break someone that every action, word, message we share does truly have an impact.

Receiving the initial message was very confronting for me especially to hear of another person’s suffering and whilst it was confronting I didn’t shy away no matter how busy I was I choose to personally help.

Over time I received more heavy hearted messages and it was always a gentle reminder that we are never alone we all go through our own ups and downs but as long as we are willing to reach out we can get through anything together collectively! love and light even when you can’t see it – still lives within you and sometimes you need to receive it from someone else in order to receive it back!

Reflecting on this today is another beautiful gentle reminder that every word, message and action that I chose to express through my on-line blog, writing, social media, book, messages, talks has the power to either make or break someone and this is not something I ever take lightly!

It is such a strong and powerful message and reminder to us all now with each and everyone of us having an on-line social media presence or in the process of building one.

We all have a choice which can be to bring Love, Light and Joy into the world or we can choose to bring suffering – indiviually we choose! just like my book title suggests: It Starts With Me!

I always choose to do my very best – to bring love, light, positive and joy to others no matter what and I thank you for doing the same!

From the Bottom of My Heart and Soul – thanks again for supporting the launch of my very first Self Help Spiritual Book: It Starts With Me – it’s my little random act of kindness and gift to you and the rest of the world – so thank you I truly do hope it makes you feel good from within and that you too get to live your happiest, healthiest life!

To order your copy of: It Starts With Me from McNally Jackson in NYC *click here

Yvette xoxo
Spa it Girl 

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Image credit: McNally Jackson + Yvette Le Blowitz