CONTROLOGY: The World’s First Pilates Activewear Brand

CONTROLOGY is The World’s First Pilates Active wear Brand and it’s all thanks to two Aussie girls an co-founders Christine Zotos and Anna Hrist who have both come together to combine their love and passion for Pilates and Fashion with Pilate Lovers in Mind.

I have been wearing activewear for 20+ years and trying, testing and reviewing Activewear for a decade now.

But I have to say, this is the first time I have ever heard about a dedicated pilates active wear brand…..yes it truly is a World’s First.

I am always on the hunt for exciting and brand new stand out things so when I first spotted CONTROLOGY I loved their sleek, minimalism design, not to mention the pretty pink colour of their ‘Rocker Crop’ and dedicated Pilates Pant’ that are high waisted with a double layer band and that have been specially designed for a pilates reformer workout.

When I first tried on CONTROLOGY I found it to be so soft and beautiful. It was elegant and stylish in design it’s perfect for pilates.

When I was working out in CONTROLOGY I found it was functional and that I was able to go through my pilates flow with grace and strength.

I received so many compliments in the studio and I know when I have other girls and women taking the time to pay me a compliment for the colour of my activewear and asking me what activewear brand I am wearing…. that I have handpicked the next activewear brand to make it’s mark and be on IT GIRL trend.

I now can’t wait to watch the CONTROLOGY journey unfold and for this Aussie #GIRLBOSS brand to grow an grow.

The Global Pilates Community are already welcoming CONTROLOGY with open arms and this is so amazing to see.

You can check out CONTROLOGY full active wear collection by visiting: 

Love Yvette 

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