It Starts With Me: Self Love Sunday & Dymocks Books

Happy Self Love Sunday

What a Beautiful Self Love Sunday it’s been for me it’s looked a little like this:

connecting to my breath and self before everyone else

a nice cup of tea

a healthy breakfast – avocado on gluten free toast

a beautiful yoga class

a guided meditation

ok and I will confess – I had to put on a load of washing and attend to some of my domestic chores, before the brand new week begins!

I hula hooped – and tapped into my inner kid

I skipped rope, inspired by Amanda Kloots and let’s just say she makes it look easy :-)

I had a healthy lunch of salad, brown rice, quinoa and tuna

A fresh Aussie Juice

I used my Aura Protection Body Mist an ancient ritual that actives providing clarity and focus by Subtle Energies

I did my live instagram @Spaitgirl live video feeds

I was grateful and I practiced gratitude

My  sister and I face timed to talk about Health, Wellness, Activewear and the Gym!

I got lots of Happy Self Love Sunday Soul Sister Messages from right around the World – THANK YOU

I got to read this beautiful customer book review: “A jewel in your book shelves. A Must Read Book, it inspires you to be the light, love, life and I loved every single page of it” Joyce Tong – it truly touched me reading this.

I shared some beautiful thoughts and feelings on my – It Starts With Me – Book Club – private group which you can join if you look it up.

I shared positive affirmations that I wrote for my authors instagram page @spaitgirl

Ok and that was just by lunch!

So what’s next some more R & R – another beautiful guided meditation, basking in the sun admiring mother nature! whilst being grateful for the present moment.

Talking to my Mum, family and besties on the phone so I can heart their voices instead of texting!

Popping on face mask, having a cup of green tea and watching a chick flick and I have a brand new book to read.

I am also going to give my Hair some TLC and pop on a Spirit – Restoring Hair Mask by Akorah which has been made in the Blue Mountains Australia.

As you see I am very dedicated to practicing Self Love Sunday and just like my book title say’s: It Starts With Me – Feel Good within and Become Your Happiest, Healthiest Self.

I know all to well, if I don’t take time out to care for myself, then no one else will do it for me and through my brand new book: It Starts With Me – I am really happy that I am now able to share this message on a much larger global scale! thanks to every Spa it Girl reader, follower and new found reader for sharing the news that: It Starts With Me is a Must Read!

I am so grateful to have each and everyone of you in my #SPAITGIRL world, thanks for joining this amazing feel good, self love, self care movement! I love how you are now creating your own Self Love Sunday rituals, practices and through taking time out for yourself it’s helping you to feel good from within! more love, health and happiness YES!!

Besure to hashtag your Self Love Sunday moments with #SPAITGIRL #iamaspaitgirl and tag @spaitgirl to be featured and to also share your inspiration so as a global community we can all see what everyone is up to!

On that note I also want to share with you that this week I was in Brisbane which was lovely and I got the opportunity to check out Dymocks Book Store in Albert Street in the Brisbane City.

I popped into have a look at the Self Help Spiritual section after looking at so many other beautiful books along the way.

I went into see if my book: It Starts With Me: Feel Good Within and Become Your Happiest, Healthiest Self by Yvette Le Blowitz – was out yet in Australia book stores and when I had a look around at the Self Help Spiritual section I couldn’t find it anywhere which got me thinking that they must be waiting for it to arrive in store.

However before I new it I quickly turned my attention to all of the other beautiful books that was in front of me, they had so many! and before I knew it I was picking up my next book to read from Dymocks in the Brisbane CBD book store.

When I went up to the counter of Dymocks to purchase my brand new book.

I couldn’t help but ask the all important question do you have the book: It Starts With Me? I couldn’t seem to see it in the Self Help Section.

And the retail assistant reply was YES we did – but it’s all SOLD OUT……..

That was the moment I replied…….can I check the Authors name of that book?

She said – yes of course the Author has a funny surname – it’s spelt – Le Blowitz I said – Le Blowitz, Yvette Le Blowitz – OMG that’s ME!!!! I can’t believe it – it’s all sold out WOW!!! that’s amazing news!!

It truly was a pinch me moment and I am beyond grateful for Dymocks Book Support!!!

I am feeling so blessed for their Aussie Author Support and yes I felt mighty proud to be AUSTRALIAN and live in this Amazing Country!

Dymocks Books have 60 book stores around Australia and is the leading bookseller in Australia and yes it’s a dream come true that they are now stocking my book: It Starts With Me and that anyone in Australia can walk into a Dymocks Store and grab a copy or if you don’t see it on the shelf they can ask for it to be ordered in for them!

It’s super exciting! and on that happy #itstartswithme note, I am going to say goodbye for now.

Yvette xoxo