Spa it Girl Interview with Alex Nash co-founder of YUHME

Yuhme is an Eco-Friendly Reusable Water Bottle, that is made out of sugarcane in Sweden.

Every Yuhme water bottle that is sold offers 6 months of clean water via @water_for_good and naturally as soon as Spa it Girl heard about this water bottle with a cause, we had to share more.

Here is our Exclusive Spa it Girl Interview with Alex Nash co-founder of Yuhme (enjoy):

What Inspired you to Create Yuhme? The need to make a difference, to be able to give every day, and to lead a life that Im fully in control of. I want to show my little girls that all people matter, that the earth matters and also that life is what you make out of it.

What have you loved most about Creating Yuhme? The knowledge I keep on getting and the connections with amazing people all over the world. A whole new world has opened up for me.

Why did you Want to Give More Then Get? Giving is what life is all about the reward far outways the one of getting. The ripple effect of things that happen when you open yourself up to giving is also very powerful. People really gather around the concept of giving.

What things do you love to do each day? Sleeping in (I wish with two toddlers), exercising, meditating, eating healthy food, and of course spending time with the family & moving Yuhme in the right direction.

CO2 negative? HOW? Knowledge Monday starts now 😉 Our water bottles actually remove CO2 from the atmosphere because their raw material is sugarcane, which is a plant that sequesters CO2 from the atmosphere in order to grow. The sugarcane is then fermented and distilled which releases a by-product called bagasse. The bagasse is subsequently used to run the plant that produces the bio plastic and the excess is fed back into the grid. This combined leads to, what we call, a negative CO2 footprint 👣🌱 What is your best tip on reducing your CO2 footprint? Please share 👇 #betheyuhme . . . . . #socialentrepreneurs#sustainable#ecofriendly#renewable#waterbottle#athletes#giveback#startup#cleanwater#dreambig#makeadifference#stayhydrated#miljövänlig#madeinsweden#payitforward#byronbay#surfersparadise#runner#swimmer#yogagear#oneforone#aninconvenienttruth#leonardodicaprio#nsw#waterislife#giftsthatgive#followyourdreams#mompreneur#vardagslyx

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What’s Your Go-To Exercise? Definitely weightlifting, it is my absolute favourite thing! I just leave everything at the gym and come out a better person. However, I like to complement it with running & yoga.

Do you have a Favourite Spa? Ah so many! I was visiting a Spa called Arken Hotel & Art Garden Spa in my hometown of Gothenburg, Sweden. Right on the water, beautiful views, and it was so good for the soul.

What about a Favourite Holiday Destination? My favourite that I keep going back to is Croatia (bit biased as I’m half Croatian) since the ocean is gorgeous, the sun, the nature, the people, the lifestyle. Also, I loved visiting Costa Rica and Dubai, two very different places. We are now planning a long trip to Australia so hope that will end up on the top of that list.

Ok guys so happy & humbled to be on as a guest over at @raising_women. It is raw and authentic where I share the story of Yuhme but also my experience of becoming a mother. The two stories that seem to go hand in hand for me 💚 Thank you @raising_women for believing in us 🙏 Would love your thoughts on the episode & please be nice- it was my first one 🙈 /alexandra, co-founder. ps link to listen is in bio & show @raising_women some love ❤#betheyuhme . . . . . #socialentrepreneurs#sustainable#ecofriendly#renewable#waterbottle#athletes#giveback#startup#cleanwater#dreambig#makeadifference#stayhydrated#miljövänlig#madeinsweden#payitforward#sisterhood#surfersparadise#runner#swimmer#yogagear#oneforone#startamovement#malibucountrymart#nowaste#waterislife#giftsthatgive#followyourdreams#mompreneur#vardagslyx

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What Makes You Happy? My family, the hope of having a voice that make a difference, coffee & sunshine.

Living in these instant on-line social media times, how do you find a balance? It is really hard and challenging! I have struggled a lot with it, and feel like it is an easy way to burn yourself out.

What I have started to do now is to put my phone on flight mode at 9pm at night and leave it until an hour after I first wake up. It makes a huge difference, I get time to act instead of reacting, and I sleep lots better.

What are your Words of Wisdom for others Wanting to Live their Own Dreams? Minimize your life so you can maximize your dream. Go over all the belongings you have and all the stuff you spend money on.

Cut all the stuff that is not necessary! Take stock of your time in a week- what do you spend time on doing? Cut the things that are not propelling you forward! Most of the time we are the reason why we are stuck in lives we don’t want to live!

What’s Your Favourite Mantra? Fail big, dream bigger & be kind.

If you had One Wish for Everyone what would it be? That all people of the world had access to clean water.

"The future doesn't come to you by accident, it comes to you by intention.” – Erwin McManus Together, we are committed to creating a future where clean water is available to each man, woman, and child in the the Central African Republic. Thank you for joining us on this mission. 💚🙏😂 Tag a friend below that you think also should join in on the mission 👇 #betheyuhme . . . . . Thank you for the 📸 @water_for_good #socialentrepreneurs#sustainable#ecofriendly#renewable#waterbottle#charitywater#giveback#startup#minimalism#cleanwater#dreambig#makeadifference#stayhydrated#fromtheheart#madeinsweden#payitforward#crossfitcommunity#plantbased#runnersofinstagram#swimmerforlife#yogajourney#oneforone#wholefoods#giveaway#waterislife#giftsthatgive#followyourdreams#mompreneur#sustainablefashionblogger

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How can we stay in contact with you? 

Instagram: @yuhme