When is the Best Time To Exercise?

When is the Best Time to Exercise?  Good Question.

Is it at 6am when you jump out of bed? at lunch time when you head to the gym? or is it at night after the kids have been put to bed?

As a Personal Trainer and Author of: It Starts With ME I think the best time to exercise is the time when YOU can fit it in.

The Best Time is after you have tuned in and listened to what your own body, mind and spirit needs.

When you focus your attention inwards your inner spirit will guide you to the point of suggesting what exercise might be best for your own needs.

If you have been feeling overwhelmed and like you can’t find the time to exercise because you have so much on your plate then I invite you to repeat the mantra: IT STARTS WITH ME and to each day for the next 7 days monitor how much time you are spending on line via social media vs how much time you are spending on working on your own inner health and wellbeing.

Become the Observer take a step back and look at all the things you do in a day and during the week and then carve out your own IT STARTS WITH ME – ME TIME – Workout Time.

You might only be able to see two available time slots regardless book it in and make it like an appointment to yourself just like you would when visiting the Doctor that must not be missed and that has to happen.

I like to exercise first thing in the morning, as it set’s me up for the rest of my day.  Exercising in the morning makes me feel good and it gives me a big does of feel good endorphins along with positive energy.

I love working out in the morning because then for the rest of the day that constant thought of I have to workout today goes away.  I do however have times when I have had such a full on day at work that I need to relax and unwind with either a relaxation yoga class or a walk or run.

I find in the afternoon my energy levels can drop so even as a qualified personal trainer the thought of having to do a High Intensity Workout after work at times can actually be off putting.

We all have different circadian cycle and I think the best time to exercise is after you have tuned into yourself and what you personally need, I always listen to my body and if my inner self is guiding me to have a day off from exercise then I listen to what my body, mind and spirit needs and I honor it.  No two days are ever the same for me.

It is suggested that the best time to do endurance and strength exercises is between 4pm to 6pm and that’s the perfect time for after work HIIT sessions

When it comes to exercising at night for me I have it gets me all pumped up that I can even find it hard to get to sleep, because I have so much energy running through me!

I also find when I work out at night, I end up eating really late that night and then I can go to bed on a full stomach and feel totally stuffed and bloated.

I’d love to hear when you love to exercise – hashtag #spaitgirl #iamaspaitgirl an tag @Spaitgirl to share.

Love From Australia
Yvette xoxo