SKINCARE Season Change tips – Spa it Girl

It’s the First Day of Spring in Australia – yes it’s the 1st of September – can you believe it.

I love this time of year it reminds me of Blossoming, Growing, Beautiful Flowers, Dresses, Pastel Colors and I find during Spring everyone is so much happier and definitely feeling a lot healthier! It’s amazing what warmer weather can do for you.

When it comes to the change of Season – I like to do a SPRING CLEAN on my FACIAL SKIN…. I always make sure that I take a good look at my own skincare products, because the products I tend to use during winter can be a lot heavier in texture and totally to target all of the Winter Climate Conditions.

Leading Spa Therapist: Joyce Tong & Spa it Girl

I love to book in for a Deep Cleansing Facial as this helps rid any of my built up dead winter skin and during my spa facial treatment my Therapist is able to take a really good look at my skin before, during and after and from there my Therapist is always able to recommend products that would help with my skin needs.

I always leave the Spa feeling like I have the Cleanest Face and it’s such a great way to start SPRING.

A couple of other things I like to do at the start of every changing season is:

  • Drink Lots of Filtered Water
  • Drink Loads of Fresh Berries
  • Take my Vitamin C
  • I change my skincare products to suit the current climate
  • I check my existing skincare products expiry dates
  • Book in for a Deep Cleansing Facial Spa Treatment
  • I do my best to get my Beauty Sleep
  • I pop on a Weekly Mask on #selflovesunday or any day of the week
  • I use Sunscreen on my face
  • Exfoliate my skin weekly (or when it needs it) to get rid of dead skin
  • I try my best to follow my daily skincare routine
  • I get rid of any skincare products I am no longer using or like.
  • I make sure that I invest in a really good eye cream to suit the changing of season and climate
  • I double-check my own skincare needs with a trained Spa/Beauty Skincare Therapist.
  • I have fun and love how a change of season gives me an even better reason to take care of myself
  • I always create my own self love and me time through my skincare practice and routine.

Love Yvette xoxo

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Photographer: Narelle DelleBaite