Bye Bye 2017 – HELLO 2018

Hello Beautiful

I hope all is well in your world.

Can you believe it 2017 is coming to an end and the brand new year is just around the corner.

So with that in mind, I wanted to take this time to say a very big thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your love, light and non stop positive Spa it Girl support in 2017!

Spa it Girl wouldn’t be as great as it is without you! Thanks for being part of our Spa it Girl Community! I love having you in my tribe and by my side.

I seriously wouldn’t be wanting to Wake Up Each Day and Create Content if it wasn’t for you as when I started my very first blog it was so I could personally write about the things I loved in hope that if it made me feel good from within the chances are it could others feel good from within, nearly a decade on that is the same blogging principles I live by.

And whilst at times I feel that blogging is turning into Instagram Modelling! but I am staying true to myself and true to my blogging principles which is everything I do is not just for me but actually for YOU too!

If I can inspire you to become your Happiest, Healthiest Self, to Feel Good Within, to live your own Authentic Dreams, to be your true authentic self and like no one else!

To be Courageous, to overcome your fears, to forgive, to live, to let go, to step outside of your comfort zone, to ditch negative energy, to surrender to what no longer serves your highest good, to love yourself instead of beating yourself up, to self love and self accept!

To take care of yourself to travel to places and do things you had never dreamed of or never thought was even possible then I know I am staying true to my Spa it Girl blogging, purpose, mission and Feel Good Movement and little random acts of kindness cause!

What a Year 2017 has been for Spa it Girl – when I sit back and reflect on the year – I think WOW what a big year it’s been! Full of surprises, excitement, ups and downs, lessons learnt! launches, love, light, spa’s, travel, yoga,meditation,spa treatments and more spa treatments, healthy nourishing food, family, friends, photo after photo, post after post, facebook or instagram live after live, work, life, the list goes on and on.

However Here are some of the Highlights from 2017 for Spa it Girl:

I was Named and Awarded as one of Australia’s Top 50 Influencers in 2017 – which is the first time a Spa Blogger has ever been recognised as normally in the main stream and social media streams as normally it is Bikini, Fashion, Travel, Fitness, Food, Modelling, Style which you already know.

I received an out pouring of love from being awarded and named as one of Australia’s Top 50 Influencers from the Global Spa & Wellness Industry and also from our Spa it Girl Community, Family and Friends and I am so grateful for everyone who showed their love, light and Spa it Girl Support!

When they heard the exciting news! Thanks to everyone who has ever supported me throughout my Self Made Aussie Blogging Career – I am beyond grateful.

It's offical @spaitgirl is one of Australia's Top Influencers a.k.a Bloggers this was announced at Australia's Top 50 Influencer Awards for 2017. Thanks Australia I love you!! It's so great to see that you all love visiting the Spa & Living a Healthy, Happy Spiritual Natural Life as much as Spa it Girl too!! This #SPAITGIRL Award is for every Spa it Girl & Boy worldwide I love you all thanks for your constant Love, Light & Support and helping others to Feel Good too ❤ Yvette #SPAITGIRL #iamaspaitgirl #wellness #spa #spablogger #beauty #blogger #lovely #pretty #YvetteLeBlowitz #beautiful #smile #stunning #girl #model #travelblogger #lifestyle #healthy #healthy #losangeles #newyork #writer #girlboss #amazing #selflove #topglobalblogger

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2017 has been a wonderful year as being a Spa it Girl is all about feeling good within and it has nothing to do with your Body Shape or Size when you think about it, when you are visiting a Spa you are in a big comfy bath robe, when you a laying on the spa treatment bed it’s just you as you truly are, no masks and you drop all your guards!

I love how in 2017 through being awarded and named as one of Australia’s Top 50 Influencers that others also love that when it comes to making a Body Positive Feel Good Movement Statement it is getting done whilst wearing a Bath Robe!

I have always believed that we are more then our Body and I am so glad that more and more girls and women are jumping on board and feel the same way that feeling good from within is truly everything.

I talk to so many Mum’s these day’s and I hear all of their growing concerns how their little kids think they have to have a 6 pack to be popular on Instagram, I do believe as girls and women we all have a responsibility when creating on-line social media content not to just think about ourselves but to always think about other people plus the younger generation and the younger kids who are always looking up to us.

I have a lot of mothers who follow Spa it Girl and also their young children watch me when I am doing my live facebook feeds, or instagram or they look at my photos or blog because their Mum is reading it so I am always creating content with others in mind and especially with the younger generation in mind.

Social Media can be great for our Egos! but you will always know if you are coming from a place of Ego or a place in which you are wanting to help others.  It’s also quite easy for me and no doubt you in this day and age to see if people are creating social media from their Ego or a place of helping others!

If you can teach and guide your kids to identify this – it’s also a great thing and it might help them at such a young age feeling under pressure to look at certain Instagram Bikini Blogger Model way!

I am so blessed that in 2017 I got to do so many LIVE Spa it Girl Travel coverage at some of the most amazing Spa, Wellness and Travel Destinations think Maldives, Orpheus Island!

I also go to catch with so many Spa, Health, Wellness, Active Living #GIRLBOSS Inspirations Worldwide and it was an absolute privilege to share their story and words of wisdom especially for you, in hope it would inspire you to live your own truth, passion and dreams too.

A Very Big Thank You to Amanda Kloots @amandakloots Founder of @theropenyc #nyc #coolest #workout Studio for sharing her Words of Wisdom in a #SPAITGIRL Q&A you are such an Inspiration, I love your Work & also to Paula Mallis Founder of @wmn_space in #losangeles for also sharing her #wordsofwisdom & tell @spaitgirl why she wanted to Create a Conscious Space in #LA so #Women could gather. Check out to read their Full #SPAITGIRL Q&A to learn more about these Amazing Women who are also on a Mission helping other Girls & Women Feel Better. I love their work ❤️😘 Yvette #wellnessblogger #beautiful #nyc #spa #spalife #spaitgirlQ&A #beauty #girlboss #spainfluencer #wellnessinfluencer #fitnessgirl #fitspo #comment #read #news #blog #Women #empowerment #empoweringwomen #writer #writersofinstagram #news #beautiful #spiritual

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I got to try and reviewed so many products in 2017!! and from there I unearthed some of the very best brands and products that I really loved which had a real point of difference and that I just knew from my own personal reviewing experience would trend!

I can’t wait to unearth the brand and products I truly loved in 2018, stay tuned! it’s going to be one very exciting Spa it Girl year.

I have chosen to Support @sayitwithpolish & the launch of their #polishwithapurpose which supports six Australian Charities. I choose on this occasion to support the @pinkhopeaus which helps to raise funds for education & prevention of heredity breast cancer & ovarian cancer. Polish for Purpose is such a great community charitable cause that @sayitwithpolish and I invite each & everyone of you if you can to Join in, click on the link in my Spa it Girl Bio or visit to read all about how you too can get involved and make a different when painting your nails. Also I should note @sayitwithpolish is #australiamade & certified 100% #crueltyfree & #vegan by @crueltyfreeaus I also personally love this! Hence why I wanted to share this with you 💗 Yvette #spaitgirl #iamaspaitgirl

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Across our Spa it Girl Social Media Channels we shared so many photos, posts, words of wisdom, live feeds, talks, Q&A’s, meditations, workout classes, recipes, to help inspire you to become your own Best Version of your true authentic self and to inspire you to chase and work on living your own dreams.

Spa it Girl got to review some of the World’s Coolest – Spa’s and Wellness Hotspots in places like New York City, LA, Sydney, Hong Kong all thanks to our Amazing Spa it Girl Contributor Team.

A very big thank you to all of our Amazing Spa it Girl Contributors: Erica Joy Dunn NYC, Fern Olivia LA, Janice Ng Hong Kong, Amy Elizabeth & Mary Valentine in Sydney – you are all beautiful inside and out, super talented and I love your non stop let’s do this positive uplifting GirlPower Energy!

To See Spa it Girl Media Coverage being alongside the likes of US ELLE Magazine and the Top US Magazines and NYC like Mind Body Green, Well + Good – was a real pinch me Spa it Girl OMG Moment.

Spa it Girl is now considered  one of the Top 5 Blog Sites on Spa Trends and it really is all thanks to the help of our amazing Spa it Girl Contributors and YOU!

Thanks to everyone who continues to share the Spa it Girl Blog with your friends! OMG I love it talk about Power to the GIRLS!!!!!

I love how in 2017 Spa it Girl is still sharing in this day real heartfelt say it how you feel it Spa Reviews!

Having other inspiring SPA, Wellness Beauties contributing to Spa it Girl is so uplifting!

Spa it Girl has grown so much globally in 2017 and I am beyond grateful for all of my Spa it Girl Contribution Team’s WORK!

In 2017 I launched my very first Self Help Spiritual Book: It Starts With Me: Feel Good Within and Become Your Happiest, Healthiest Self by Yvette Le Blowitz.

Which was another dream come true and it’s been a dream that was a long time in the making one from when I was little kid and first discovered Louise Hay on the Oprah Show!

To see my It Starts With Me book in the Self Help Spiritual Section alongside the Dalai Lama was another emotional moment!

It Starts With Me is available in Aussie Book stores via Dymocks and other major and independent book stores, plus on-line via Booktopia, Barnes and Noble, Books a Million and

It’s been a roller coast of a year with the launch of my very first book and at times a real whirlwind but when I received a message to say your book has changed my life it has made this book publishing journey all worthwhile!

I love hearing how other girls and women are using the: IT STARTS WITH ME as their Mantra YES!!! that’s totally awe inspiring and amazing!

I want to personally thank you for all of your support for my It Starts With Me – Book Launch in 2017 – I couldn’t have done it without your love & support!

To everyone who bought a copy of It Starts with Me for yourself or loved ones as a gift thank you!

To everyone who has shared It Starts With Me with your own family, friends, community and tribe – Thank You I am totally grateful!

Thank You to those beautiful It Starts With Me Book Readers who made the time to also leave a review from the place they bought it!

As a writer turn Author – I personally love hearing what you think and have to say!

I can’t wait to read even more It Starts With Me book reviews in 2018!

I also want to thank every SPA and Book Store who has chosen to stock my book: It Starts With Me – you ROCK! Thank you from the bottom of my grateful kind loving Aussie Author Heart!

What’s next in 2018 for It Starts With Me a brand new publishing house picking it up and re-printing it so they can globally take it to the NEXT LEVEL….stay tuned!

It seems like 2017 was the year I live so many of my Dreams! that I had once been holding on to!

As in 2017 I not only got to publish my very first self help book: It Starts With Me.

But I also got to live my Ultimate Spa it Girl Dreams by visiting the Maldives as a World Recognised Spa Reviewer, Spa Blogger, Influencer and Founder of Spa it Girl it seriously was a Dream Come True!

I stayed in over water villa’s, luxury style, I visited the Spa, I had so many beautiful baths, I swam in crystal clear water with all of the fish and yes at times little sharks, I walked on white sandy beaches, hang out in luxury resort style swimming pools, tropical bar areas, I sat on the beach under coconut trees, I practiced yoga and gratitude, tried and tested all of the dining options on offer and Life was no longer a dream but my reality!

Being Recognised Internationally as one of the World’s Original and now Leading  Spa Reviewers! Spa Bloggers and Influencers! OMG Spa it Girl pinch me!

Thank You Universe and Everyone Body who has every supported Spa it Girl and my work! I am beyond grateful!

If you press the play button below you will get to see into one of the Spa it Girl Travel – Live feeds I did so I could show my readers what staying in a over water villa in the Maldives as Cocoa Island Como was really like.

I loved taking everyone on the journey with me, It was seriously like you were all there with me!

Throughout 2017 I did loads of Spa it Girl Live Travel Coverages and Feeds, it was so great to take all of you along for the ride with me LIVE.

I loved every minute of it!  Thanks for always joining me on my Spa it Girl FaceBook Page & Live Coverage Channel.


This year I visited Hong Kong and I got to check out so many different SPA’s and Wellness Hot Spots and Workout Studios, it really was non stop.  I also got to personally meet the founder of Beyorg in private Beyorg is Hong Kong’s first organic retail spa, plus I also go to meet the founder of RUMI X, Melissa who is the creator of Yoga Activewear that is made out of recylceable plastic bottles! though when you look at the yoga clothes you wouldn’t even know.

I also got to use my GUVUA  Pass in Hong Kong and hang out with Alex in Hong Kong and we tried so many different workout classes like a Trampolin Pilates class so I also did a lot of things that pushed me outside of my own comfort zone as I travelled to Hong Kong actually on my own!

When I was in Hong Kong I got to stay at the Grand Hyatt, Hong Kong, it was absolutely beautiful and the Staff were AMAZING and I loved all of the SPA staff and therapist there!

I stayed in one of kind suites, they only have 10 suites and the one I stayed in was actually in their SPA, yes that is right another SPA IT GIRL OMG pinch me moment because I was literally going to be sleeping in a SPA and I felt like I was in SPA IT GIRL Heaven, it truly was a dream come true!!

When I walked down to my room to open my door it was so beautiful and yes it felt calm and smelt just like staying at a Day Spa!

My suite of course didn’t have a Spa Treatment Bed in it, it was actually like staying in my own luxury apartment, and it had the most amazing views of Hong Kong from my Balcony and a SPA Bath that was big enough to fit about 6 people in, not to mention an open plan lay out and the best place to do my make up so I could get Champagne & Canapés ready!

I loved how I could get into a Spa Robe and my Slippers from my Spa Suite and then walk down just a couple of doors for my Spa Treatment at their Plateau Spa it was unbelievable all I did every day was Yoga, Breakfast, Spa, Lunch, Spa, Canapés, Champagne, Dinner and then soaking in my private SPA bath at night, every day and night repeat!!

I got to visit the SPA every single day that I stayed at the Grand Hyatt, Hong Kong and every treatment was amazing!

I totally loved staying there and I also loved their High Tea experience!

From the moment I arrived at the Grand Hyatt, Hong Kong I never left until it was time to go onto my next Spa it Girl – SPA Travel Destination.

It was such an amazing Spa it Girl experience and from my visit I made so many life long friends! I will always have a soft spot for Hong Kong as I loved it that much.

During my trip to Hong Kong I was blown away when I met a 100 year old Hong Kong Lady referred to as Mumma, who was working out at the park across from The Mira Hong Kong which is another beautiful Spa Hotel I stayed at also and reviewed too!

When I noticed Muma who had gotten out of her wheel chair and she started working out with her daughter it inspired me like never before and she truly was my ultimate Hong Kong Inspiration!

I am glad I took the Mira Hong Kong staff advice which was go for a walk across the road and that is were you will see the real Hong Kong Lifestyle and Active Living Culture!!

You can click on the below play button to check Muma working out this to me was such – IT STARTS WITH ME real life inspiration! she might not have a Million Follows on Instagram Muma but she inspired me like never before!

I made so many beautiful friends whilst visiting Hong Kong and all of the other places I visit and I will always cherish my new found friends!

This year I had the opportunity to be a Guest Speaker at so many events so I could share my Self Love, It Starts With Me Message.

I did so many book signings YES!!! and I met so many inspiring people in real life, it was so great to step away from behind my phone or computer and YES connect in real life and meet those who follow me, support me or to meet brand new people that now inspire me!

I was a Guest Speaker Today at the @womenofachievement event a Very Big Thank You to the founder Kylie Bartlett for wanting to share my brand new book: It Starts with Me: Feel Good Within & Become Your Happiest, Healthiest Self by @yvetteleblowitz I loved sharing more about my book & how I truly believe that everything Starts from within along with my #SPAITGIRL #selflove & #selflovesunday message with her Audience! I loved being on the couch & listening to the other inspiring guest speakers stories & even those at my luncheon table & the wider audience! I also loved having the opportunity to meet so many of my #spaitgirl followers, finally in person, plus meeting my brand new book readers was super exciting as every person who attended got to take home a signed copy of #itstaetswithmebook thanks to Kylie Bartlett founder @womenofachievement who loves to include an Author each year in her line up of guest speakers, in the past she has had @lisamessenger who is another amazing Aussie Author! and this year she had me which I am so grateful for! Collaborating with other passionate women on a mission to help & inspire others is totally awesome!!! Thanks for the #Love Everyone ❤️😘 #author #authors #bookstagram #smile #friday #loveit

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I loved this year meeting so many of Spa it Girl readers and followers! and also my very own It Starts With Me Book readers, I have loved every minute of it and I feel like I am surrounded with so many like minded girls, women and people! That together we lift each other up!

I helped and Mentor other girls and women behind the scenes in 2017 so they could become their happiest, healthiest self and create the life they want.  I also helped them find their voice and to share their own story so many have gone on to running power house businesses and brands! and their social media content is so heartfelt that I am seriously beyond Proud seeing the real life transformation and others becoming their own best version and to see other smiling and doing what they love touches me deeply!

It’s that rewarding that I have even chosen to extend my mentoring and inspiring to help other SPA & Wellness #GIRLBOSS Inspirations to become part of my Exclusive Spa it Girl #GIRLBOSS Members Only Group in 2018.

Seeing so many real life girls and women transform the way they feel and transform their own life thanks to being part of our Spa it Girl Community.

I have met so many other passion girls and women who love visiting the SPA or running a SPA or who own a SPA and it’s been next level amazing how we can all come together in this beautiful Spa it Girl on-line social media space and place and support one another instead of being in competition with each other.

I have done loads of Charity Aussie Blogging work and I have loved every minute of helping out the R U OK DAY? cause and also I was a Charity Ambassador for The Colour Run Australia and I got to hang out with my little nieces Allie Active and Julea along with Fitness with Zoe and Maddy who lead the warm up back in my original home town region which I totally loved being part of and doing the live coverage of the event was so much FUN.

And whilst you might think every one has a spring in their step all of the time and the biggest smile each to ear sadly this year I also helped some readers behind the scenes who were going through a really difficult time in their life.

Thanks to every reader, followers who had the courage to reach out to DM me for help! and to tell myself or someone else you love or trust when you are not feeling the best or doing the best however it’s always good to know that you are never alone and that someone can always help you or get the help you need and that even when you feel like you stuck in the dark and you can’t see the light there is always someone else who can help you see the light again!

Don’t ever let the bad times define you, or stop you – love and light always awaits you.  Always Have Faith and Never Give UP on yourself and your life!!!!!

Thanks for every like, comment, thumbs up, follow, re-share, re-post, DM across my Spa it Girl social media channels!

You are so kind, Thank You!

On that Heart Felt note……

I also got to team up with some amazing Brands this year! Brands that I truly loved!

I was a Brand Ambassador for so many Brands not because of my Body, Shape, Size or Looks but instead for being recognised as a blogger, influencer and someone who was making a difference to the way others feel!!!

I am so grateful for every brand that has supported Spa it Girl and my readers and audience as we got to run so many amazing giveaways so our readers could also WIN and try the brands and products I truly loved.

A Very Big Thank You to @onne_beauty for sponsoring one of their #Beautiful #Natural #Vegan #chemicalfree #aussiemade Moisturising Mask #Coconut & Koalin so we could pop in the @Spaitgirl #Wellness Event Goodie Bags i truly grateful. I've been trying out facial masks now for decades now! and I have to say as soon as I smelt & felt the @onne_beauty task mask I knew it was going to be good, when it put it on my skin it instantly made me feel good & It was seriously made me feel like I was at a Luxury Day spa!! I totally recommend the @onne_beauty face Mask for #SPAITGIRL #selflovesunday or any of their Beautiful #Skincare products for any day of the week!! I also got to catch up one on one with @onne_beauty and did a Q&A with them visit to read @Spaitgirl 📷 by @narelle_dellebaite #lifestyle #iamaspaitgirl #selflove #cute #goodvibes #yoga #nice #spablogger #spainfluencer #instamood #instagood #instadaily #yvetteleblowitz

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If you want to know who are the brands making a real difference in the world you only have to look at my Spa it Girl Blog or Social Media Channels to find out.

I got to do so many Interviews in 2017 and I loved sharing my GO-TO Wellness, SPA, Skincare and Lifestyle Tips to help others!

I got to finally meet my Spa it Girl LA Contributor, Fern Olivia the Creator of Thyroid Yoga in person in Bondi Beach and we had so much fun hanging out practicing yoga, spending time at Bondi Beach, Ice Bergs and visiting Bondi Beaches very first French Organic Spa BIOTYSPA.

I loved seeing the Spa it Girl Self Love Sunday Movement grow and grow in 2017!!

It was unbelievable to see so many of our readers, social media groups, tribes, brands and every day people jump on board to share in this empowering self love, self care message!

I loved seeing the rise in girls and women uniting to share in this beautiful Self Love movement and the biggest gratitude to my MUM for teaching me all about Self Love Sunday from when I was only a little kid, I am so grateful to now share my Self Love Sunday practice with so many girls and women right around the world and I love how Self Love Sunday features in my brand new book: It Starts With Me and I share how you can create and cultivate your own Self Love Sunday practice that doesn’t have to cost you the earth!

For Spa it girl or Boy who used our Spa it Girl social media hashtag of #spaitgirl and #iamaspaitgirl YOU ROCK – thanks for sharing your love & light and what you do with our global Spa it Girl Community!

I truly believe by sharing your words of wisdom you can and will inspire those who surround you and together we can help our own family, friends, tribe, community feel good from within and inspire them to take care of themselves no matter how busy they are!

I started a Podcast Channel on iTunes Apple which is: #SPAITGIRL Talk Show by Yvette Le Blowitz and It Starts With Me and I plan on sharing more Podcasts in 2018!!

Glowing with Gladness thanks to my 90min Signature Massage at the #miraspa @themirahotel I totally switched off I couldn't believe it, as it takes a lot for me being a creative active go-getter. I am staying @themirahotel @spg my GO-TO #SPAITGIRL Getaway perfect for Solo Travellers or Couples looking to Chill Out in Style but to still have it all when in HK it has stylish Chic rooms, a Pillow Menu, Amazing Hotel Pool, Spa with all the Facilities, great Bars, Restaurants, direct access to the Shopping Mall, a Beautiful Leafy Park straight across the road & its close to everything. I ❤ it 😘Yvette #iamaspaitgirl #beauty #travel #travelblogger #health #healthy #happy #smile #HongKong #cute #wellness #spablogger #cool #pretty #photooftheday #picoftheday #holiday #vacation #themirahotel #YvetteLeBlowitz #skincare #spablogger #spalife #beauty #travelblogger #style #lifestyle #luxurytravel #luxury #smile #model #smiles

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I got to work with so many creative souls, talents, photographers world wide and each and everyone one of them helped me take Spa it Girl to the Next Level!!!!

I am also grateful for everyone who has helped out Spa it Girl behind the scenes!! You are Amazing!

I launched Spa it Girl Day on the 24th of November 2017 which was a Global Day Celebration so that our readers, Spa Owners, Therapists, Managers and our global community could take time out for themselves and visit the SPA or choose to do things that made them feel good it was like rolling all of our Self Love Sunday’s in to one day and it was a celebration of all Spa Lovers Coming together a bit like how the Yoga Community do it so well – side by side united as one for the greater of others and our global community!

Thanks to everyone who participated in this years Spa it Girl Day on the 24th of November! it truly was a day to remember and I could feel the SPA IT GIRL LOVE!!!

Spa it Girl Day was also my 40th Birthday so spending it at QT Gold Coast – SpaQ  and doing Spa it Girl SPA Travel Coverage was Amazing! I loved it.

I got to catch up with my Spa it Girl readers and followers and it was totally uplifting and inspiring!!!

I loved Spa it Girl Day and to hear that girls and women were booking into the SPA so they could take time out for themselves and practice being a Spa it Girl was beyond my wildest dream and I loved seeing how far our Spa it Girl Community and Feel Good, Self Love Message had reached!

I now can’t wait to Celebrate Spa it Girl Day on the 24th of November 2018 as it’s going to be held every single year so besure to Save the Date and if you are a SPA and want to host a Spa it Girl Day event in your SPA besure to send us an email to: so we can register your interest.

In 2017 – Spa it Girl hosted Wellness Events and it was so much fun! we talked about all things from Health, Wellness, Spirituality, Fitness and Self Love and everyone who attended got to take home with them loads of lifestyle tips, motivation and inspiration plus a good bag full of full size products thanks to Inspiring Brands like:  BX EARTH, ONNE, SUKIN Australia, Mind Food Magazine, Subtle Energies, Welle Co.

I could probably continue to write and write about all of the amazing things that Happened in 2017, but for now I think that gives you a fairly good insight to the 2017!

Now that I have reflected on 2017 and shared some of my own highlights with you!

I invite you to reflect on the year you had in 2017 and to take the time to think about all of the things that you go to do, feel or experience in 2017 and make your list and to take the time to reflect on all of the awesome things you did, because when you sit down and take the time you will be surprised what a busy year it was!

I also invite you at to make a list of all the things you want to do in 2018 or what you want to experience and become in 2018!

Write down your goals, make it clear what you want to do, feel and make Happen in 2018. In order to live your dreams you need to make it clear what your dream is, then from there you need to make a list of things that you need to do or at least try that will help with getting you there.

When you have reflected on 2017 and Set Your Goals for 2018 I would love for you to send me a DM so I know you have done it, because I truly believe when you make the time to get really clear on what it is you want to be like, feel like and you write these from your own heart and soul and they come from your inner spirit or your higher wisdom that is when the real magic happens.

I personally love growing, learning and expanding and whilst some people even in 2017 might be able to pick out the errors, or flaws I never see it like that, I see it as an opportunity to personally develop and grow.  Attitude is everything and so is surrounding yourself with positive and like minded people!

Living our Dreams doesn’t need to be based on making money, I truly believe when you base Living Your Dreams off Feeling Good From Within, Healthy and Happy, Connected with your own Heart and Soul, connected with your truth, your loving spirit, your passion, your calling that is when you feel alive and excited to wake up and seize the day.

Life is precious and it’s not going to last forever we never know when things will happen out of our control so focus right now on what you want to do in your life time and get to it.

Don’t wait for anyone else to validate how good you are, or to tell you that you have the potential tap into your own power and know that everything you want to become you already are.

I am going to also share with you some more things you can do in 2018 so you can become your Best Version and Be Bursting with you own Positive Energy, Love and Light!

Until then Thanks Again for all your Love, Light and Positive Spa it girl Support!

I am beyond grateful.

Have a Very Happy New Year and I can’t wait to spend 2018 with you!

Love from Australia
Yvette @Spaitgirl