BIOTYSPA the first French Organic Day Spa in Bondi

BIOTYSPA is the first French ORGANIC SPA in Bondi, and they specialise in detox massage, anti-cellulite & slimming treatments, advanced facial treatments and aha peeling.

At BIOTYSPA they live, breathe and feel beauty from within, and believe that beauty is a way of life. They also want you feel healthier with an inside-out process.

All of BIOTYSPA treatments are made with organic, eco-friendly, cruelty free and toxin free products so naturally Spa it Girl loved everything they were offering and stood for.

Yvette Le Blowitz, Founder of Spa it Girl went to check out BIOTYSPA and to have one of their advanced organic facial treatments and she gives us the low down on what it was really like:

BIOTYSPA is only a short walk from Bondi Beach and it can be found at 23 A Curlews Street, the location is sensational for any Spa it Girl who lives in Bondi or visiting Bondi.

When I arrived at BIOTYSPA I couldn’t help but stop and admire how pretty this French Organic Spa really was from the outside looking in, I could also feel the positive energy radiating outside.

When I opened the front door and took one step in it definitely delivered that SPA IT GIRL WOW FACTOR and I actually felt like I had arrived at a Day Spa it was quite, calm, soft, inviting, everything was beautifully placed, it was clean, spacious, fresh, open, white, bright and everything flowed and blended in beautifully it was such a beautiful welcoming reception and awaiting space.

I was super excited to be there and I couldn’t help give my Spa it Girl FaceBook readers a sneak peek LIVE into BIOTYSPA in Bondi on all my Spa it Girl social media channels.

On arrival I was greeted by Deborah Thomas, how is the founder and owner of BIOTYSPA she was so beautiful inside and out and I could truly feel her kind loving spirit which made me feel instantly cared for.

Deborah Thomas had amazing looking skin and I think because we loved Organic Products and Spa Therapy so much we could have talked about all things SPA all day long as we had so much in Spa it Girl GIRLBOSS common.

I was so happy to be spending some time at the BIOTYSPA because, I had been so busy and travelling so much doing a Book Tour for my very first Self Help Spiritual Book: It Starts With Me plus loads of Guest Speaking Events, Book Signings, then of course creating online content for Spa it Girl on social media and I had also been helping out other inspiring #GIRLBOSS inspirations to do the same and add on top of that life, family, friends and everything else that life throws at you let just say I was in some serious need of Spa it Girl ME TIME.

It was a really special time visiting BIOTYSPA also because my Spa it Girl LA Contributor Fern Olivia also was joining me so I was so excited that she too was going to be experiencing the first French Organic Spa in Bondi because Fern Olivia is a big fan of natural organic skincare just like me.

Before my spa treatment started, I was given a little bit of time to ground myself and to relax in the beautiful BIOTYSPA welcoming reception.

I filled out some client paper work whilst sitting in one very comfy chair, I poured myself a nice calming cup of tea, I listened to the beautiful soft spa music and I have to say it was so nice just to sit down and take time out for myself, I felt like I was also able to disconnect from the busyness of Bondi.  I felt like I was instantly able to take a much needed break.

Whilst looking around at the BIOTYSPA selection of products, I noticed they stocked and used OrganicSpa, which I absolutely loved because one it’s Organic, but two because it’s from Australia too.

I am such a fan of Organic Australia Spa products and brands, so right about now I was feel mighty proud that BIOTYSPA had chosen to stock this beautiful OrganicSpa range in their gorgeous Bondi Womens Only Day Spa.

I loved how all of the BIOTYSPA treatments are made with certified organic and natural skincare, vegan, cruelty free and eco friendly and how they exclusively use the OrganicSpa skin care which use highly effective and active ingredients from Byron Bay.  This is one Organic Spa that has a real point of difference.

Before I was shown to the Spa Treatment room, Deborah Thomas went through all of client details and all of my own personal skincare concerns, I really felt in that very moment it was all about me and what I wanted to achieve.

Deborah Thomas was so professional and knowledgable and she explained everything about the facial treatment I was just about to have, what it would feel like and be like, what to expect and why, she went through the steps and I felt so confident not to mention very excited when she told me how she could actually help with unclogging my pores which was performing careful extractions as that is her area of expertise which I loved.

I also felt that at every step of the way it was all about me and because she runs a very personal day spa experience I was also the only client in her spa so for me that was such an amazing feeling because I am always in the public eye not to mention always live and living my life on social media so for me I had pure utter privacy.

Because I loved everything BIOTYSPA stood for and was BIOTYSPA was offering, of course I had to share more of Deborah Thomas the GIRLBOSS behind the first French Organic Spa in Bondi (press the play button below to find out more).

When I entered the BIOTYSPA spa treatment I was expecting it to have rather a French Flare, however instead it felt more like a gorgeous Spa Wellness Retreat in Bondi Beach as it had soft touch of candles, low lightening, spa like spiritual and wellness music, a golden buddha, a gold sound healing bowl and everything blended in perfectly.

When I layed down on the spa treatment bed I simply surrendered and let go of everything and I loved how the room was so quite and I did feel like I was in a very supportive loving beautiful cocoon like day spa environment and because I spend so much time always being in the public eye and also on social media I too am only human and need to have my own me time, down time and to take a break away for the demands and busy scheduled that comes along with it.

My Advanced Facial + peel went for 75min and during that time Deborah Thomas used Organic Spa products and all of the products felt amazing on my skin, I truly loved them.

She also used an AHA rejuvenating peel which is a light bio-active peel formulated with active ingredients to refine and rejuvenate the skin.

Along with an active acid peel which is formulated with enzymes and lactic acid to offer a brighter and more youthful complexion. Designed for mature, thick skin and acne scaring however I should note this active acid peel is not suitable for sensitive, irritated or broken skin.

However unlike other A.H.A. treatments that irritated and redden the skin, the OrganicSpa ones contain organic ingredients to soothe, calm and refresh the skin.

One of things that made having a facial treatment at BIOTYSPA stand out from the rest is that because Deborah Thomas was so highly trained everything flowed beautifully, plus she was also able to carry out manual extractions to help unclog my congested pores and I have to say it was such a good feeling knowing that those blackheads that really had been bugging me were finally coming out of my pores and skin.

Throughout my facial treatment I received lots of beautiful massages and it felt so good when Deborah Thomas was actually getting knots out of my shoulders it was such a nice release of tension and I truly felt like I was able to surrender and let go.

Whilst I didn’t want my facial treatment to ever come to an end, when it was time one of the things I truly loved was how Deborah Thomas used a healing sound bowl to bring me back instead of just tapping on my should to say it’s time.

Blending in that spiritual practice truly made all of the Spa Wellness Difference and it was a marvellous experience.

Would I recommend any Spa it Girl to visit BIOTYSPA yes ABSOLUTELY!!! I loved every minute of it and because of that BIOTYSPA is officially SPA IT GIRL APPROVED.

I can’t rave on about BIOTYSPA enough.  Every Time I visit Bondi Beach now, I am booking in for a Facial Treatment it was seriously that AMAZING, BIOTYSPA is a Must Try when in Bondi Beach, Australia.

To Book in for a Spa Treatment at BIOTYSPA visit: and tell Deborah I said HI.

When you visit BIOTYSPA HASHTAG #SPAITGIRL #BIOTYSPA to share you experience as I can’t wait to hear what you personally think.

Review By: Yvette Le Blowitz, Founder of Spa it Girl

Photo credits: BIOTYSPA, Spa it Girl

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