RANAVAT BOTANICS – the sweetest thing

Today I received

The Sweetest Little Random Act of Kindness from RANAVAT Botanics  a Beautifully Captured Heart Felt – Instagram picture that included:

a copy of my book/now their book It Starts With Me along with their luxurious hand-crafted skincare treatments from India’s lush botanic kingdom and some beautiful pretty pink flowers!

When I first looked at their instagram photo it made me feel so good! I couldn’t believe it, as it was the very first time I could see who was reading it – which was super exciting in itself to connect to the actual reader as well.

When I read their Caption – they had also included my very own words of #SPAITGIRL wisdom! not to mention a little bit about their own beautiful product that they too had suggested!

I am still over the MOON since receiving this little random act of kindness gift……has made my day a very Happy Friday!

And you know me when I totally love something and it makes me feel good from within – naturally I want to share it with you.

I hope when you take a look a look at their below instagram photo @ranavatbotanics it makes you feel good from within also!

As a little Little Random Act of #SPAITGIRL Kindness I now invite you to join me and follow:

RANAVAT BOTANICS via their instagram page @ranavatbotanics or sign up for their emails at www.ranavatbotanics.com 

” I truly believe – What You Give is What You Get – it’s an exchange of energy that can be felt deep from within” 

Little Random Acts of Kindness are the Most Beautiful Gift to Give and Receive”

“Little Random Acts of Kindness are priceless why? become they come from a place deep within our loving heart and soul”

Thanks to Every Spa it Girl & Boy for all Your LOVE LIGHT & Support! 

It’s thanks to you my very first published book: IT STARTS WITH MEis going off globally!

Love from Australia

Yvette xoxo
Spa it Girl 

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