Modrn Sanctuary, Luxury Healing & Wellness in NYC

I recently spent an evening at Modrn Sanctuary which is a luxury wellness center in Nomad. It is extremely easy to get to and I love spending time in that area of Manhattan. It was such a nice summer evening so I took the train to Union Square and walked the rest of the way.

Modrn Sanctuary have a team of elite practitioners that range from traditional medical practices to alternative ones such as energy work, shamans, and aruvedya.

Modrn Sanctuary is also the home to the 3rd largest salt room in New York City. They have a 300 SF salt room include himalayan brick walls, heated salt floors that will create a luxurious and tranquil environment to receive a halo therapy treatment or experience on of our salt room workshops!

I found myself at the Modrn Sanctuary address which looks like an office building and saw the name on the buzzer. Took the elevator all the way up to the 9th Floor. The elevator door opens to a beautiful haven – the mood is dark, peaceful and elegant. The waiting area is gorgeous and helped myself to some mint water.

I walked down the hall to the Modrn Salt room which was absolutely stunning! Absolutely gorgeous… I tried to take pictures but it didn’t capture the absolutely beauty of the room and the depth of all the salt. The floor is covered in beautiful pink Himalayan salt. I took my shoes off and the salt felt so good on my feet. I was instructor to sit in one of the black comfortable chairs.

Himalayan salt is said to be one of the purest forms of salt found on the planet and has incredible healing benefits such as increased energy and alertness, increased focus, managing migraine headaches are more.

Salt therapy is a holistic method that produces the natural micro climate of a salt cave by dispersing saline aerosol Himalayan pink salt in a high concentration in a room whose surfaces are covered with layers of pink salt. The wall is the salt room were just beautiful and the pink salt glows with the light.

I sat in the chair and relaxed for about 30 minutes just feeling the salt beneath my feet and listening to the calm, soothing music in the room. It was absolutely lovely and I felt so special being in such a beautiful space.

After my salt therapy session, I headed straight to my crystal light therapy session. All I can say is WOW. I laid down on the biomat and immediately fell in love. The biomat itself has amazing healing properties and is made with crystals.

The crystal bed utilizes the vibrational tools of light, color, crystals, aromatherapy and sound to pump energy into the cells of the body creating greater complexity and thereby increasing longevity. How could I not love this treatment!?

I was left in the room alone for 30 mins wearing an eye mask and headphones on which provided the sound therapy. I immediately started to melt into the bed and felt amazing. After about 10 minutes, I felt myself drifting off and slept for the rest of the session and woke up feeling absolutely amazing.

It was a total sensory experience and loved every single minute of it. I could have definitely stayed for another half hour!

I had such a wonderful time at Modrn Sanctuary, I can’t wait to go back – it’s now top of my Spa it Girl list as one of my favourite healing spots in NYC!

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Review By: Erica Joy Dunn
Spa it Girl Contributor – NYC

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